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app Upnp control devices logo

Upnp control devices


Detects and allows control UPnP devices on a network.For example you can handle the TV, turn on / off lights, ... can handle any UPnP-based device....


Google Reveals Android Device Manager, a Tool For Tracking Lost Android Devices

android device manager For a long time now, Android users were lacking an "official" tool for locating their lost smartphones, but have no fear, because Google just announced their  Android Device Manager. Unlike Apple or Microsoft, Google failed to provide its users with complementary software for tracking their lost phones, at least until now. Google bragged...

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app Versatile Volume Control logo

Versatile Volume Control


Set the volume of different audio streams with just a widget. Set the volume for alarm, music and notification, ring and system sounds, voice call.^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<&...


Warning: Google Editions are not Nexus devices!

google editions galaxyWe were rejoicing when we heard the news about the Google Editions of the HTC One and Samsung S4. However, all that sparkles is not necessarily gold. One of the main reasons why pure android was being celebrated as coming to these high end devices would be the hopes that Google would take over the control of OS updates away from the manufacturers, ...

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Asus contemplating foray into wearable devices, chairman says

Asus LogoAnswering questions from journalists during Asus’s annual meeting with shareholders, chairman Jonney Shih revealed that meetings have been held by the company’s research labs in order to talk about developing wearable devices, seen by Asus as a critical sector for innovation.Shih also added that it’s important to figure out how ...

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app BT Bot Control logo

BT Bot Control


*** Looking to control of your LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot using BT Bot Control? Would like to hear if there is any interest in this? Please use the Email Developer link in Play or the contact form in ...

app Hotspot Control logo

Hotspot Control


Hotspot Control is a tiny app that enables or disables Portable Hotspot functionality of Android. Usually you could just do this in Android settings, but on some devices this option is hidden, or only...

app Lead Vocal Voice Control logo

Lead Vocal Voice Control


Sick of searching for your apps on screens cluttered full of icons? Same goes for launching and searching websites? Just call them by name. Search websites such as Ebay, YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twi...

app Hope GPRS Control logo

Hope GPRS Control


Hope GSM Control is designed for remote control the power switch by app via the GSM/GPRS network.It's easy management of Hope's GSM devices.By this app,you don't need to type long command by SMS,just ...


Verizon Is Preloading the Playphone Games Portal Store to New Android Devices

playphone-1Verizon intends to pre-load all new mobile Android devices with Playphone’s new social gaming network and game store application called The Playphone Games Portal. It appears that Verizon has found a means through Playphone to circumvent Google’s Play Store by offering developers a means of direct carrier billing for games and in game purchase...

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Galaxy S4 to have Touchless Gesture Controls

As the inevitable release of the most awaited smartphone is coming nearer, the rumor mills are churning out unique and interesting ideas. Last week we saw a very attractive Galaxy S4 render, and now we have a rumor that makes the Galaxy S4 all the more amazing. The latest rumor states that the flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer will f...

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18 million Android Devices to be Infected in 2013

Recently we came across a report in which an antivirus company stated that there is a chance that 18 million devices will be infected with malware in the upcoming year. The report originated from Lookout Mobile which is a fairly popular antivirus in the Android market. Today we came across another report from the more famous Eset. The company sta...

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app CPU CruiseControl Pro logo

CPU CruiseControl Pro


CPU CruiseControl Pro is a utility that provides a way to change the CPU speed and scaling characteristics on ROOTED Android phones. Upon first running the application, you MUST give the application ...

app CPU CruiseControl logo

CPU CruiseControl


CPU CruiseControl is a utility that provides a way to change the CPU speed and scaling characteristics on ROOTED Android phones. Upon first running the application, you MUST give the application root...


Action RPG Heroes Call updated, now works for non-Tegra devices

Previously released for Tegra devices, Heroes Call, a free-t0-play action RPG has just been updated. And along with several massive updates is the game's departure from being exclusive to Tegra 3 devices. As for the updated features, the app's change log lists the following: The Shadow Assassin emerges from darkness! Take on the ultimate chall...

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app Mission Control Pro HD logo

Mission Control Pro HD


Mission Control Pro HD allows you to quickly switch volume levels for media, ringer, notifications, alarms, and ring state (normal, vibrate, silent.Two additional switches are added for Bluetooth and ...

app JAYS Headset Control logo

JAYS Headset Control


Add loads of features to your JAYS one-button remote earphones.JAYS Headset Control brings a wide range of new features to your one-button remote earphones. Change track, adjust volume up/down, launch...

app Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Control logo

Audioshift Tempo+Pitch Cont...


Audioshift controls Tempo, Pitch and Vocals of music and other audio played with Android phones and tablet devices.Use it to practice playing music, singing, dancing - or just for pure fun, as nothing...

app Pilotx S2 Controller logo

Pilotx S2 Controller


This application customize and control custom roms and more.To use this application you must open folder on your sdcard and call it pilotxcontrol.With Pilotx Controller you can now:Change themesChange...

app Kaspersky Parental Control logo

Kaspersky Parental Control


Kaspersky Lab introduces the BETA version of a new application for smartphones and tablets. It provides an easy and convenient way to protect your kids when they’re online using the standard Android...

app S-Remote Control logo

S-Remote Control


S-Remote Control is an app that allows you to control devices through a network, WIFI&3G. With S-Remote Control you decide which devices and how they are controlled. You will be able to customize ...

app Remote Control logo

Remote Control


Remotely control any SW or HW in PC by phone with WIFI/BT- TV- Video player- Audio player- Pictures viewer- Media center- Volume- Explore your storage and start what you want- System (shutdown, reboot...

app Audio Control Lite logo

Audio Control Lite


Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience.Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and custom Vibration. Each provides a unique way to con...

app Mobiflock Parental Control logo

Mobiflock Parental Control


Mobiflock is your all-in-one safety and security app for smartphones and tablets: keep your kids safe online or protect your own smart device. Concerned by the low ratings on the Play store? Unfortuna...

app Bluetooth Relay Control logo

Bluetooth Relay Control


This application allows users to control electric devices with the built in buttons or with command line .It uses a bluetooth to communicate with a bluetooth spp module .Can be used with almost any ki...

app Audio Control logo

Audio Control


Audio Control provides an amazing and unique volume management experience.Audio Control has 5 components: Profiles, Schedules, Exceptions, Quick and custom Vibration. Each provides a unique way to con...

app Midon7 – Parental Control logo

Midon7 – Parental Con...


(**) After your 15 days trial your app will reverse to Midon7 FREE version.Kidnapping, child molestation and sex abuse—these are every parent’s worst nightmare! But as they say, prevention is the ...

app WebControl tablet and pc sms logo

WebControl tablet and pc sm...


Send & receive texts from your computer or tablet using your Android Phone. 1. Start the application on the phone2. Open the web browser of the device you want to use remotely (tablet or computer)...

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