droidRFTool CDMA


The droidRFTool for CDMA allows the user to see what the current CDMA RF levels are for their device. The RF levels monitored are voice (CDMA), data (EVDO), and the signal to noise ratio. The [...]

iFindMe(CDMA Only)


CDMA Cell Tower Based =====================Do not want to turn "ON” your GPS and still like to know your location or “find places” near U. Then turn to “Monarch”! This app will provide you [...]

iFindMe(CDMA and GSM)


GPS, WiFi and Network Based===========================It is simple, it is easy! Locate yourself with or without GPS!!You will be able to display the approximate address (via toast) or location [...]

CDMA Field Test Application


CDMA Field Test Application designed for Android(Designed using au by KDDI IS12S)Features- LTE RSRP in StatusBar [beta] – press Toggle StatusBar- LTE RSRP/RSRQ/RSSNR/CQI [beta]- Tracks [...]

4G,CDMA,GSM,WIFI Coverage maps


Sensorly helps you discover who the best carrier is FOR YOU, using on millions of signal strength recordings made by our users throughout the world: – ‘Compare’ is available for [...]

DashClock DashNet extension


DashNet is a DashClock (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nurik.roman.dashclock) extension that shows the details of yours GSM connections and WiFi.Cell info and WiFi info• [...]

完全攻略 for バイオハザード6


全世界で大人気のバイオハザード6(BIOHAZARD 6)を完全攻略したアプリです。データはどんどん更新していきますのでインストール必須ですよ!!▼操作方法左上のアイコンをタップするとメニューが表示されます。▼カテゴリ攻略チャート – レオン編攻略チャート – クリス編攻略チャート – ジェイク編攻略チャート – [...]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 receives LTE support

By In

Earlier today, popular chip manufacturer Qualcomm issued a press release detailing some of the new features that are heading to its Snapdragon 400 line-up of processors. The Snapdragon 400 is a [...]

3g Network Review


3G, short for third Generation, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 3G telecommunication networks support services that provide an information transfer rate of at [...]

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