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Copy and Paste



app CopiPe – Copy and Paste tool logo

CopiPe – Copy and Pas...


This application is convenient for use in the clipboard. When you register frequently used words and sentences, You can choose them to copy into clipboard.And, you can copy timestamp.It appears in the...

app WsCopyAndPaste Free logo

WsCopyAndPaste Free


WsCopyAndPaste is the clipboard extension application only for a smart phone.In a smart phone, input support of a little troublesome character string is offered.Clipboard history data acquisition, mem...

app SimpleCopyAndPaste logo



This app is so convenient that can simply copy and paste.Through monitoring clipboard, it can automatically acquire copy history, in order to reuse copied text.Set commonly used sentences as templates...


The Android and iOS Rivalry – Cosmetic and Functional

Android and iOS Rivalry Bias throws any hint of fair assessment out the window. Even with independent reviews in consideration, there’s the suspicion that not all ground has been covered, not enough to justify the verdict at the end of a review. This has been the challenge in comparisons, especially in consumer electronics. For the longest time, Sony and Nintendo were...

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Microsoft Office arrives on iOS – what about Android?

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office is a premium business tool, there is no secret in that. Whenever you want a document nicely done, whether you’re referring to a spreadsheet, a slide presentation or a simple written piece, Office is the way to go. Here on Google’s field, we’ve waited for Microsoft’s service to arrive for a long time, but as it turns out, Ap...

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app Touch and Draw logo

Touch and Draw


Touch And DrawIts one of the coolest apps that let you draw anything that you have in mind. Want to send a greeting card? draw it yourself and share it with your friends which will give you a more per...


MediaFire takes on Dropbox with its own Android app

mediafire android app Popular cloud-based sharing service MediaFire has just released its own native Android app. The simple allows you to access your files stored on MediaFire's cloud servers using your Android devices.The app suits well those of you who are not a fan of Dropbox or if you're looking for an alternative way of storing your documents, photos and videos ...

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app Android Explorer logo

Android Explorer


Android Explorer is the most intuitive, multi purpose all in one explorer utility for Android Phones.If you have a tablet(honeycomb or higher), please try Tab Explorer, exclusively designed for Tablet...

app Android Explorer-Lite logo

Android Explorer-Lite


Android Explorer is the most intuitive, multi purpose all in one explorer utility for Android Phones.Please Note : This is a lite version of Android Explorer. All features are supported during the tri...


WinZip mobile app now available for Android

In case you missed it, WinZip Android app just hit Google Play a couple of days ago. Yes, it's the same Windows utility app that we've all used at some point in the past. The iOS version of this app hit the App Store a couple of months ago and has been getting quite significant number of downloads. As for the Android, the app has been getting qui...

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app Copydroid logo



This application is designed to provide an easy way to copy paste short pieces of text back and forth between computer and mobile phone. It started with an application for my own use, but now I have m...

app Matlab Commander logo

Matlab Commander


-----------GENERALMatlab Commander allows you to use Matlab from your Android smartphone.The minimum requirements on the PC controlled by Matlab Commander are Matlab 2007b and Java 6.-----------WARNIN...

app Copy Paste Search logo

Copy Paste Search


This is the browser with the ability to easily copy and paste. Because there is a search button and enter a search term field outside of the browser, you can quickly search to re-add and edit the sear...

app Contraction Log and Timer logo

Contraction Log and Timer


Times and records labor contractions with one-button interface. Scrollable log graphically displays all contractions and intervals as they occur.Email all stat data, including copy/paste CSV and HTML...

app SnapMemoMT FreeHandNote logo

SnapMemoMT FreeHandNote


!!!!!!!!!!!!!Does not work and there is no free space on the SD card of 10Mbyte,Please prepare a new SD card or SD card to organize the data.Will be forced to exit immediately even though the work-up ...

app Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator logo

Ice Cream Sandwich Calculat...


? TOP 2012 USEFUL APPS? TOP PRODUCTIVITY APPS WORLDWIDEBest Calculator application with latest features.Features:- Copy and paste - Advanced mathematical functions: trigonometry, logarithms, parenthes...

app WEB Copy/Paste Pro logo

WEB Copy/Paste Pro


It is currently impossible to copy/paste or search through a website's data from the G1. This app gives you a workaround. It extracts web data into a panel from which you can select, copy, paste and s...

app Copy2Translate logo



This is an application program made GoogleTranslate easy to use. Twitter, the WEB page, and the text editor, etc. Please copy the text onto "Share" clip board, the Google translation is star...

app Handlelista logo



Med denne applikasjonen kan du samle alle handlelistene på ett sted. For å legge til varer i en handleliste kan du skrive inn varenavn manuelt, scanne strekkoden på varen eller s&osl...

app File Manager for Android logo

File Manager for Android


File Manager is a FREE app that transforms your Android phone into a virtual USB drive. Easily manage and share your photos, videos, music and other files stored on your phone.FEATURES- Search for fil...

app AndExplorerPro (file manager) logo

AndExplorerPro (file manage...


AndExplorerPro is a file manager and explorer for Android devices (phones and tablets). It focuses on file manager features only, no permission other than read/write storage are needed (no internet, n...

app Random Generator logo

Random Generator


This app generate random number, letter, and password.It generate them on start-up, so no need to do anything if you just want something simple.It can also generate multiple number and letters.It can...

app CopyPasteHelper logo



This is an application which helps copy & paste. The range of a character string is chosen by neither the tap nor long aggressiveness. While the model without a keyboard is increasing, isn't it ha...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – March 12, 2012

1. MLB At Bat 12 As summer approaches so does baseball season and you can get in on all the action early with MLB At Bat 12 for Android. The app lets you get in on all the action from live the spring training games and keeps you up to date with news about your favorite team. There is a lite version of the app that gives you all of the above wh...

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app Randax Password Generator logo

Randax Password Generator


An easy to use password generator. Features* Choose to Generate with Numbers and/or Symbols.* Selectable character case for only lower case, only uppercase or a mixture of both.* Copy password to clip...

app PasteQR logo



You want to have a clipboard and simply communicating without using your data plan? Or you want to share the text with another person lying next to you but you do not have the latest contactless techn...

app Copy Text logo

Copy Text


Copy text from ANYWHERE on your phone. Use this to have copy paste functionality from ANY app or screen!**If you are upgrading from a previous version, please UNINSTALL the app and then REINSTALL. A s...

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