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app Shekel Coins Wallpapers logo

Shekel Coins Wallpapers


Shekel Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationShekel is any of several ancient units of weight or of currency. The first usage is from Mesopotamia around 3000 BC. Initially, it may have referred to a w...

app Rupee Coins Wallpapers logo

Rupee Coins Wallpapers


Rupee Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe rupee was the currency of Bhutan until 1974. It was equivalent to the Indian rupee. Until 1957, it was subdivided into 64 paisa. Bhutan then followed In...

app Ruble Coins Wallpapers logo

Ruble Coins Wallpapers


Ruble Coins Wallpapers and Theme Applicationhe ruble or rouble is the currency of the Russian Federation and the two partially recognized republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Formerly, the ruble ...

app Rial Coins Wallpapers logo

Rial Coins Wallpapers


Rial Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe rial is the currency of Iran . The name derives from the Spanish Real, which was for several centuries, the currency in Spain.The Riyal is the currency o...

app Kreutzer Coins Wallpapers logo

Kreutzer Coins Wallpapers


Kreutzer Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationKreutzer, was a silver coin and unit of currency existing in the southern German states prior to the unification of Germany, and in Austria.This app will...

app Denarius Coins Wallpapers logo

Denarius Coins Wallpapers


Denarius Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationIn the Roman currency system, the denarius was a small silver coin first minted in 211 BC. It was the most common coin produced for circulation but was ...

app Boliviano Coins Wallpapers logo

Boliviano Coins Wallpapers


Boliviano Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationBoliviano is the currency of Bolivia. It is divided into 100 cents or centavos in Spanish. Boliviano was also the name of the currency of Bolivia betwee...

app Yen Coins Wallpapers logo

Yen Coins Wallpapers


Yen Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe Japanese yen is the official currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the United States dollar and the...

app Peso Coins Wallpapers logo

Peso Coins Wallpapers


Peso Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe peso is the currency of Mexico. Modern peso and dollar currencies have a common origin in the 15th...

app Hryvnia Coins Wallpapers logo

Hryvnia Coins Wallpapers


Hryvnia Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThe hryvnia, sometimes hryvnya or grivna sign: ?, code: (UAH), has been the national currency of Ukraine since September 2, 1996. The hryvnia is subdivide...

app Euro Coins Wallpapers logo

Euro Coins Wallpapers


Euro Coins Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationThere are eight euro coin denominations, ranging from one cent to two euros. The coins first came into use in 2002. They have a common reverse, portraying a ...


Web Prancer releases Garfield Coins for Android

If you’re a fan of Coin Dozer and Garfield today’s your lucky day. Web Prancer has just released Garfield Coins for Android so now you can doze coins with everyone’s favorite fat cat. If you’ve never played a coin pushing game here’s the skinny. You drop coins onto a sliding platform that pushes those coins off onto a larger platform w...

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app Garfield Coins logo

Garfield Coins


From the company that brought you the top-rated Garfield’s Defense, Garfield’s Gem, and Garfield’s Diner comes a brand new twist on coin pusher games! Help Garfield use an automatic pushing arm ...

app Coins and Dice 3D logo

Coins and Dice 3D


Throw coins and dice WITH VERY REALISTIC 3D IMAGES AND MOVEMENT. With this application you can choose from one or two dice, a coin or a prism. You can rotate, zoom and shoot at random.Throwing Coins &...

app Coin Collecting – My UK Coins logo

Coin Collecting – My ...


My UK Coins is a program for collectors of United Kingdom coins. It contains a list of coins minted in the United Kingdom. It allows you to develop a list of all the coins you have in your collection...

app Canada Coins logo

Canada Coins


Keep track of your coin collection with ease! Canada Coins is great if you have a large collection and are a collector on the go. Don't worry about buying a coin you already have in your collection ev...

app CoinSpin logo



a simple coin spin app...

app Clown Coins logo

Clown Coins


Try this highly addictive and engaging app today and spread on the thrill to your family and friends!********************Features********************- Cartoon Graphics- Easy to control with just a sim...

app Coins Vs Aliens logo

Coins Vs Aliens



app Pretty Coins logo

Pretty Coins


Pretty CoinsCollect same coins into one row or column and get more points!!!Very pretty and fascinating game. And now with new design.Created by eYoMaYo team, enjoy it!!!...

app BitcoinSpinner logo



BitcoinSpinner is a light-weight, secure, and user friendly Bitcoin wallet for Android.Feature Overview:* Send and receive Bitcoins using QR codes.* One-time wallet backup using a QR-code that can be ...

app Coins and Dice 3D FREE logo

Coins and Dice 3D FREE


Throw coins and dice WITH VERY REALISTIC 3D IMAGES AND MOVEMENT. With this application you can choose from one or two dice or a coin. You can rotate, zoom and throw at random.This application is a fre...

app AndroCoins logo



AndroCoins - a simple expense manager application...

app EuroCoins logo



EuroCoins is an application for Euro coins collectors.Supports: - national coins - commemorative coins (2004 - 2013) - years / mints - grading - note - backup / restoreCoin...

app Bombs Vs Coins logo

Bombs Vs Coins


This is a puzzle game with a little chance thrown in. You have to take in account the chances there are multipliers vs. the chance that you will hit a bomb in each row/column. As more of the board is...

app Euro Coins Splitter Free logo

Euro Coins Splitter Free


This application is designed to provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to independently manage a purchase.For them the use of the euro coins is not easy because it involves the ...

app Fortune Coins (Free Version) logo

Fortune Coins (Free Version...


Fortune Coins is one of Chinese orthodox method of fortune telling. The horoscope uses 5 old Chinese coins and a tortoise shell. There are 32 combinations. Have a question? Tap the tortoise shell in t...

app Coin Collecting – My US Coins logo

Coin Collecting – My ...


My US Coins is a program for US coin collecting. It contains a list of coins minted in the United States. It allows you to develop a list of all the coins you have in your collection, linked to the l...

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