Chrome Reader App for Android

If you're a Chrome user and an Android lover in the same time (these two things are going together almost by default), today I have some great news for you, because the Chrome Reader App for [...]

Vaper’s Toolbox App Review


If you just quit smoking and embraced the new high tech e-cigarette thing, say hello to Vaper’s Toolbox, an Android app that will help you to build your own coils. It doesn’t matter [...]

Google releases official Cloud Print app!

By In

File this under “what took so long?!” Today, Google released an official Cloud Print app for Android. While there were other very respectable apps in the marketplace that tied into your Google [...]

Red Chrome Go Launcher Theme


This theme now has it’s own GO Locker theme! Quick, take a look! If you like the theme, please have a look at the premium blue version: ‘Chromeberry Go Launcher Theme’, [...]

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