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iOS 7 vs. Android 4.2: Head-to-Head in our Comparison

ios7Apple has given us a taste of their newest operating system for their mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. While Apple totes it as being one of the biggest game changers in their history since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, it has definitely taken some pages out of the playbook of Android. Here's a comparison betwee...

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app Price per unit Comparison logo

Price per unit Comparison


This application is used to save money in the shopping cart. Compare unit prices between 2 items.For example, you can compare the price of 2 offers of toilet paper (Item A and Item B).Item A costs 8.9...

app Phones Comparison ByeMobile logo

Phones Comparison ByeMobile


Compare the features of all phones in the world. Compare the performance of each mobile phone by selecting it to compare. Moving over 400 different brands. All performance. Comparatives for every phon...

app NDSU Heating Fuel Comparison logo

NDSU Heating Fuel Compariso...


If you are trying to decide what fuel is most cost effective for heating your home or building, use this app to compare the relative cost of heating fuels. Easily compare the cost of electricity sold...

app Price Comparison logo

Price Comparison


A simple tools to allow you to compare the cost of different items when shopping in the supermarket or local stores. Allows you to add upto 4 items, including multi-packs of different sizes, which ar...

app idealo Price Comparison logo

idealo Price Comparison


The idealo Price Comparison App - Compare Prices, Products and Shops!With the idealo app you can compare prices for over 300,000 products from more than 14,000 online shops. Simply type in the name of...

app Price Comparison Script logo

Price Comparison Script


The android version of the famous price comparison script....

app Comparison Rate logo

Comparison Rate


This application is the special percentage calculator.You can compare the two types of products.When you compare prices of merchandise by shopping, is it never understood which is cheaper?It is possib...

app Comparison Each One logo

Comparison Each One


This application will calculate the price per unit of two goods, and can be compared.After "Price" and "Amount" are input, the "How much?" button is pushed. The price a p...

app Comparison Discount logo

Comparison Discount


This application is the special discount percentage calculator.You can compare the two types of products.When you compare prices of merchandise by shopping, is it never understood which is cheaper?It ...

app MyDecision – Smart Comparisons logo

MyDecision – Smart Co...


MyDecision is a mobile decision tool that can help in any scenario where a rational comparison is needed. It can be used equally well for simple comparisons or for complex decision problems involving ...

app Price Comparison – itemeo logo

Price Comparison – it...


With the itemeo price comparison barcode app you can search through more than one hundred Online Shops, scan barcodes, bookmark products, share your products on facebook, compare prices ...Just try it...

app ShopboxUK – Price Comparison logo

ShopboxUK – Price Com...


Enjoy ShopBoxUK, UK's premier price comparison service now directly from your Android device. Search for products and compare prices from over thousand online sellers easily anywhere, anytime....

app – price comparison logo – price c...


Price comparison for more than 2500 shops in Germany!Check if the "sale price" is really a good deal by scanning the barcode*. Highlights+ EAN- a. QR-Code-Scanner+ Now with Food and Drugstor...


Choose The Best Smartphone For You – Operating Systems Comparison – Boosh Articles (press release) (blog)

AllNewsMac (press release)Choose The Best Smartphone For You – Operating Systems ComparisonBoosh Articles (press release) (blog)You have Android and Apple taking the lead with the most popular operating systems online. As for now Apple has the lead in the number of English speaking ...Apple iPhone Gaining on RIM BlackBerry, IDC SayseWeekiPhone sh...

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OS Comparison: Wepad (Linux / Android) vs. iPad (iPhone) – Product Reviews (blog)

The News Chronicle (blog)OS Comparison: Wepad (Linux / Android) vs. iPad (iPhone)Product Reviews (blog)The Wepad runs a custom open source version of Linux, which can also run Android apps – compared to the iPad, which runs on iPhone OS. ...Thinking of getting an iPad? You might think again, after this.Gather.comMoving from 'i' to 'we...

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Apple iPhone vs. Android Multitasking: A Comparison – PC World

PC WorldApple iPhone vs. Android Multitasking: A ComparisonPC WorldSo, you can read the whole thing but he starts with Android: applications that are no longer visible to the user are suspended -- remaining in memory but ...Android suffers setback: Ad Metrics ReportWireless Federation (blog)Apple iPhone OS 4 reviewPC AdvisorSymbian Still Leading In...

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Sony X10 VS iPhone 3G: simple reviews and comparison –

TopNews United StatesSony X10 VS iPhone 3G: simple reviews and comparisonWinInformant.comAfter countless fans waiting for a long time, Sony Ericsson finally introduced its first android smartphone – Sony Xperia X10. It is said that the Xperia ...Sony Ericsson Launches its New Android SmartphoneTopNews United StatesSony Ericsson shows lots of Andr...

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Google Earth: Side-by-side Android Comparison – Product Reviews (blog) Earth: Side-by-side Android ComparisonProduct Reviews (blog)Owners of the Google Nexus One were pleased to learn that Google Earth was made available to them last week for Android 2.1. We have managed to locate a ...Google CFO: Nexus One Phone Has Raised The BarWall Street JournalGoogle Nexus One Marching to Verizon March 23, ...

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Google Earth for Android Comparison – Gadget Venue (blog) Earth for Android ComparisonGadget Venue (blog)by Matthew on March 1, 2010 Last week we reported that Google Earth was now available for Android 2.1 based phones such as the Google [GOOG] Nexus One. ...Google Nexus One Marching to Verizon March 23, Vodafone in AprileWeekGoogle: Nexus One raised the bar for smartphonesIntoMobil...

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Best American Lotteries Online

poker-682332_640Being successful when playing the lottery means you need to have an effective and reliable winning lottery method. Frankly speaking, having the proper procedures and guidelines when it comes to choosing your winning numbers, will give you have higher chance of winning your most desired jackpot. Keep in mind that the lottery is not just a game of ch...

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Future Android Smartphones Worth Waiting For in 2015

Future Android Smartphones Worth Waiting For in 2015 The future evolution is here, tangible, in plain sight,there's no way around it, you can't contest the theory anymore. And I'm not talking about Darwin's Evolution of the Species book either, but the huge evolutionary leap in smartphone technology we are witnessing in recent years. Who would have imagined not ten years ago that we'll be a...

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The Android and iOS Rivalry – Cosmetic and Functional

Android and iOS Rivalry Bias throws any hint of fair assessment out the window. Even with independent reviews in consideration, there’s the suspicion that not all ground has been covered, not enough to justify the verdict at the end of a review. This has been the challenge in comparisons, especially in consumer electronics. For the longest time, Sony and Nintendo were...

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Rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 There аrе rumоrѕ аbоut the Sаmѕung Galaxy Nоtе 3 аnd whаtеvеr information is available оn thiѕ рhоnе iѕ mere ѕресulаtiоn. Evеn the Sаmѕung Mobile is tight lipped, whеn questioned about thе release dаtе оf this Smаrtрhоnе. Iѕ it juѕt a Smаrtрhоnе that реорlе are wаiting fоr? Nо nоt аt аll. I...

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app Kahan Kharidu logo

Kahan Kharidu


Kahan Kharidu...where should I "buy books online" this the question before you decide where should I buy this book from. Do you want to get the best deal on books when you purchase onli...

app Windows Controller (Trial) logo

Windows Controller (Trial)


This is the unprecedented new feeling remote desktop software (Windows operation software) which pursued enjoyment. This is also the functional enhancement version of "Windows MultiTouchPad (http...

app BusyBox Non-Root logo

BusyBox Non-Root


Welcome to Busy Box for Non-Rooted Phones!Send all suggestions to burrowsapps@gmail.comRequired:? Android Terminal Emulator? Needs at least 110MB free on your internal memoryAfter having a rooted phon...

app Maternal I – Volume 1 logo

Maternal I – Volume 1


As atividades educativas do J. Piaget Sistema de Ensino Multimídia auxiliam de forma significativa, a aprendizagem da criança de 2 anos, incentivando-a e desenvolvendo as habilidades de ...

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