Healthy Computing guide


There is no other device that changed our lives like computers. The growth of computers and related technologies has been so unprecedented that, it has found a place in every aspect of human [...]

Computing Now


Desktop too heavy? Downloading the Computing Now app puts computing concepts in your hand! Use a game, flashcards, or quizzes to test yourself on key Computing Now concepts from social media to [...]

Random Revise – Computing


A revision application based upon the 2011 A Level sylabus for Computing (OCR & AQA) although will also be relevant to GCSE Computing, and revision at higher levels for courses covering an [...]

Healthy Computing


Discover How To Stay Healthy, And Fit While Working In Front Of A Computer Day In And Day Out!This guide provides the proven-effective advice for healthy computer usage.Here is what you will [...]

Computing Dictionary Package


Self-extracting package for using in Fora Dictionary.Fora Dictionary should be installed to use this dictionary.# Articles: 14843Download size: ~ 3 MBSD-card space used: ~ 6 MBManual: Install, [...]

Essay: Brief History of Android OS

The popularity of this OS By the later part of 2003 a group of young computing professionals came together with one purpose and that is to create a software development company. This company [...]

Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It’s not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, [...]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 receives LTE support

By In

Earlier today, popular chip manufacturer Qualcomm issued a press release detailing some of the new features that are heading to its Snapdragon 400 line-up of processors. The Snapdragon 400 is a [...]

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