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app Camera Trigger Shot logo

Camera Trigger Shot


Trigger Shot uses your phone's sensors to trigger camera shots.Included free is the Time Lapse option. This will take pictures based on a time interval.In the settings you can set which camera to use ...

app Irish Safety Camera Locations logo

Irish Safety Camera Locatio...


This app gives you advance warning when you approach one of the 500+ Garda Safety Camera locations (speed vans) dotted throughout Ireland.The main features are:1) Warns you when approaching a Garda sa...

app Radar Speedcamera  Alert Pro logo

Radar Speedcamera Alert Pr...


Radar Alert Pro GPS Radar warning system for Android. The ideal software for Android terminal. Protect yourself from the radar in a simple and convenient to use, yet powerful. This software controls 1...


Microsoft Introduces Barcode-Reader App for Google Android – eWeek

Product Reviews (blog)Microsoft Introduces Barcode-Reader App for Google AndroideWeekMicrosoft unveiled Microsoft Tag for Google Android, which allows users to scan a customized tag with their smartphone's camera module and receive ...Microsoft Launches Its First Android App. Yes, Google's Platform.Washington PostApp Directory Mplayit: Mobi...

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The Google Glass Prices Should Be Much Lower

Google Glass As you may already know, Google released a developer version of its much praised high tech gizmo, the Google Glass, at a hefty price tag of almost $1500. This sounds like a lot of money, don't you think? It IS a lot of money, but developers are not your regular consumers, for the average Joe, I expect a price tag of up to $350, tops! Let's take ...

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app LokPixPro logo



LokPixPro 2.0 is the next-generation of our strong-security media encryption products. It's the result of three years of field experience with LokPixPro Version 1, decades of professional software de...


What Are Google’s Plans for the Future?

What Are Google’s Plans for the Future? Google's I/O 2015 was a very interesting event in which the tech giant revealed its ambitious plans for world domination. Ok, maybe not per-se world domination, but at least a world in which Android based software/hardware will be king, as it will power absolutely everything, from your smartphone to your car and beyond. Google's Android "...

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app Los Angeles Nightlife Guide logo

Los Angeles Nightlife Guide


Los Angeles Nightlife Guide is a FREE app that allows users to:- Browse categorized clubs- Locate nearest clubs and get map directions- Use Augmented Reality module to view nearest clubs using camera-...

app BT Bot Control logo

BT Bot Control


*** Looking to control of your LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot using BT Bot Control? Would like to hear if there is any interest in this? Please use the Email Developer link in Play or the contact form in ...

app Spec Device logo

Spec Device


Spec Device creates specification of Your device "from inside", and allows to share it with interested people.It discovers all possible technical information about your device, and optionall...

app Intuit Field Service logo

Intuit Field Service


There is no cost for this mobile app, but it requires a working trial, or paid subscription of Intuit Field Service Management. To log in use the same company name you see on your Person Profile in F...

app 高清手机壁纸 Wallpaper HD logo

高清手机壁纸 Wallpape...


WallpaperHD 2.0 revision!Completely support Android 4.x view. Completely black interface,More visual impact for the wallpapers2.Experience smoothly.Add cache function,make it faster for y...

app Fire Notes logo

Fire Notes


Perfect for the Fire Department Company Officer to document fire scenes. National Fire Incident Reporting 5.0 modules, and multiple camera images. Then export as PDF report to your SD card or as emai...

app Sensor Ex logo

Sensor Ex


Sensor Ex - Logs data directly to your PC via WiFi for real-time remote data acquisition or plots phone sensors and saves them for extended analyses later on.It allows the use of your phone as sensors...

app VirtualKeypad logo



The DMP Virtual Keypad™ allows you to control your DMP security system virtually anywhere. You can connect to your home or small business system and view status, arm or disarm or control lights, loc...

app ErpDroid logo



The basic functionality of ErpDroid is work with the modules and agendas of Altus VARIO Information System (Directory, Contracts issued documents, Stock, received the documents, orders and so on). Syn...

app iHunt Journal logo

iHunt Journal


iHunt Journal is the ultimate all-in-one hunting app - it manages all your hunting memories plus it allows you to research and plan your hunt. You can record your hunts, trophies and hunting stand loc...

app Webcam elaboration logo

Webcam elaboration


The program reads the flow of images from the camera of the phone and allows a series of processing on the received images. The elaborations are:-Fourier transform of the image and display module and ...

app EVOTracker Mobile logo

EVOTracker Mobile


E' un' applicazione professionale in grado di trasformare il vostro Telefonino con SO Android, in uno strumento di lavoro irrinunciabile.Permette di trasmettere in Real-Time e condividere nella nuvola...

app domRemote for Domintell system logo

domRemote for Domintell sys...


domRemote is an application to control your Domintell installation in your home with your Android based mobile phone or Tablet.The software is optimized also for large and extra large screens, so it w...

app XiomFy logo



*** APPLICATION NON OFFICIELLE *** ATTENTION : ne pas installer cette application si le nom de votre compte Somfy comporte un underscore ("_"), exemple "alarme_maison", l'applicati...

app Count With Animals Lite logo

Count With Animals Lite


An educational and entertaining android app for kids.(Suitable for all ages)- Interactive module to learn counting from 1 to 10- Learn names of different animals and play the guessing game.- Play the ...

app Count With Animals logo

Count With Animals


An educational and entertaining android app for kids.(Suitable for all ages)- NO ADVERTS- Interactive module to learn counting from 1 to 10- Learn names of 45 different animals and play the guessing g...

app Conductor for Mi LightStyle logo

Conductor for Mi LightStyle


Control your UPB home automation network with your Mi LightStyle web controller and Android!Conductor for Mi LightStyle connects with and controls your MLS to manage your UPB home automation network. ...

app Gemini App Manager logo

Gemini App Manager


ATTENTION: Since Android 4.x some phone modules and custom ROMs have disabled App2SD function in kernel level, so the App2SD function may not work in that case!(Any problem, please contact seasmind@gm...

app Master-Design Furnish logo

Master-Design Furnish


Master-Design is a furniture software solution from design to production.With Master-Design you can draw your rooms, your furnishings and obtain rendering for them.You can do the following quickly and...

app Gepro Mobile logo

Gepro Mobile


Application to management law content of software Gepro Web 2011, including client, tasks, cases, shedules, etc. This software allow send pdf files direct to web application in GED module, through cam...

app BBGPS (Full Version) logo

BBGPS (Full Version)


BBGPS allow Android mobile become a Bluetooth GPS for Nikon Camera which have the serial gps port.In order to connect with the Nikon camera , you need a bluetooth module connected to the shutter cable...

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