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app WaitCancelHome logo



Android is from the service after the home button is pressed, continuous initiation activity is limited.Wait a few seconds.This app is the home to avoid the wait after pressing the Home button....

app Cancel SMS logo

Cancel SMS


Did you hit the "Send" button too soon?No worries! Hitting the "Send" button when you forget to write about something is no longer to be an issue. You can ALWAYS Cancel the SMS tha...

app Canceladora EuskalGym logo

Canceladora EuskalGym


Canceladora de entradas para el Evento EuskalGym.El software emula una canceladora de entradas para el servicio de venta de entradas de Requiere conexión a internet (WIF...

app Noise Canceller logo

Noise Canceller


1.0.2: Fix more FC bugs. As the name suggest, this app will try to lower the environment noise by generating a phase-inverted wave of the noise. Due to a delay of sampling and playing(no realtime soun...


Source: Google cancels Android developer event in China – Computerworld

PC WorldSource: Google cancels Android developer event in ChinaComputerworldIDG News Service - Google's row with the Chinese government has led it to cancel an event for Android developers in China next week, ...Is Google Earth for Android more than just eye candy?ZDNet (blog)Google snubs Chinese Android developersRegisterGoogle Earth Gets Andr...

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5 Presents Guaranteed To Impress The Techie On Your List

With a list as long as Santa’s, we’re willing to bet you’re shopping for at least one techie this holiday. It doesn’t matter if they’re an Apple addict always upgrading to the latest generation or a gadget-obsessed shopper looking out for the next smart gizmo, there’s something for everyone on this list. Take a look at this guide for in...

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Nokia Still Working on the Mountain View Android Prototype

mountain view After the last week article from the New York Times, in which Nokia was revealed to be working on an Android device(the Mountain View project), as an alternative to their Microsoft running line of Lumia smartphones, now we just found out that Nokia didn't completely dropped the Android project, even if Microsoft's acquisition of their mobile busi...

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app YourLibraryCa logo



YourLibraryCa allows your Android device to connect to Richmond Public Library! ** My Account **・View account information, checked out items, holds, fines, and blocks.・Renew checked out or overdue...

app MozGo logo



MozGo allows your Android device to connect to VTLS Global Library. ** My Account **・View account information, checked out items, holds, fines, and blocks.・Renew checked out or overdue items.・Ca...

app CyanogenMod Profiles Shortcut logo

CyanogenMod Profiles Shortc...


This application adds the shortcuts for your **CyanogenMod** profiles.Need Cyanogenmod ROM, tested in CM 10 and above, however should work with CM7+ too but not tested, please test within Google Play ...

app WIFI Switch Timer logo

WIFI Switch Timer


Turn on or off your WIFI in a specified time. This free app WIFI Switch Timer supports to start or stop the WIFI on your device automatically.^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<<&l...

app Microsoft Word 2010 course logo

Microsoft Word 2010 course


This app is a video course with advanced topics about Microsoft Word 2010.With this app, we offer a very powerful video lessons about MS Word 2010. The app includes 19 instructional videos that are fu...


Phone upgrades up to twice a year? That’s exactly what you get with T-Mobile’s new JUMP program

T-Mobile Store Logo-w600Twenty-four whole months just to get your hands on a new handset? That’s not exactly an ideal situation considering the speed at which mobile phones evolve, but it seems to be the industry standard in the United States. The good news is that one of the major carriers is looking to do away with this standard and instead give us more options.As you...

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The Moto X’ Clear Pixel camera could feature a RGBW sensor

Moto X ad According to Taylor Wimberley, the founder of Android and Me and a person that leaked stuff from Google’s kitchen before, the upcoming Moto X will feature a Clear Pixel camera. Wimberley revealed the info on Google Plus, and, when asked what Clear Pixel actually is, he said “It means ‘dark, blurry pics and lack of details’ will be things o...

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PSA: Sprint changed their ToS. You have until July 31 to get out of your contract free of charge.

sprint changes tos Sprint is buying Clearwire, and merging with SoftBank. Any time there is a shift in the way a company does business, they often have to change their Terms of Service. While that may seem trivial to you, it also represents a way out of a contract you’re not happy with — free of charge. Free?! No early termination fee? That’s right, friend...

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The Android-killer that wasn’t? Tizen is “almost dead”, says industry insider

Tizen Logo genie Yesterday, news broke that Samsung would delay the release of the first smartphone running Tizen, a Linux-based operating system that the Korean company has been developing together with Intel and other partners. According to the Korean website iNews, the reason for the delay of the device, widely thought to bear the GT-I8800 code number, would be...

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Mark Zuckerberg looking for a Samsung-made Facebook phone in Korea

Mark Zuckerberg Korea AP Photo/Yonhap, Do Kwang-hwan Like Larry Page of Google did a few weeks back, Mark Zuckerberg is visiting South Korea, home to some of the largest mobile companies, and increasingly, the place where the big decisions in the mobile industry are taken. As his Google counterpart did, Zuckerberg met with the country’s president to discuss matters o...

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“Below cost” Android licensing seen as anti-competitive by competitors, EU probe underway

AndroidEuropean regulators are again looking at Google’s business in the region, this time investigating alleged anti-competitive practices related to its mobile business, namely Android.Yes, the EU wants to know more about Google’s Android licensing deals, and whether the company used its position to impose certain condition to business partners.Whil...

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Canada adopts $50/month data overage cap, is immediately dubbed ‘genius’.

Canada adopts $50/month data overage capIf you’ve ever looked at your monthly cellphone bill and wondered where those extra charges came from, you’re not alone. Maybe it was going over your SMS limit, or call minutes. Increasingly, the culprit is data. As our mobile devices get more data hungry, and mobile providers offer less of that precious cell sustenance, we’ve got to throttle...

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Google Wallet Credit Card a No-Show for Google I/O was fast. It’s no big secret that Google was planning to launch a Google Wallet Credit Card, and a lot of folks expected to see it released at Google I/O next week. Today we’ve learned that Larry Page has abruptly cancelled plans to launch to card although Google Wallet will be receiving a bit of an update. According to AllThingsD, Google...

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Splay! A New thumb friendly launcher for Android

splay1 ELSE LTD. has recently ported their thumb oriented launcher named Splay to Android. Splay originally was designed for a cancelled product called the First Else that was supposed to “revolutionize” mobile devices back in 2008. Fortunately the Splay portion of that long dead project has survived to make its way to us as a functioning Launcher. ...

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app PicSounds Teletubbies logo

PicSounds Teletubbies


This sound app is BETTER than the other Teletubbies soundboards!Top sounds from Teletubbies.Sound Effects:-custard / tustard-custard / tustard machine-sun-toast-windmillTeletubbies:-big hug!-again aga...

app Fairy ADWTheme logo

Fairy ADWTheme


Nice Fairy theme for ADW and ADWEx Launchers..-=[ MATCHING THEMES AVAILABLE FOR ]=-.- GO SMS Pro- GO CONTACTS EX- GO LOCKERYou can find the matching themes in my other APPs in Google Play Store..-===[...

app Battery reminder: AC Socket logo

Battery reminder: AC Socket


AC Socket is an easy tool to help You not to forget dock-in Your smartphone at night every evening to have fully charged battery each morning. Features:- Avarage daily battery consumption statistics- ...

app Beleny logo



Haz tus pedidos en Beleny desde tu Smartphone Android de forma cómoda y fácil con esta aplicación. Descargatela de forma gratis y haz tus pedidos con las opciones de Recogida en L...

app Tank Battle HD logo

Tank Battle HD


Feel at war like a war simulator tanks in question. Use these images for wallpapers or share with friends. The best tanks and armored.Ideal for decorate your wallpaper!A tank, or tank is an armored at...

app Smart Voice Recorder logo

Smart Voice Recorder


Smart Voice Recorder designed for high quality long-time sound recording with skipping relative silence on-the-fly. For example, you can use it for record night sleep talks (or snoring:)), business me...

app Secret Calls logo

Secret Calls


1 For start the application : make a fake call to telephon number: 12342 Insert the pin code 00003 End4 (Optional): change the pin code.How to manage the app: 1 - add the phone number and all the i...

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