Nadai Collaborations株式会社 会社案内


Nadai Collaborations Inc. の会社案内です。ITシステム、Web アプリケーション、iOS、Android アプリの開発なら NCI。新規事業推進中のため、社員募集中です。

Exec Check – Collaboration


This Exec Check™ App enables you to use your own intuition as well as insights from others to rank individuals based on their ability to understand the needs of others, and their track record [...]

AugmentedCollaborationKS Test


Applikation zur Collaboration in der Augmented Reality im Rahmen meiner Bachelor Arbeit. Diese Version ist aufgrund der verwendeten Indoor Lokalisierung derzeit nur auf dem Testgelände der [...]

Finding Ways to Save (Make) Money

With all of the commotion occurring in the private sector regarding minimum wage laws, rising healthcare costs, and other mandatory benefits, the reality is workers are becoming more expensive. [...]

Wrike Project Management Software Review


Wrike is that kind of project management software which can be used by both small and big business alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility. There are several options for you as a business, [...]

Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It’s not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, [...]

Comindware Project – PM App Review


Well, ladies and gents, today we will talk about Comindware Project™, a highly professional Project Management software for, well, project managers, what else?



The Biosphère – environment museum app highlights the attractions surrounding Richard Buckminster Fuller’s iconic structure, which today is an architectural symbol of Montréal. Two GeoTour [...]

Personal Motor


PERSONAL y OPENTECH S.A. te invitan a disfrutar de toda la emoción del mundo motor con la colaboración especial del periodista especializado BETO RODRIGUEZ.Viví de cerca el desarrollo del Rally [...]



Marine mapping for conservation science. A collaboration between Exeter University, Helsinki University and FoAM to provide a mapping tool for researchers to use on fishing boats.

Jay-Z Android App Cloned By Hackers

By In

Hackers have managed to clone the app for the collaboration between electronics giant Samsung and rapper Jay-Z. The app which was intended to promote the rapper's latest album, Magna Carta [...]

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