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Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game

Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game For those of us who love our brain and enjoy practicing memorization techniques, here comes Memozzle, a turn based memory card game from Netplay Solutions. To begin with, just visit Google Play Store and download the game, install it on your droid and let the fun times begin!  Yes, this ...

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app Card Game Rankings & logo

Card Game Rankings &


Card Game Rankings & applications.Also should have a fun card game.Childhood was one card, poker game that adults andYouth enjoy a casual card game.These card games ranking information.Game memory...

app Score Eleven (11) Card Game logo

Score Eleven (11) Card Game


Play a brilliant variation of the classic BlackJack game.We've got a table waiting for you in this strategy and luck card game.Can you beat the dealer?Features:? Score 11 by adding or subtracting card...

app Collection of card games logo

Collection of card games


This collection consists of six card games:Durak, Thousand, Nine, Klondike, Spider, FreeCell.ENJOY THE GAME-Open and Play - don't waste your time in menus-Multiplayer games for Bluetooth-Drag cards wi...




Mucken - A German card game.Language: GermanThe following game variants are possible:Short and long hand (24 & 32 cards);Muck, Wenz, Geier and Farbmuck (selectable)Also RamschSlide the cards into ...

app Mus Card Game – UsuMus logo

Mus Card Game – UsuMu...


The traditional Basque card game, played by four people in two partnerships. Partnerships win points by having the highest scoring hands.It is a funny and tactical game, similar in some respects to Po...

app Bierkopf – CARD GAME logo

Bierkopf – CARD GAME


Erlebe das bayrisch / fränkische Kartelspiel auf deinem Android-Smartphone.Schiebe wie am echten Tisch die Karten in die Mitte und erlebe schön animierten Kartelspaß zuhause oder unter...

app War Card Game (Free) logo

War Card Game (Free)


Be the first to collect all 52 cards in this classic game of chance.The game of war uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The deck is shuffled and dealt to the players. Each player plays a card fr...

app FreeCell card game logo

FreeCell card game


Enjoy the freecell game of playing card...

app Card game Durak logo

Card game Durak


This is one of the most common family card games of Russian origin. The deck that is used consists of 36 cards. The number of players who can participate in this game varies between 2 and 4....

app Cabals Trading Card Game (TCG) logo

Cabals Trading Card Game (T...


" Top 5 MMO card game in the world. "Award winning MMORPG Trading Card Game, combines the best of chess and collectible card games (CCG), creating the best crossplatform card and board MMO S...

app Heaven – Card Game logo

Heaven – Card Game


Heaven is a card game which you play casually on your free time, like a solitaire. It is completely original and very addictive !The game is optimized for phones and tablets !The aim is to put all the...

app solitaire card game logo

solitaire card game


Enjoy the simple solitaire card game....

app Spit !  Speed ! Card Game Free logo

Spit ! Speed ! Card Game F...


Spit! is an implementation of the popular card game Spit or Speed or Slam: a fast paced games for two players in which the aim is to get rid of your cards as fast possible. The players do not take tur...

app Card Games logo

Card Games


Bu uygulamamızın içinde çok beğenilen kağıt oyunlarını toplu bir şekilde bulabileceksiniz. Yeni eklene oyun blackjack toplam 21 sayıya ulaşmak için uğraştığımız şans ve tecrübenin...

app Japanese poem card game (百人一首) logo

Japanese poem card game (...


Hyakunin-Isshu(百人一首)is Japanese traditional poem card game made about 1000 years ago.Ease of use and sale, is a wealth of information Ogura poem card game.Numerical order, of course, accor...

app Classic Card Game 4-in-1 logo

Classic Card Game 4-in-1


Classic Card Game 4-in-1 is a collection of 4 classic card games, including Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell and Forty Thieves.Features:* Support APP2SD (You can install this game to your SD card)* 1 or 3 ...

app Hearts Card Game FREE logo

Hearts Card Game FREE


This is a great family card game for kids to adults.Hearts is a tricking taking game involving 4 players, where the object of the game is have the lowest score when one person gets more than 100 point...

app War (Card Game) logo

War (Card Game)


Looking for a simple card game to play? It doesn't get much more simple than War! Features and rules below.== Features ==- Quick game option for single player (26 cards instead of 52).- Multiplayer vi...

app Magic Card game logo

Magic Card game


This application is a simple game that will give leisure and amazement as you start playing it. It retrieves probable stress and over fatigue, a magic trick you can play during your free time...

app Russian Fool Card Game HD logo

Russian Fool Card Game HD


A card game that is popular throughout most of the post-Soviet states. The object of the game is to get rid of all one's cards. At the end of the game, the last player with cards in their hand is refe...

app Times Table Flash Card Game logo

Times Table Flash Card Game


This app contains 9 decks of flash cards. Each has a set of the multiplication table. There are two modes of play, the Flash and the Fun mode. Flash mode is a basic learning mode whereby the cards are...

app Skat Card Game Pad logo

Skat Card Game Pad


Skat Card Game Pad is a simple app to hold the current score while playing the trick-taking card game "Skat". So it is a kind of card game notepad. The app is designed for those who have nei...

app War The Card Game logo

War The Card Game


Version 1.1.0-----------------------------------------------------------*Added sound*Multiplayer: Battles will now occur when the second player clicks their card. This should fix an issue where player...

app Ace type card game 100 logo

Ace type card game 100


This is a collection of card games.Game one person, two-player game, game four people, a total of 100 have been recorded.You can join the high score ranking.Please select from the menu.When you displa...

app Ace FREE card game type 100 logo

Ace FREE card game type 100


This is a collection of card games.Game one person, two-player game, game four people, a total of 100 have been recorded.You can join the high score ranking.Please select from the menu.When you displa...

app Rules of Card Games (Italian) logo

Rules of Card Games (Italia...


Do you like to play with real cards? This application describe rules for play most common/uncommon real card games. Enjoy everywhere!The games in the application are:Italian Games:AsinoAsso che correA...

app Play alone (Card Game) logo

Play alone (Card Game)


Collection of 29 types of play alone, is a collection of card games with UNDO.You can join the high score ranking.Please select from the menu.PYRAMID, PYRAMID2, MON-TE CARLO, MARRIAGE OF THE KING, TEN...

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