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Swing Around and Fight Chickens in Super Knights for Android

Super Knight Chillingo Chillingo has put out some great games over the past few months and their latest goes by the name of Super Knights. It’s a tale of knights, princesses, and giant thieving chickens… Super Knights is one of those games that throws you into the fire without much explanation. It’s not a bad thing in this case as the first time you pull off a s...

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app No country for chickens logo

No country for chickens


No country for chickens a funny game with angry crazy zombies.The object of the game is to direct birds to the exit one by one. To do this, each bird must avoid danger enemies.You need to save 5 birds...

app Attack of the Roasted Chickens logo

Attack of the Roasted Chick...



app Chickens Great Escape logo

Chickens Great Escape


Download Chicken's great escape on your Android ?(/???)/help!! Features: ?Casual Play! ?Simple controls! ?Addictive and Fun Fun Fun! ?Story? The chicken just escaped from countryside to find his dream...

app Raising Chickens logo

Raising Chickens


In this full length version of Raising Chickens, A Country Living GoodByeCityLife Guide, you'll benefit from years of experience of published author Laura Childs.Whether you'd like to keep chickens as...

app Chickenstrip #1 logo

Chickenstrip #1


Chickenstrip adalah comic strip Indonesia yang dibuat oleh niwat0ri.Chickenstrip is an Indonesian geek comic strip written and drawn by niwat0ri. Chickenstrip features IT and life story of a web devel...

app Chickens Quest logo

Chickens Quest


*** SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER *** It was a dark and spooky night. The animals are all sound asleep on the farm but an evil presence lurks. Suddenly, a scream rings out. There's been a c...

app Chickenstrip #2 logo

Chickenstrip #2


(FULL ENGLISH)Chickenstrip is a geek comic strip written and drawn by niwat0ri. Chickenstrip features IT and life story of a web developer who always wears chicken costume.----------Chickenstrip adala...

app Chickenstrip #3 logo

Chickenstrip #3


(FULL ENGLISH)Chickenstrip is a geek comic strip written and drawn by niwat0ri. Chickenstrip features IT and life story of a web developer who always wears chicken costume.+ Support zoom control / mul...

app Chickenstrip #4 logo

Chickenstrip #4


Chickenstrip is a geek comic strip written and drawn by niwat0ri. Chickenstrip features IT and life story of a web developer who always wears chicken costume.+ Support zoom control / multitouch-------...

app Smart Chickens logo

Smart Chickens


Suspense/Thriller author A.J. Scudiere discusses the everyday absurd - because sometimes we all just want to fly the coop!...

app Adventure Chickens Lite logo

Adventure Chickens Lite


This is the FREE Lite version of Adventure ChickensThis is a fast-paced game that will test your reaction time to its limits!!! Play it often and get through the difficult levels and it just might dra...

app Baby Chickens logo

Baby Chickens


The chicken is a domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the Red Junglefowl. As one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, and with a population of more than 24 billion in 2003, there are more...

app [Free] Blahblah Kids logo

[Free] Blahblah Kids


New Mouth! Fun and Blah blah!Kids favorite too "BlahBlah Kids!"> Kids blah blah is the shape of the mouth of the fake app!Reactions of the various characters in the shape of the mouth dep...


Photos of Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Leaked Online

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 official photos were "leaked" online today, confirming what we were all suspecting for some time now, that Samsung is working hard for the next gen of its very successful Ace line of mid-ranged Droids. The Ace smart phones were the best bang for the buck you could buy from the Korean company. Even if every nerd in the wo...

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Crush Monsters to save Munchers in Monster Smasher from Playscape

monster smasherMonster Smasher is a new Android game from Playscape that’s about the eternal struggle between creatures called the Munchers & Gombies. It’s not a game about battling for land or gold though, instead you’re squabbling over food as the Munchers & Gombies both love to eat. Munchers are cute little creatures that love to gorge themselve...

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app Catch Hen logo

Catch Hen


Catch Hen is a story about a man who had a farm,he cloned some chickens and away they go.With a fencepost here,and a fencepost there, He's gotta catch those chickens withe time to spare!.Gameplay:- Cl...


Puzzle Craft: Build Your Own Medieval City

Puzzle Craft: Build Your Own Medieval City Puzzle Craft by Chillingo If you enjoy Android city building games and games based in the wondrous medieval times then Puzzle Craft by Chillingo is the game for you. Puzzle Craft is by far the ultimate Android city building game because it incorporates so many different types of games and city building options that you will be hooked from the firs...

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app Chicken Dynamo Gold logo

Chicken Dynamo Gold


Get the full ad-free version of Chicken Dynamo Gold! Unlock the app using Getjar Gold, a virtual currency that you get by trying free apps recommended for you. Special pricing for a limited time.All A...

app Redneck Revenge logo

Redneck Revenge


Hidden Gem! ***** Hand-picked by Google Play team and Featured in the "Staff Picks" section of the Google Play Store ***** An Amazing Zombie shooter à-la Defender but with 2D cartoon ...


The Top New Android Games of the Week – January 28, 2013

This weeks edition of Top New Android games of the Week includes a little something for everyone. From a slick new hack n' slash game to jungle running, we've got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the best new Android games of the past week. 1. Bounce Magma Mobile's Bounce bounced onto Google Play last week and it quickly b...

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app Barnyard Downpour (free) logo

Barnyard Downpour (free)


<div id="doc-original-text" itemprop="description">Barnyard Downpour - Free Live Wallpaper!<p>Live Wallpaper with a downpour of cute barnyard animals. Your screen will...

app Chicken Story 2 logo

Chicken Story 2


A unique physics-based game like no other! Use the environment and quick timing to help save the chickensand liberate their nest of the evil monkeys. Chicken Story 2features new gameplay mechanics, al...

app Pollo Loco: The Demo! logo

Pollo Loco: The Demo!


Touch to collect the chickens. Simple, yet compelling and addictive. You've been warned. Demo Features:* Fun, animated and brightly colored graphics* 3 Whimsical stages with 3 waves per stages.* 1 Egg...

app Henhouse Trouble logo

Henhouse Trouble


The farmer is sleeping and left the poor chickens without proper food and water supplies. Your mission is to help the white chickens to get the corn of the yellow ones before those can get your water....

app AgRacer logo



AgRacer is the first racing app to bring you the challenges of racing, add in farm equipment and reward you with great prizes (worth more than $1000) monthly for being the top scorers. Agracer is bro...

app Where’s My Chicken? FREE logo

Where’s My Chicken? F...


FUN & ADDICTIVE!• THE BEST FREE CASUAL GAME in the Market! Top #10 Casual Game in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, and many more!Where's My Chicken? is a highly addictive casual game which ...

app Chicken Invaders 3 logo

Chicken Invaders 3


Chickens. For centuries we have oppressed them, grilling, roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. We should have known the time would come for us to pay. And it did.Intergalactic chickens invade...

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