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droidRFTool CDMA


The droidRFTool for CDMA allows the user to see what the current CDMA RF levels are for their device. The RF levels monitored are voice (CDMA), data (EVDO), and the signal to noise ratio. The levels a...

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iFindMe(CDMA Only)


CDMA Cell Tower Based =====================Do not want to turn "ON” your GPS and still like to know your location or “find places” near U. Then turn to “Monarch”! This app will provide ...

app iFindMe(CDMA and GSM) logo

iFindMe(CDMA and GSM)


GPS, WiFi and Network Based===========================It is simple, it is easy! Locate yourself with or without GPS!!You will be able to display the approximate address (via toast) or location (via G...

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CDMA Field Test Application


CDMA Field Test Application designed for Android(Designed using au by KDDI IS12S)Features- LTE RSRP in StatusBar [beta] - press Toggle StatusBar- LTE RSRP/RSRQ/RSSNR/CQI [beta]- Tracks Defined Base St...

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Test app w/CDMA...


Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab Leak Implies CDMA Version

The latest pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that have recently surfaced feature a CDMA sticker, meaning we could see a launch of the device with Sprint or Verizon Wireless. Of course, the photo could be a hoax as the user might have simply stuck a sticker on the device, but nonetheless, it gives rise to the possibility of a CDMA Galaxy Tab lau...

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app 4G,CDMA,GSM,WIFI Coverage maps logo

4G,CDMA,GSM,WIFI Coverage m...


Sensorly helps you discover who the best carrier is FOR YOU, using on millions of signal strength recordings made by our users throughout the world: - 'Compare' is available for every mobile carrier ...


Analyst: CDMA iPhone Talk Aimed at Countering Android – Cult of Mac (blog)

TFTS (blog)Analyst: CDMA iPhone Talk Aimed at Countering AndroidCult of Mac (blog)The talk is just the latest gamesmanship by Apple in an attempt to throw Google's Android phones off-stride. Although Verizon's 90 million customers would ...AdMob Reveals Android to be Apple's Biggest Smartphone CompetitorDailyTechAndroid closing in on iP...

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app DashClock DashNet extension logo

DashClock DashNet extension


DashNet is a DashClock ( extension that shows the details of yours GSM connections and WiFi.Cell info and WiFi info• network t...

app 完全攻略 for ドラゴンクエスト7 logo

完全攻略 for ドラゴ...


全世界で大人気のドラクエことドラゴンクエストVII エデンの戦士たち(ドラクエ7)3DS版を完全攻略したアプリです。データはどんどん更新してい...

app 完全攻略 for バイオハザード6 logo

完全攻略 for バイオ...


全世界で大人気のバイオハザード6(BIOHAZARD 6)を完全攻略したアプリです。データはどんどん更新していきますのでインストール必須ですよ!!▼...


Rumor: New Nexus 7 to launch in Taiwan at the end of July

NexusNexus family – 2012 Nexus 7 on the rightA new rumor originating from Asia says that the new Nexus 7 tablet could be launched by the end of the month in Taiwan, with other markets to follow after that.Moreover, the 16GB version of the tablet is said to cost $229 (apparently with LTE support) while the 32GB model could cost as much as $299 (aga...

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It’s coming – HTC One for Verizon stops by the FCC

HTC OneMuch to the dismay of some of its customers, Verizon initially denied that it planned to carry the HTC One, suggesting that the Droid DNA would have to do for the moment. In early June, however, Big Red made a U-turn and announced that the aluminum masterpiece will finally grace its networks “later this summer”.We’re in the middle of the summ...

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Motorola XT1030 and XT1080 hit FCC, possible members of the Droid Ultra family?

Motorola X Phone AdImage Source: The Verge Right now is an exciting time for Motorola. The company is finally shedding its past, throwing on a new Google-centric logo and pushing its way towards a new direction. While a large part of that direction centers around the much-hyped Moto X, let’s not forget that there are other phones in the pipeline as well. With tha...

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Purported HTC One Max (T6) and HTC One Mini sightings keep coming in

HTC OneHTC One It’s not news anymore that HTC is expected to launch two additional handsets part of the One line, a smaller HTC One Mini smartphone to take on all the mid-range minis from the competition, and a HTC One Max flagship device to compete against supersized smartphones, but the devices have been sighted in reportedly leaked carrier docume...

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HTC Desire 200 budget Android handset made official by the company

HTC Desire 200The HTC Desire 200 is most certainly a device for those of us that are more budget-conscious, and perfectly willing to make some serious compromises in terms of features.You may remember that the device’s specs, as well as a video hands-on of it, have made their way online yesterday, with the device being spotted in the wild a month ago. If y...

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 update pulled due to connectivity issues

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 updateThe latest update for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3, which became available a couple of weeks ago, has been pulled until further notice.The update was pushed two weeks ago to bring Android 4.1.2 to the Galaxy S3, along with multi-window support, Multi-Screen, S Beam’s Auto Share Shot, as well as bug fixes.Everything seemed okay, until s...

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Patents are killing innovation, and Obama wants change

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5 5 back aaPatent lawsuits are a weary subject. It seems that we can’t go a week without hearing about one legal challenge or another. It’s an issue which affects a lot of businesses, especially in the U.S., but the mobile technology industry is undoubtedly the most unpleasant.As far as mobile technology goes, One of the most recent cases resulted in a U....

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Why isn’t Samsung talking about their victory over Apple?

Samsung Logo aa 5 1600Yesterday, we told you about the breaking news of Samsung’s court win against Apple. That case, in which the US International Trade Commission ruled Apple violated a Samsung patent, resulted in a sales and import ban of some Apple devices. None of those devices are current, but another interesting thing has come of the case: Samsung hasn’t said...

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Samsung wins a U.S. import ban on AT&T iPhone 4 and older 3G iPads

AppleEvery time we turn around, Apple and Samsung seem locked into yet another patent dispute. Internationally, many of these battles end in favor of Samsung. Stateside? Well – we all remember Apple’s big win against Samsung in California just last year.This time around, Samsung has turned the tables on Apple, as the U.S. International Trade Com...

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 receives LTE support

Qualcomm logoEarlier today, popular chip manufacturer Qualcomm issued a press release detailing some of the new features that are heading to its Snapdragon 400 line-up of processors. The Snapdragon 400 is a mid-range mobile processor which will be appearing in products like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini among others.The major news is the addition of multimode 3G/...

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Verizon’s Galaxy S3 update apparently comes with 4G LTE issues for some

Verizon galaxy s3 4g lte issuesVerizon Wireless pushed out a rather large update on Wednesday that brought a whole host of new features. While the update was overall good news, some are now experiencing severe issues with 4G LTE, such as slowed data speed, says a report from Android Community.If you haven’t gotten the update yet, it may be wise to hold off until there̵...

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LG Nexus 4 Available in US on Google Play Store

lg nexus 4 The White Whale is here, after numerous rumors and speculation, you can get your own white version of the new LG Nexus 4 from Google's Play Store. After the company announced at the beginning of the week that the Nexus 4 will be released in Hong Kong and later on, "in the coming weeks" as LG put it, in a few carefully selected markets, for those...

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America’s carrier speeds benchmarked, AT&T’s 3G/4G combo declared the winner

Cell TowerEver have trouble streaming video in HD, browsing the web, or quickly uploading files on your LTE smartphone? We’ve all been there. The promise of 4G LTE smartphones was incredible speed, which they mostly delivered; a good, solid connection can deliver amazing throughput. The only problem? All four major carriers – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile,...

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Verizon’s Motorola X-Phone XT1060 Passes Through FCC

Verizon Motorola X-Phone FCC Radios Another Motorola X-Phone variant, model XT1060 has pass through the FCC recently. The model XT1060 version sports CDMA frequencies, LTE Band 4, Band 13 and GSM capabilities. We know that the XT1060 is the Verizon Wireless variant because radio frequencies 850 MHz and  1900 MHz just happen to be used by Verizon Wireless for CDMA capabilities, LTE ...

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app 3g Network Review logo

3g Network Review


3G, short for third Generation, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 3G telecommunication networks support services that provide an information transfer rate of at least 20...

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