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This newest mighty cannon basketball shooter is a fast pass arcade game, instead of shooting with a cannonball you use a basketball to get past complex puzzles. Shoot the basketball into the basket in...

app Bubble Cannon logo

Bubble Cannon


Can you bounce, reflect and pop your way through 9 levels to achieve a state of Zen? Make every shot count!The bar for addictive fun has just been raised. Bubble Cannon is all about popping bubbles. C...


Angry Mob Games and Fox Digital release AVP Evolution for Android

  Last night a silent assassin crept onto the Play store, and he was immediately eviscerated by an Alien. Angry Mob Games and Fox Digital have finally unleashed AVP Evolution and if you’re into carnage it’s a game you may want to check out. AVP Evolution lets you play as both the Alien and the Predator where you’ll dual to the de...

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app Cannon Shooter : Civil War Pro logo

Cannon Shooter : Civil War ...


Cannon Defense : US Civil War Pro Edition2 New Levels addedGettysburg: Pickett's ChargeGettysburg: Little Round TopDefend your outpost against waves of on-coming soldiers in this fun cannon shooting g...

app Paper Space Cannon logo

Paper Space Cannon


Touch and drag back on the Paper Cannon then Aim and realease. Take your best shot at the planets to detory them! This is a Demo of the first 5 Levels. Please leave feedback and suggestions as we buil...


The Top 10 Glu Mobile Games for Android

Glu Mobile has been cranking out games for awhile now so we though it was time to finally sit down, make a list and pick out the Top 10 Glu Mobile games for Android. They've covered almost every genre you can think of from hunting and gladiator games to games that make you an A-list celebrity. I've honestly played almost everything they've put...

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Android Game Review – Gamevil’s Toy Shot for Android

Android Game Review – Gamevil’s Toy Shot for Android Angry Birds started the mobile physics-flinging trend, and since it’s release there have been a slew of copy cats. Toy Shot from Gamevil is one of the latest to try that formula, and it’s also been one of the most successful as it’s truly been a blast to play.Toy Shot takes place in the land of Toy Kingdom where everyone’s full of suns...

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Save some Bunnies in Stunt Bunnies Circus from Chilibite Games

The Circus came to town over the weekend in a new Android game called Stunt Bunnies Circus from Chilibite. You are the Stunt Bunny and your job is to help your fellow bunnies out by catching them before they hit the ground in this fast-paced physics game. You are “Jet Bunny” the Bunny Circuses top performer and you’ve been given the tas...

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Deer Hunter Reloaded – Android Game Review

Deer Hunter Reloaded – Android Game Review As we reported yesterday Glu Mobile dropped their new Hunting game called Deer Hunter Reloaded. Well, we’re back a little sooner than I thought with our full review of the game, and if you’re thinking “sooner is better” you’d be wrong in this case… Gameplay Deer Hunter Reloaded is an energy based game that lets you take on missions to...

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app CowCannon Pro logo

CowCannon Pro


User Comments from CowCannon:"weeehh flying cows :)" - badlogicgames"Love it I love this game!!! It's like golf with a twist" - KarenEquipped with a powerful cannon, the cow is abl...

app Crazy Fruit Cannon logo

Crazy Fruit Cannon


This is a relaxed casual puzzle makes a small game.Brightly colored country-style garden game interface, you need players to control the barrel of the position of the fingers, in order to release the ...

app Fruit Cannon logo

Fruit Cannon


This is a casual puzzle fruit cannon, the game will be difficult as the level increases with the increase. In the game, you just launched into all kinds of lovely fruit kegs, namely clearance. What ar...

app Cannons Unleashed logo

Cannons Unleashed


Easy to learn, Fast paced and Insanely addictive.Global High Scores supported by - ScoreNinjaGame Icon from - winnond /

app Preschool Cannonball Monkey logo

Preschool Cannonball Monkey


Sometimes a monkey loves fruit so much, he'll do anything to get some more. Too high up? Too far away? Not for this mischievous monkey!In Preschool Cannonball Monkey, a quirky and fun Android game for...

app Magical Cannon Wars Fly logo

Magical Cannon Wars Fly


Magical Cannon Wars FlyMagical Cannon Wars shooting game character fly on your Android Screen.Magical Cannon GirlsPortions of this application's character are modifications based on work created and s...

app Magical Cannon Wars (Donate) logo

Magical Cannon Wars (Donate...


The vertical scrolling shooter game that combines elements of orthodox magical girl character and story.Leave a crisp exhilaration defeat the enemy!Features Orthodox type vertical scrolling shooting. ...

app Cannon Shooter : US Civil War logo

Cannon Shooter : US Civil W...


2 New Levels addedGettysburg: Pickett's ChargeGettysburg: Little Round TopNew Controls addedThere is a new default joystick that will appear wherever you touch the left half of the screen.There is als...

app Cannon Carnival logo

Cannon Carnival


An addictive casual game with realistic 2D physics. Fire the cannon to basket the ball, braking all barriers! Simple controls, catchy graphics and engaging gameplay. Send updates to social networks. ...

app Cannonbowl demo logo

Cannonbowl demo


*The demo version only have 20 levels of the 56.Cannonbowl is a puzzle game in which you need to hit every ball of each levels with the help of your cute little cannon. The challenge is to maximize yo...

app Hamster Cannon logo

Hamster Cannon


Hamster Cannon is a physics-based puzzle game, in which the user combines and launches various hamsters out of cannons to collect Golden Noms. Each hamster is armed with their own special skills so it...


Amazing Charlie – Android Game Review

Amazing Charlie – Android Game Review Overview Amazing Charlie is a killer new Android game from Blue Carrot Games that lets you fire a clown named Charlie through a series of cannons set under the Big Top. It’s a “connect the cannons” style game that requires you to think fast and react even faster. Gameplay Firing Charlie around the arena is done by simply drawing a line w...

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A Review of Big Blue Bubbles Hamster Cannon for Android

A Review of Big Blue Bubbles Hamster Cannon for Android Overview There have been quite a few cannon related games come out over the past year and gamers have shot everything from clowns to aliens from the big guns. This time around you’ll shoot Hamsters out of cannons thanks to the team at Big Blue Bubble. Hamster Cannon is the latest from the people behind the hit game Burn the Rope, and while t...

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Top 10 Android Games of the Week – January 8th, 2012

The first week of 2012 is in the books, and while it was a pretty slow week for games we did get a few good ones. This week gamers were able to fire hamsters from cannons, control robots, crush diamonds, and take on tanks with wizards among other crazy tasks.  Without further ado, here are our Top picks for the week of January 8th, 2012... ...

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app Cannon Legend logo

Cannon Legend


A first person perspective 3D defense game with a neat fantasy twist, it's graphic quality can almost be equal to World Of Warcraft!Millions of villages have been destroyed. People are plunged into mi...

app Cannon Blast logo

Cannon Blast


Test your aim and destroy all the targets.Can you overcome the challenges?This is an easy to play and fun game. Use the mounted cannon to destroy the targets....

app The Pirate Game (Free) logo

The Pirate Game (Free)


Solve challenging physics based action puzzles and blast the soldier with your cannon in an unique 3D environment!################ ANNOUNCEMENT ################ We're looking for a 3D artist for our n...


A Space Shooter for Free – Android Game Review

A Space Shooter for Free – Android Game Review Overview What’s better than an awesome Space Shooter game? How bout’ A Space Shooter for Free! The aptly named game from Frima Studios puts users in the cockpit of the USS Eradicator as they try and take down every alien in sight. Can you help Commander P. Jefferson take down the alien hordes or will you be taken out by one of the many bad...

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app Moe Kabe Droid Magical Cannon logo

Moe Kabe Droid Magical Cann...


Moe Kabe Droid Magical Cannon WarsMoe Kabe Droid Magical Cannon Wars Shooting gameMagical Cannon Girls'Japanese Moe Anime' Very Cute Ilustlation always displayed on your Android Screen.It Japanese 'Mo...

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