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Quick Review – PopCork! for Android

Quick Review – PopCork! for Android Overview Carnival games are something I always keep an eye out for in my never ending hunt for cool Android apps. Yesterday I stumbled across a pretty cool one that came out late last year called PopCork! from Colopl Inc. PopCork! isn’t your average carnival game as you won’t be popping balloons or tossing balls, instead you’ll shoot cor...

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Fire a Few Corks with PopCork Pirates! for Android

Overview If there was one toy that I drove my parent’s nuts with growing up it was a cork gun. Now thanks to PopCork Pirates! I can play with a cork slingshot on a pirate ship! Are you confused or Intrigued? No matter how you feel one thing’s for certain, PopCork Pirates! is great for some mindless fun. PopCork Pirates! is a shooting game...

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