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An app that allows you to buy prepaid minutes for your phone, and keep up to date on all the specials and deals that iCell has to offer. Store Located in Easley,SC...

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Mobile App for allows you to browse and share the site on your phone. Submit your own image at

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Ghost – Virtual Cellp...


5 Ways Ghost Can Help You:________________________________________1) Annoying Spam Phone Calls/Spam Text Messages(Including Debt Collectors, Solicitation, Blocked Numbers, Short Sales, Bad Mortgage Lo...

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Where’s My Cellphone?


WheresMyCellPhone is a free site that helps you find your misplaced phone by calling it.According to Murphy's law: A phone will get lost only when it's on silent or vibrate. This is crap, so we've mad...


Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It's not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, this number has jumped from the only thirty-five percent that was reported in 2011. Advances in technology mean that over sixty percent of Americans alone are car...

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Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game

Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game Memozzle – a fast-paced, turn-based memory card game For those of us who love our brain and enjoy practicing memorization techniques, here comes Memozzle, a turn based memory card game from Netplay Solutions. To begin with, just visit Google Play Store and download the game, install it on your droid and let the fun times begin!  Yes, this ...

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International Calling With the ChatTime App for Android

International Calling With the ChatTime App for Android     Nobody can be told what the  ChatTime app is, you have to see it for yourself! Well, for those of you in need of cheap International Calls directly from your Android smartphone, boy, do I have great news for you! Enter International Calling with ChatTime Android app, courtesy of ChatTime Communication company. Just cli...

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Hugo Barra, Android’s VP Leaves Google for Xiaomi

Hugo Barra Google officials have just confirmed that one of their top executives, Hugo Barra, Android’s vice president of Product Management, is saying his good-byes to the company. Hugo Barra has been one of the most important representative figures for Google’s operating system, as he often appeared at Google’s annual developer conference or at p...

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Samsung concept video shows off the future of wearables and phone displays

Samsung Logo aa 600px 2Mobile tech has come a long way from the early era of cellphones and massive laptops. Today we have extremely fast yet thin smartphones, powerful tablets and even wearable devices such as Google Glass and the next-gen Sony smart watch. Where are we going next? It’s hard to say for sure, though today Samsung gave us a brief look at their vision o...

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Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft attending anti device theft conference

Stolen phonesImage Credit: Photo West Midlands Police (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Cult of MacStealing smartphones may be a way of life for some people, and with the advance of technology, cashing in on a stolen device sold at half its listed price could be quite a deal. As recent reports show, cellphone theft in New York and various other cities from the United States h...

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Canada adopts $50/month data overage cap, is immediately dubbed ‘genius’.

Canada adopts $50/month data overage capIf you’ve ever looked at your monthly cellphone bill and wondered where those extra charges came from, you’re not alone. Maybe it was going over your SMS limit, or call minutes. Increasingly, the culprit is data. As our mobile devices get more data hungry, and mobile providers offer less of that precious cell sustenance, we’ve got to throttle...

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Juegos de Patinetas


Los mejores juegos de patinetas para poder jugar desde tu telefono movil. Juegos totalmente gratuitos donde podras demostrar tu habilidad con la patineta, monopatin o skate y dominar los deportes extr...

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Prank: Gay Detector


LOOK AT THE "APP SCREENSHOTS" TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT!Actually there are 3 buttons instead of one. For details look at the app screenshots.1- Approach a friend and tell him about this new rev...

app Prank: Fake Boobs Detector logo

Prank: Fake Boobs Detector


LOOK AT THE "APP SCREENSHOTS" TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT!Actually there are 3 buttons instead of one. For details look at the app screenshots.Great for conversation starter and to joke with your...

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Traces your cellphone location and displays information about the location details....

app Lewis Hamilton Wallpapers logo

Lewis Hamilton Wallpapers


Hamilton Fan? More than 30 stunning images of the world champion Lewis Hamilton on 800x600 and 480x800 to set as wallpaper in your cellphone!!. Get the World Champion on your phone now!tags: Formula 1...

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Fernando Alonso Wallpapers


More than 30 stunning images of the double world champion Fernando Alonso on 800x600 and 480x800 to set as wallpaper in your cellphone!!. Avanti Fer!If you have any suggestion or you want any particul...

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Xperia ZL Pop Wallpaper


Our team has designed Xperia ZL Pop Wallpaper with colourful 3D-objects. You can admire the beautiful image in 3D both on cellphones with low resolution screens and on tablet computers with HD resolut...


Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus – get ready for round 2

Samsung knew that it hit the sweet spot with the launch of Galaxy S2, and just like any sensible company would, is further looking to cash that success. Samsung has been chugging along the cellphone business for quite some time now. Even in the early days of Android it was over shadowed by HTC. We believe it wasn’t until it released Galaxy S2; Sa...

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Google and Motorola making a mysterious X Phone

There are rumors in the digital air today that Google along Motorola are working on a new breed of cellphones dubbed as the “X Phone”, there is also a possibility of a tablet in works too. The tablet will probably be termed as the X Tablet if the pattern is taken under consideration. There rumors are generated when a report from Wall Street J...

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Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 going to die?

Samsung has elevated to the top of the cellphone ladder this year, with a hit after a hit. Although its success is a result of all the products selling well, the Samsung Galaxy S3 took the grand cake. Having sold more than 30 million units the smartphone of the year is no doubt a great phone. I even bought mine this very week and I love every sec...

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ZTE looking to challenge Samsung’s smartphones with the ZTE U887

ZTE U887 AndroidThe Chinese company ZTE is aiming to target every hard hitting smartphone on the market with the release of the ZTE U887. As the leading Android enabled smartphone manufacturer, Samsung might be the source of inspiration for the up and coming company. A few days back Samsung announced a budget smartphone, with specs a bit toned down and the looks s...

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"CarStore" also known as CarStoreApp™ is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile and web application that helps used car dealers, car agents and car brokers. It helps expand the business by man...

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Habla Messaging Center/Gate...


HMC Beta turns your cellphone into a Messaging Center to redirect SMS to online outlets, and/or lets you specify a callback url of your choice. You can now link incoming SMS to web outlets, including ...

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Hands-Free Camera


Hands Free Camera Is...Perfect for:Self-portraits or group pictures, when you've got your hands full!Speech Mode:Say "Cheese" or any custom phrase to take a picture.Noise Mode:Clap your hand...

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Habla SMS Gateway


This application turns your cellphone into a SMS gateway to post these SMS online, and lets you specify the callback url of your choice. You can now send SMS's to your own phone to post to the web, an...

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Orayta Jewish Books –...


This is the same as Orayta Jewish Books V7. Pay for this app to donate to the developers, and support this wonderful project. You may also donate other amounts at our website: the basi...

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Изпрати истинска пощенска картичка директно от телефона си!Приложението позволява да изпратите истинска по...

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