Canada catching up: No more 3 year contracts

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In it's latest ruling in regards to the mobile service in Canada, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has issue a wireless code that is destined to help [...]

Contract 4 Cash


A real estate directory app, that deals primarily with owner finance, rent to own , contract for deeds and lease options. nationwide, for sale by owner , owner-finance contacts and [...]



You are Jack Griffin, the ultimate Contract Killer. Experience an intense, international storyline combining long-range kill shots and close-range melee attacks. To survive in this line of work, [...]

Contractor Rewards


The Contractor Rewards app allows members to enter or scan Reward Codes directly into their Contractor Reward’s account using an Android Phone. Turn your Android Phone into a scanner and [...]

Contractions Counter: Pregnant


Time and log labor contractions to track your pregnancy progress. Easily record how long your contractions last and how often they occur. View graphs and reports while pregnant to determine if [...]

Contract / Shanghai Rummy Free


Enjoy the popular card game on your mobile device! 0 point doesn’t look good in the gaming world, right? But this isn’t the case in Contract Rummy. Try to score 0 is just what you [...]

Contractor Expense Log


Do you need an easy way to track your contractor expenses?Get the Contractor Expense Log (money tracker) now before the price increases.Contractor Expense Log will help you to track your

Contraction Log and Timer


Times and records labor contractions with one-button interface. Scrollable log graphically displays all contractions and intervals as they occur.Email all stat data, including copy/paste CSV and [...]

Contraction Timer Donate


If you found Contraction Timer useful, please consider buying this app in order to make a donation.So your app drawer doesn’t get cluttered, this won’t show up on your phone except in [...]



You have killed more criminals than you can count. Now it’s time to face the apocalypse and blow the crap out of thousands of zombies! From the team that brought you Contract Killer comes [...]

Richmond Hampton Rd Contractor


If you are looking for a contractor in the Hampton Roads/Richmond area please do not hesitate to contact us. Free estimate reasonable prices, experienced licensed contractors



***CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES with Blood & Gore is also available on Android Market. Just search for “CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES (NR)” for that version.***You have killed more [...]

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