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app Calculus Curve Sketching logo

Calculus Curve Sketching


This is the definitive app for calculus!Simply insert your function into The Calculus Curve Sketching App.Features:- derivative- second derivative- third derivative- antiderivatives- zeros of the func...

app Study Guide To Calculus logo

Study Guide To Calculus


Study Guide To Calculus is the complete guide, covering the basics to the advanced, full of pictures and useful reference guides to get you all the information you need to have a compete understanding...

app Brain Calculus logo

Brain Calculus


Think you're smart? Prove it by resolving all mathematical operations that we will give you. The more correct answers you give, the more points you get....

app Calculus – The Brain Trainer logo

Calculus – The Brain ...


Calculus - The Brain Trainer.This brain game gives you:Memory, attention, and math skills improvement.Speeds up your ability to perform calculations right and quickly.Improves your focus and concentr...

app Sci Calculus logo

Sci Calculus


Sci Calculus is a professional scientific and graphics calculator with many useful features. In addition to the classic functions of a scientific calculator this application is also able to calculate ...

app PreCalculus Pro logo

PreCalculus Pro


Why study harder when you can study smarter?This powerful application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials, and solvers for the following topics:- Completing the Square- Quadratic Functio...

app Calculus Pro logo

Calculus Pro


Calculus has been known to bring students to tears. Now you have an expert in your corner. This application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials and solvers, crafted by a professional m...

app iCalculus OCW@CSU,Taiwan logo

iCalculus OCW@CSU,Taiwan


This App links to Calculus OCW@CSU,Taiwan.Lectures in Mandarin for university freshman.AV Calculus lectures including_limits, derivatives, integralsFree takeaway lectures. hot and fresh like pizzas. P...

app AP Calculus logo

AP Calculus


AP Calculus...

app Calculus Quick Reference Free logo

Calculus Quick Reference Fr...


Forget taking down calculus formulas on a paper! Calculus Quick Reference lists down all the important formulas and evaluation techniques used in calculus which makes it easier for you to memorize and...

app Overmind – Mental Calculus logo

Overmind – Mental Cal...


Use the power of your brain and see how good you can get in this Mental Calculus game== Main Screen ==Change player name or access high score by pressing menuChoose what type of calculus method you wa...

app PreCalculus Buddy logo

PreCalculus Buddy


PreCalculus Buddy is a reference manual for students in technical and engineering programs. The app covers hundreds of definitions and rules, and has an user friendly and intuitive interface. Many of ...

app Calculus by WAGmob logo

Calculus by WAGmob


WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Calculus" that is optimized for both phones and tablets. The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner...

app Calculus Calculator logo

Calculus Calculator


This app is has a list of common calculus formulas, both derivatives and integrals. Outdated, but I'm done with this one. Enjoy....

app Pre-Calculus by WAGmob logo

Pre-Calculus by WAGmob


WAGmob: Over One million Paying Customers from 175+ Countries.WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Pre-Calculus". The bite sized app helps you to understand the bas...

app Calculus Lite logo

Calculus Lite


Arithmetic training for kids...

app Calculus logo



Arithmetic training for kids...




A comprehensive calculus reference guide of identities, derivatives and integrals used by students, engineers and scientists.Your feedback is greatly appreciated....

app Calculus Study Guide logo

Calculus Study Guide


You will use it from high school all the way to graduate school and beyond.FeaturesIncludes both Calculus I and IIClear and concise explanationsDifficult concepts are explained in simple termsIllustra...

app Pre-Calculus Guide logo

Pre-Calculus Guide


Calculus may not seem very important to you but the lessons and skills you learn will be with for your whole lifetime!Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. It helps you practice and...

app Calculus Tools Beta Channel logo

Calculus Tools Beta Channel


For a $Pi donation, you can gain access to the beta release channel for Calculus Tools. New feature updates will be pushed out more quickly, but they may not be entirely stable or fully functional.Ne...

app Cole’s Calculus Review logo

Cole’s Calculus Revie...


Updated for more support!A handy reference with all of the "back of the textbook" formulas that no one remembers.Includes:-Derivatives-Integrals-Trig Formulas-Other EquationsApplies to high ...

app Calculus Tools logo

Calculus Tools


Math application that finds derivatives, computes definite integrals, arc lengths, finds Taylor series, plots graphs of functions, including polar and parametric and slope fields. Also includes integ...

app Finite Math Pro logo

Finite Math Pro


You're taking Finite Mathematics, and you don't have this app? Give yourself an edge! "Finite Math Pro" contains a rich collection of tutorials, examples, and solvers for the following topi...

app Excel HSC Maths QS logo

Excel HSC Maths QS


Excel HSC Mathematics Quick Study is the perfect tool for studying and revising on the go! This app is designed specifically for the HSC Mathematics course. There are two parts to the app: 1. HSC stud...

app HSC Maths 2U Formulas Demo logo

HSC Maths 2U Formulas Demo


This is a Demonstration version of the "HSC Maths 2U Formulas" app. The Full Version is a perfect learning app for maths students to study maths formulas anywhere, anytime on their Android p...

app Genius kids maths logo

Genius kids maths


Genius Kids Maths is a funny mental math game for kids of all ages.- The children choose their options by themselves - math drills with the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and divi...

app Maths Tricks Patterns logo

Maths Tricks Patterns


This is an informative app consisting of interesting facts, tricks and tips in mathematics.Must have for any school/college going student. It'll help you solve calculations quickly. You can learn tric...

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