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Plants vs Zombies and Chuzzle to be Released as Amazon App Store Exclusive

Mobile game developer PopCap Game is about to make the Android world a little bit exciting with the arrival of its most popular iOS game, Plants vs Zombies for Android phones and tablets. What's interesting about this news is the fact that PopCap is taking a different route as to the release of its Android game. Instead of through the official An...

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app Martin Chuzzlewit-Book logo

Martin Chuzzlewit-Book


Dickens himself proclaimed Martin Chuzzlewit to be his best work. The main theme is selfishness portrayed in a satirical fashion, with two of Dickens' great villains, Seth Pecksniff and Jonas Chuzzlew...

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Fruits & Fun


Welcome to the fruit basket! But this time, the fruits come alive!This game is made for fans of color-matching games: In Fruits & Fun, cute fruits are waiting for you to save them from the basket ...

app Bird Bar Notifications Tool logo

Bird Bar Notifications Tool


NOW you can check on your notifications even when you are playing a full screen game! With Bird Bar, all you need to do is swipe from off the edge of your screen onto the screen. It's sort of like you...

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Magic Lab


Welcome to the Magic Lab. It's a world of mistery. Simley, winking and cute elvies of different power all assemble here to create a colorful dazzling Magic Lab. So come and experience the fantastic hi...

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Charles Dickens’s Col...


This Book contain collection of 60 Books1. Sketches by Boz [1836-40]2. The Pickwick Papers [1836-37]3. Oliver Twist [1837-39]4. Nicholas Nickleby [1838-39]5. The Old Curiosity Shop [1840-41]6. Barnaby...