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Lenovo Vibe X Showcased at IFA 2013

vibe x Even if Samsung and Sony stole the show at IFA 2013 with their long expected flag ships,  Lenovo also announced their ultra-thin Vibe X smart phone. The Lenovo Vibe X is a very sleek and elegant droid, just 6.9 mm thin, weighing a mere 120 grams and sporting an impressive 5 inches wide touchscreen, with full HD 1080 resolution. Vibe X is on...

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Samsung’s latest YouTube video showcases Galaxy Note 8.0, features Andrew Park

samsung galaxy note 8 writing aa The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 isn’t exactly the cheapest smaller-screened tablet on the market, with a price of $399 for the 16GB version. For that kind of cheddar there are plenty of much more affordable tablets with similar specs, including the Nexus 7. So why get Samsung’s tablet over the competition? Ultimately, it is the S-Pen that set...

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Samsung ATIV Q RULES, Scores 54,861 Points in Antutu Benchmark

Samsung ATIV Q If you never heard about the Samsung ATIV Q, now it's the perfect moment. Why, you may ask? Because, today we have an Antutu benchmark in which the Samsung ATIV Q scored like a beast. With almost 55 000 points, this is the king of all Android running devices, at least until now. And, another reason for loving it, is because the Ativ Q is the best...

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T-Mobile teases a new phone, or case, or something that goes underwater.

T-Mobile $30/month planT-Mobile has something up their sleeve. What that is, we don’t know. Well, we sort of know. It has to do with being underwater, at least for a brief period of time. Maybe T-Mobile is taking us swimming?More than likely, they’re getting a new device that can withstand a little underwater filming. While there are plenty of devices that can take a...

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NVIDIA showcases pure Android experience on SHIELD

nvidia shield jelly beanWith the public release of NVIDIA’s SHIELD just around the corner the company has added a new video to its YouTube channel showcasing the Android side of the gaming console. In case you have been living on Mars for the last few weeks and don’t know about SHIELD, it is NVIDIA’s Android based portable gaming device powered by the TE...

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app Destination Pointer logo

Destination Pointer


This simple app points you to a destination coordinate using an arrow. Handy if you got lost or if you want a challenge to reach a location.Other functions:- save a destination (coordinate + descripti...

app Donate to JCase/TeamAndIRC logo

Donate to JCase/TeamAndIRC


Do not uninstall for 30 minutes after purchasing, if you intended to make a donation. This is an application solely to 'donate' to jcase from TeamAndIRC.It does nothing at this point, but I'll probabl...


A Review of Headcase Games 180 Ultra for Android

A Review of Headcase Games 180 Ultra for Android Overview 180 Ultra is an awesome puzzler from Headcase Games that puts a new twist flip on the tired old genre of Match-3 games. It is a gem matching game with style, and it’s a game that’s going to keep you glued to the screen for hours on end as you try to master the flip and set a high-score… Gameplay The rules and premise behind ...

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app Cursive Upper Case ☺ Autism logo

Cursive Upper Case ☺ Auti...


Note: Please install Adobe Air on your device before launching the app. You can download the latest version of Adobe Air from the following link.

app Cursive Lower Case ☺ Lite logo

Cursive Lower Case ☺ Lite


Note: Please install Adobe Air on your device before launching the app. You can download the latest version of Adobe Air from the following link.

app TopSharePoint logo


3.7(3) showcases some of the world...

app The Leavenworth Case logo

The Leavenworth Case


The Leavenworth Case - A Lawyers Story, by Anna K. Green. A great American detective adventure. *** QUALITY DIGITIZED BOOKS ***This Ebook can be placed on the SDCARD with Android 2.2 and ab...

app GWT Mobile PhoneGap Showcase logo

GWT Mobile PhoneGap Showcas...


This app showcases the functions of PhoneGap, a cross-platform mobile development framework.The app is open-source. Source code is available at http://www.gwtmobile.comGWT Mobile PhoneGap Showcase has...

app EML UPnP-AV Control Point logo

EML UPnP-AV Control Point


The UPnP-AV Control Point from the European Media Laboratory GmbH simplifies the control of your home entertainment systems. It scans the content of your UPnP-AV compliant media servers and lets you c...

app OpenGL 3D Showcase (GLES1.x) logo

OpenGL 3D Showcase (GLES1.x...


This is a demonstration of OpenGL ES 1.x possibilities on the Android operating system. Use the touch screen interface to control the 3D model position and appearance. Includes a report specifying det...


Android's Numbers Keep Pointing Up – The Money Times

The Business InsiderAndroid's Numbers Keep Pointing UpThe Money TimesBut while the most visible evidence of Android's rise comes from the high-profile phone launches provided by Motorola (NYSE: MOT), HTC, and Samsung (not to ...Android Apps Alert 20: The “In Case You Missed It” EditionAndroinica (blog)What Google Needs To Do To Fix Its ...

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Google to cease Android developer payments in Argentina

“Don’t cry for me, Argentina!” President Cristina Kirchner’s tough foreign currency policies have resulted in difficulties for Android developers and users in the country (Photo credit: AP).Update: Corrected information regarding Google Play purchases from within the country.Even in a globalized world, not everything is perf...

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Android 2.1 hacked onto 4 Windows Mobile phones – Android Central (blog)

The GuardianAndroid 2.1 hacked onto 4 Windows Mobile phonesAndroid Central (blog)Case in point: the folks at xda-developers have gotten Android 2.1 (yeah, that's 2.1) onto 4 old Windows Mobile phones. The HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T Tilt), ...XDA Developers hack Windows Mobile HTC smartphones to run Android 2.1Mobile MagazineAndroid 2.1 running on...

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The Rise Of Mobile Gambling

android oneThe world's first online casino was launched in 1996 and mobile gambling wasn't even a consideration at that point in time. However, mobile gambling has taken the industry by storm in the last several years. Once the first iPhone launched in 2007, it created a mobile gambling boom. Online casinos started focusing on developing mobile web-apps an...

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Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future

Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future If you have a personality similar to all smartphone users, then most of your time is spent using applications. You may also spend a whole lot of time reading about various applications on tech blogs and infomercial websites, along with reviewing them after using, or learning new tips and tricks to improve your experience as a user. It is highly pos...

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Happy Stork : Pregnancy Support App Review

Happy Stork : Pregnancy Support App Review Here comes the Happy Stork: Pregnancy Support app for Android, courtesy of amane factory inc. , a bunch of the nicest people in the world if you ask me. I'm not "just sayin'" that, I am that kind of guy who considers pregnancy and child birth as an once in a lifetime experience, both for the mother and the father. And an Android app that helps ...

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app Happy Stork :Pregnancy Support App Review logo

Happy Stork :Pregnancy Supp...


Here comes the Happy Stork: Pregnancy Support app for Android, courtesy of amane factory inc. , a bunch of the nicest people in the world if you ask me. I'm not "just sayin'" that, I am that kind ...


Toq, The Smartwatch From Qualcomm

toq Even if Samsung stole the show at IFA 2013 with its Galaxy Gear, I bet you did not know that Qualcomm is preparing its own smartwatch, called Toq. Pretty cool name, huh? Well, Toq is a touchscreen smartwatch and it's designed to be used together with an Android running device, like a smartphone or a tablet. One of the main selling points of ...

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Motorola Moto X Finally Here, Made In The USA

motorola moto x   Born in the USA I was, screams Motorola Moto X. Finally, the love child of Google and Motorola was officially launched. This is the first smartphone built by Motorola under close supervision by Google, since the two companies merged. Actually, Google bought Motorola but "merged" sounds more like a love story. Anyway, the Motorola M...

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Unholy Alliance : Microsoft Released Office Mobile 365 Android App

Android App After last month's launching of the Office Mobile for iOS, now Microsoft released their Office Mobile Android App for Office 365, just in case you got bored with your free Office Suite provided by Google. If you choose to give Microsoft Office Mobile a try, you will be able to edit documents on your smartphone and also to synchronize them v...

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app Utah Basketball *FREE* logo

Utah Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the Utah Jazz? The Utah Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Jazz games easily!Features of this app include:* Utah Jazz News* Ut...

app Kids Preschool Games ABC Paid logo

Kids Preschool Games ABC Pa...


★★★★★Phone Paid Version★★★★★✔ The BEST kids learning app available on Android Phone and Tablet! – “KID Zone”✔ Featured in to 50 Best Android Apps and Games for Kids in 20...

app Заказ такси в Киеве logo

Заказ такси в К...


Интерактивный вызов такси плюс бесплатная голосовая связь с круглосуточной диспетчерской такси и эвакуатор...

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