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Cartoon Network Android App Review

Cartoon Network Android App Review Overview The popular TV channel Cartoon Network just released an Android app that will let you watch some of your favorite shows from your Android device. I was excited when I saw this was out, as I’ve been a fan of the channel for years now. After browsing through the app, it does have some nice stuff, but it seems like it was "rushed" to put i...

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Prank Breathalyzer


Android Fu's Prank Breathalyzer, Prankalyzer, is a fake breathometer with a punchline! When the app detects blowing in "Test" mode the blower will be presented with an inappropriate thrusti...

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Linderdaum Puzzle


HINT: Use pinch-zoom in game screen and in galleries.* Permissions:- Internet: online galleries- Access Network State: adsPut puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image. Enjoy the...