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Sticker Market: Emoji keyboard for Android Review

Sticker Market: Emoji keyboard for Android Review If you're into non-verbal communication, which means you're an emoji fanatic or at least an enthusiast, well, we have great news for you today. Enter Sticker Market: Emoji keyboard for Android, the perfect tool for expressing one's feelings in a funny and clever way, without having to resort to multi-syllable words which may turn off your interloc...

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app Pencil Camera HD Lite logo

Pencil Camera HD Lite


Be an artist! At least for the moment... Take pictures with amazing effects with a realtime preview. Pencil Camera HD is not just another boring photo editing tool. It's a cool, stylish and real fun a...


Nikon says it’s feeling the pressure from smartphones, could be working on a “non-camera” product

Nikon-Coolpix-S800c I’m sure many of you, like me, have been using your smartphone as your primary method of capturing snaps for quite a while. But it seems that Nikon is a bit slow on the ball, as the company has finally woken up to the realization that an 8 megapixel smartphone is a clear preference over a point and shoot camera for the casual consumer. President...

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Rumor: Moto X phone to offer “pure Android” experience, “fast” upgrades and Clear Pixel camera

Motorola X Phone Ad A new set of Moto X phone rumors seems to reveal more information about the upcoming flagship Motorola smartphone, this time detailing Android updates and main camera. Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly is the person behind the new rumors, the same source that has offered various details about the Moto X so far, many of them accurate. Wimberly too...

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In the market for a new Android phone? Here are some devices worth waiting for

android smartphone shopping We take a look at upcoming Android smartphones that you should be aware before buying a new device. Should I wait for the new Galaxy or should I get the HTC now? Is the next Nexus worth waiting another month? If I get this phone now, will I regret it next week? We’ve all had dilemmas like these, or, at least, we’ve heard others wondering if pu...

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Rumor: LG G2 specs to include 5.2-inch Full HD display and optical image stabilization camera

LG Logo The specs list of the upcoming LG G2 is now rumored to include a bigger screen than initially believed and a better camera. The LG G2 is the expected name of the LG Optimus G’s successor, as the company is said to drop the “Optimus” from its flagship device family. Greek site Techblog has apparently learned that the future LG fla...

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Mirror-less Galaxy Camera 2 to be unveiled at Samsung’s June 20 event

Samsung Galaxy Camera Logo aa 3 1600We’ve seen one or two rumors pop up surrounding Samsung’s follow-up to its point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera, but now there’s some official news from Samsung; CEO Shin Jong-Kyun has stated that the company will be unveiling its mirror-less Galaxy Camera 2 at the Premiere 2013 event in London on June 20th.In our own review the original Galaxy...

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HTC One mini? Mysterious 4.3-inch HD phone with UltraPixel camera surfaces

HTC One mini 1 Heard enough about the rumored HTC One mini? Well, guess what? Now you won’t merely have to read about it, but you will also get a chance to actually look at it, too. Thanks to information and a bunch of live photos posted on a site named, we can now get a grasp of what exactly the HTC One mini — or whatever it is really suppo...

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Will Samsung’s SM-C101 be a Camera sequel or a new Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Camera front zoom flashI’m sure that until now you’ve heard us on repeated occasions mentioning a rumored Samsung SM-C101 device. Samsung’s upcoming creation is said to have a camera powerful enough to beat even Nokia’s camera phones, a medium size screen with modest resolutions and, most important, phone capabilities.From how we see it, there are two possib...

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app Sms Controlled Camera (BW) logo

Sms Controlled Camera (BW)


This app lets you take pictures from camera without any physical access to your phone.*** This is LITE version and thus saves the photos in Black & White color only. For colored photos, download P...

app Spy Camera Advanced Version logo

Spy Camera Advanced Version


The key different feature for this app are: 1. Hide the app icon in your phone. This need your phone call permission, because the only way to open this app is: Call a secret number.2. Hide the record ...

app Retro Photo Camera logo

Retro Photo Camera


Like the Retro Photo's? Like Old School photo's? This is the app for you.Create Retro Photo effects using the Retro Photo Camera from photos that are in your phone, new photo from Camera, Facebook. Cr...

app Flashlight Camera Flash logo

Flashlight Camera Flash


This application lets you use your Android device and its flash (if your device has a flash) as a flashlight with very intense light.Perfect to illuminate dark places and objects.Attention:It is not a...

app With drum camera logo

With drum camera


This application is a fun photo application that can praise your friends easily. How can I compliment a friend's fine? Do you have a drum you fine? Do you smoke fine til? ? Modern man is ashamed of th...

app Swiss Marketing (SMC) logo

Swiss Marketing (SMC)


Offizielle App von Swiss Marketing (SMC).Die App enthält zusätzlich Programminformationen für den Swiss Marketing-Tag.Mit dem Programm-Button sind Sie jederzeit in der Lage, sich ü...

app The Ghost Catcher Camera logo

The Ghost Catcher Camera



app Doodle Camera logo

Doodle Camera


This is a must-try doodle camera. Preview the effects in real time. It is an entertainment to look through the camera and see the world as a doodle. The "Fineliner" effect is unique on the m...

app Hidden Camera Spy Camera logo

Hidden Camera Spy Camera


If the current version installed on your phone works fine, Please DO NOT update!The recorded file are location is sdcard/CLSOFTWAREThis spy camera is not just a camera; it can also record audio and vi...

app Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor logo

Cymera – Camera &...


Cymera is simply the best camera application for portraits. It has everything you need in a camera and photo editor to help you capture and create photos worth awards. It offers a huge variety of lens...

app Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor logo

Cymera – Camera &...


Cymera is simply the best camera application for portraits. It has everything you need in a camera and photo editor to help you capture and create photos worth awards. It offers a huge variety of lens...

app Chicago Red Light Camera Alert logo

Chicago Red Light Camera Al...


NOTE: I believe this is probably in need of an upgrade. However, I'm way too busy right now. My apologies... please try any similar apps on the market for now, or email me at for the...


Snap the Perfect Picture with Sony’s Pick Pic Camera for Android

Overview Pick Pic Camera is a new Android App from Sony DNA that lets you shoot and pick the best pictures from the past or future. Is it a new fangled time machine of some sort? Sadly no, but it is a slick Camera app that lets you pick the perfect pic every time… While we’re not exactly sure how it works (we’re going with Magic) Sony’s P...

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app Cameras Denmark logo

Cameras Denmark


★ Cameras Denmark is free application that allow you to watch traffic cameras (live images) from Denmark (webcams webcam cctv ...). ★Currently supported:✔ Hovedstaden (10) ✔ Hovedstaden, Bornh...

app Cameras NYC New York logo

Cameras NYC New York


? Cameras NYC New York is free application that allow you to watch cameras (live images CCTV webcams) from New York City - USA (America) and all over the New York State. ( Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, ...

app Cameras Deutschland logo

Cameras Deutschland


★★★ Cameras Deutschland is free application that allow you to watch cameras (live images) from Deutschland / Germany (webcams webcam cctv ...). ★★★We supported all major cities and lot of...

app Hidden Camera Spy Camera free logo

Hidden Camera Spy Camera fr...


PLEASE DON'T UPDATE IF CURRENT VERSION WORKS FINE ON YOUR PHONE!THE MEDIA FILES ARE LOCATION IN sdcard/CLSOFTWAREThis spy camera is not just a camera; it can also record audio and video. The most imp...

app 3D Camera logo

3D Camera


- 3D Camera is cutting-edge, and very different from any other app available on the Market. It has NO equivalent on the iPhone. - 3D Camera does not require 3D or red-blue glasses, or a 3D-capable pho...

app Cool Camera logo

Cool Camera


This app will not receive updates anymore. We have migrated to: you have purchased this app, you can buy the new version and request a ref...

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