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app Car Builder-Car games logo

Car Builder-Car games


Car maker is a fun game for kids especially for boys who love cars. With it, your talent for car creator and car designer will be fully developed. You can custom cars, and then build it. Moreover, it ...

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Car Games


Stay up to date with all the latest and best Car Games out there with this cool app. This app aggregates feeds and relevant news, images, car games, new cars, and videos about the latest car games and...

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Cars Games


Car racing games are one of the favorite video games of every person, especially the boys. So, now we have come up with a real exciting android app cars games that helps you in the car games download....

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Sight Words Games & Fla...


66% OFF SALE -- TODAY - June 11 and 12, 2013...

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Collection of card games


This collection consists of six card games:Durak, Thousand, Nine, Klondike, Spider, FreeCell.ENJOY THE GAME-Open and Play - don't waste your time in menus-Multiplayer games for Bluetooth-Drag cards wi...

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Racing Cars IQ Games


<div id="doc-original-text" >This game is famous through north and south of World at present.<p>The ...


HandyGames unleashes Candy Carnage for Android

Cartoon Carnage is a quirky new Tap & Smash game from Handy Games that has you taking down brutal butchers while protecting the lovely little princesses. It’s like Candyland on Crack, and it’s also a blast to play… Your goal in this bloody little game is to defend the princess from hordes of evil bloodthirsty butchers that have sudd...

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app Card Games logo

Card Games


Bu uygulamamızın içinde çok beğenilen kağıt oyunlarını toplu bir şekilde bulabileceksiniz. Yeni eklene oyun blackjack toplam 21 sayıya ulaşmak için uğraştığımız şans ve tecrübenin...

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Carnival of Games


????? ...

app Carnival of Games FREE logo

Carnival of Games FREE


????? ...

app Rules of Card Games (Italian) logo

Rules of Card Games (Italia...


Do you like to play with real cards? This application describe rules for play most common/uncommon real card games. Enjoy everywhere!The games in the application are:Italian Games:AsinoAsso che correA...


8 Exciting android games in 2017

8 Exciting android games in 2017 Since the word holiday was invented, humans created getting cozy and playing all possible games. After creating this sword, Android phones came into the picture to keep your holiday more exciting with its gaming apps. It has been years, and the year 2017 is a month old now, producing some promising games on Android version mobiles for us. Here a...

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Got Some Free Time? Check Out These Games

Got Some Free Time? Check Out These Games If you’re like millions of Android users, you use your phone for a variety of everyday things from an alarm in the morning to counting calories throughout the day and answering important work emails while on the go. Although your Android is an essential tool to help you get through a busy day, don’t forget to give yourself a little down time a...

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How magicians predict what cards are in your mind

playing-cards-1252374_640If you are still not aware that how a magician reveals the card in casinos that you choose in your mind, then this article is just for you! There is nothing magical when a magician blindly announces what card you have from the pack of 52 cards; it is simply a trick which has been applied and the result is being practiced by the magicians. Let’s t...

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Play Indian Rummy on the go: top 5 Android apps for Rummy games

cards-766106_640 Indian Rummy has always been one of the most exciting and popular card games. The game has come to the forefront in the world of online casino games, ever since the Honourable Supreme Court of India declared it to be a skilled game. Today the game is considered to be totally legal and can be played online through various websites. But why take ...

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The 8 Best Apps For Mini-Games

The 8 Best Apps For Mini-Games Every now and then it's nice to substitute a typical mobile game for one that bundles a number of mini-games in one. Sometimes it's fun because of the sheer variety, and often mini-game collections are also pretty amusing. Whatever the specific appeal may be, here are eight mini-game collections any Android user can enjoy. 1. Mini Mix Mayhem Usu...

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The 8 Best Apps For Mini-Games

DumbWaysToDie AppEvery now and then it's nice to substitute a typical mobile game for one that bundles a number of mini-games in one. Sometimes it's fun because of the sheer variety, and often mini-game collections are also pretty amusing. Whatever the specific appeal may be, here are eight mini-game collections any Android user can enjoy. 1. Mini Mix Mayhem Usu...

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Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game

Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game For those of us who love our brain and enjoy practicing memorization techniques, here comes Memozzle, a turn based memory card game from Netplay Solutions. To begin with, just visit Google Play Store and download the game, install it on your droid and let the fun times begin!  Yes, this ...

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app Kids Preschool Games ABC Paid logo

Kids Preschool Games ABC Pa...


★★★★★Phone Paid Version★★★★★✔ The BEST kids learning app available on Android Phone and Tablet! – “KID Zone”✔ Featured in to 50 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids in 20...

app Card Game Rankings & logo

Card Game Rankings &


Card Game Rankings & applications.Also should have a fun card game.Childhood was one card, poker game that adults andYouth enjoy a casual card game.These card games ranking information.Game memory...

app Advanced Mobile Care logo

Advanced Mobile Care


Advanced Mobile Care is an all-in-one Android security and performance optimization app that performs real-time virus scans while also featuring a brand new Anti-theft, powerful Game Speeder, Battery ...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 30, 2013

best new android games A lot of great Indies found their way to Google Play last week, and a few of them made it on to our Best New Android Games of the Week list. There’s a little something for everyone this week including an Android version of the mother of all TCG games. 1. Block Block Block Noodlecake Studios always brings something fun to the table, and this...

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The Best OUYA Games

ouya games Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the OUYA Android console has finally hit retailers nationwide. Some of the reviews have been less than kind, but we’re not here to talk about the hardware or interface… we’re going to take a look at their games. If you’ve just gotten your system and aren’t sure what to play we’ve...

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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z support documents appear on carrier’s website

T-Mobile Sony Xperia ZThe T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z seems to be getting closer to its release date, or at least that’s what could be understood from support documents present on the website of the “uncarrier.”Just days ago, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said during the All Things D D11 conference that there was “still a lot to do” for the company in the ...

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Top 5 Racing Games for Android

racing games teaserMany souls out there are thankful for smartphones and the hours of boredom that they can save while sitting in the bus, waiting in a Dr's office or ''patiently'' tagging along with a shopping girlfriend. One of many people's favorite kind of games to play are racing games. The concept, though it remains the same, is co...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 11, 2013 1. Blitz Brigade Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade finally made its way to Google Play a few days ago, and if you’re in the mood for some FPS action it’s just the thing for you. There are five different classes to choose from to go along with 120 missions and well over 100 weapons. Did we mention you can battle online with 12 of your buddies? It’s ...

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Hit the Streets and Wreak some Havoc with Carmageddon for Android

Carmageddon-Android If you were gaming in the late 90s chances are you’ve heard of Carmageddon as it made quite the splash when it was released for the PC in 1997. The folks at Stainless Games wanted to bring the retro racer to a new generation, and last night that happened as Carmageddon for Android was unleashed on the masses. If you’re unfamiliar with the ga...

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app modified car puzzle logo

modified car puzzle


FREE GAME! Here is the most powerful modified cars gallery!This is a modified car theme game, the game easy to difficult, very exciting. When you get into a difficult relationship, you try to hold dow...

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