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Understanding the Basics of Application Performance Management

Maintaining and improving the performance of applications is crucial for any developer, but it is a complex and time-consuming process. Because of this, an entire industry of application performance management has developed over the last few years, and this plays a vital role in nearly every modern advancement. While the overall goal and function o...

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Things to Consider When Hiring an Android Application Developer

code-1839406_1280Android application developers help in connecting more of the planet, enables people around the world to engage in more interesting and new ways than their imaginations. They are very necessary to the economy globally. Due to the invention of android application developers, the way we conduct business, mode of communication, and our thirst for en...

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app Communication Time logo

Communication Time


How much time did you spend on the phone today ? This application "pop-ups" a message on your screen giving you how much time you've phoned today.Design for XPERIA mini but should work on an...

app Zilmax Feedyard Application logo

Zilmax Feedyard Application


The Zilmax feedyard application provides management tools to assist cattle feeders in using Zilmax.The Zilmax pen scheduler enables the cattle feeder to build customized Zilmax feeding reports by pens...

app Arduino BT Communication logo

Arduino BT Communication


The Arduino BT Communication is an application to able you test your Arduino BT Board with Ardroid devices using Bluetooth communication.With Arduino BT Communication you are able to test each pin ava...

app Communication Helper logo

Communication Helper


An application designed to help communication with those with reduced or no verbal skills. Features include:- Easy to use grid system- Add your own folders/nodes to any existing node- Add pictures to...

app EVANGELION Communication Tools logo

EVANGELION Communication To...


To all EVANGELION fans! An official EVANGELION portal application is now available! It comes as an application package, containing a set of 10 applications, that allows you to perfectly reproduce the ...

app Business Communications. MBA logo

Business Communications. MB...


* The most qualitative content to learn Business Communications * Download this learning tool to start implementing successful communication techniques and make your work days more productive and effi...

app PS Communication logo

PS Communication


PS Communication is a full service communications consultancy, specialising in experiential marketing in scandinavia. This application puts PS Communication contacts in your pocket....

app ARAPPLI – AR Communication App logo

ARAPPLI – AR Communic...


ARAPPLI is now a new communication app using AR. Moreover, you can experience various ARs. Please enjoy the future 3D communication with ARAPPLI.Other than the past AR expriences, ARAPPLI is added wit...

app SMS Communications Manager logo

SMS Communications Manager


Use your Android phone as a SMS gateway to send and receive mobile text messages on the Web!SMS Communications Manager is a Google Apps integrated application for mobile text marketing and business co...

app Voice4u AAC Communication logo

Voice4u AAC Communication


Voice4u is an simple application that consists numerous of fun and memorable images that can help assist and improve language. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling wit...


Twitter Working on Official Android Application –

ReutersTwitter Working on Official Android ApplicationTechtree.comTwitter CEO Evan Williams has announced that the company intends to come up with a native Android app. The announcement was made at the Twitter Chirp ...Twitter Will Have An Official Android AppWashington PostAndroid to finally get official Twitter appAfterdawn.comOfficial Twitter Ap...

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app ねぇ、きいて。 logo




app PICNICO (Photo SNS) logo



PICNICO is the photograph communication application that makes your photographing more enjoyable. It...

app Phone Usage Tracker logo

Phone Usage Tracker


This communication application helps in determining your phone usage pattern. For the date range provided, the application displays the detailed information regarding incoming & outgoing calls, se...

app JABtalk logo



JABtalk is a free speech communication application designed to help non-verbal children and adults communicate. Speech therapists commonly refer to JABtalk as an easy and effective augmentative and a...

app PIMTool Trial Version logo

PIMTool Trial Version


Enjoy our PIMTool App for Free for a limited time only!PIM Tool is a mobile and web application that functions as an organizer of information, applications, and environments enabling you to integrate ...

app PIM Tool logo

PIM Tool


PIM Tool is a mobile and web application that functions as an organizer of information, applications, and environments enabling you to integrate directly online and offline in Virtual worlds.Integrate...

app UAW Local 602 logo

UAW Local 602


UAW Local 602 communication Application This is the first of its kind for a Labor Union. with this Tool you will have all your Local communication Needs at your finger tips!. with room to expand the p...

app OBiON Android logo

OBiON Android


OBiON is a free communication application (beta) which makes possible placing and receiving free calls to/from other OBi endpoints using the OBiTALK network and your device's Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G** connect...


Sony Announces Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android Smartphone

One of the latest additions to AT&T's lineup of Android smartphones is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. This high end Android device is well known for its 4 inch touch screen and 8MP camera with dual LED flash. One of its main shortcomings is the fact that it will launch with the outdated Android 1.6 OS. Some point after the Xperia X10 launch...

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Benefits of Android Tracker App for Employee Management

The dawn of mobile telephony has simplified the way companies do business and manage their staff. One of the platforms that have greatly impacted this mobile platform is Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. With an Android tracker app from a reputable company like, you can achieve much i...

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Wrike – Flexible Software for Project Management

Wrike – Flexible Software for Project Management Wrike is the kind of project management software that can be used by both small to medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility and scalability. There are several plans available to your business, each with various tiers of service, even a free plan for 5 users. Or simply begin a free trial, which is excell...

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How to Keep Yourself Looking Fresh for a Meeting While on the Go

tie-690084_640And you thought you had this whole working remotely thingnailed down. There are some tips and tricks to looking good for meeting, when you have put it been putting down the miles. Whether you’re hopping on a jet plane or piloting your minivan at warp speed, looking fresh and professional takes some tips and tricks that aren’t going to appear on...

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Wrike Project Management Software Review

Wrike Project Management Software Review Wrike is that kind of project management software which can be used by both small and big business alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility. There are several options for you as a business, various tiers of service, including a free plan and that's excellent if you want to give it a spin first. Wrike started up ten years ago in 2006 and among it...

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Mobile Casinos- The Latest Phenomena for Casino Fanatics

Mobile Casinos- The Latest Phenomena for Casino Fanatics Mobile casino or gaming is very similar to normal gambling, with the only exception of you participating in a game virtually and with the help of your smart phone. All you need to do to participate in mobile gambling games is a wireless internet connection and a device to access it with. This specific stream of gambling has especially come to be re...

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Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It's not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, this number has jumped from the only thirty-five percent that was reported in 2011. Advances in technology mean that over sixty percent of Americans alone are car...

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