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Caller Name Announcer


Caller Name Announcer speaks out the Incoming caller name if the caller is already in contact database of the device other wise it will announce only incoming number of the caller. so that you can ide...

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Peter Dickson’s Annou...


Create a sentence & press play & Peter will shout it out in the worlds most loved announcer voice! Make him say what you want at any time! It's like he's hiding in your ruddy pocket! Now with ...


The Top New Android Apps of the Week – March 24, 2013

top new android apps 1. Google Keep Google finally put out their note taking app this past week, and it quickly became a lock for the top spot in our list of the  Top Android Apps of the Week. Google Keep lets you keep track of your thoughts through notes, lists, and pictures; you can even have voice notes transcribed for you automatically. It’s simple to use, ...

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