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app HoN Hero Counters logo

HoN Hero Counters


A list of Heroes of Newerth Hero CountersThe Hero being countered is on the left and the counter is on the right.These counters are meant for new players in 5 v 5 games.Note: Not all heroes are easily...

app 4xcounters logo



The application lets you use 4xcontadores four basic counters. It also has the following options:- Label each counter with a name.- Enable / disable each meter independently.- Reset independent of eac...

app D&D Tool: Random Encounters 4e logo

D&D Tool: Random Encoun...


D&D Tool: Random Encounters provides the busy DM with easy-to-use random 4th edition encounters including random monster groups, a dice roller, treasure parcels and random magic items separated by...

app 15Counters logo



There is 15 Counters.Tap the counter for count up,slide down for count down.Minimum value is 0.You can clear the value or change the label from menu button....

app Casual Encounters Diary logo

Casual Encounters Diary


Casual Encounters Diary to note down all your casual encounters. The Casual encounters diary appears as "CE Notes" to prevent prying eyes from seeing your casual encounters. Note down every ...

app German CounterStrike Sounds logo

German CounterStrike Sounds


This is a german Counter-Strike soundboard.All german radio-sounds!!!...

app Net Traffic Counter logo

Net Traffic Counter


Monitor your network traffic for free! get access to network traffic meter!^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< READ FIRST>>>>>>&g...

app Penguin Widget logo

Penguin Widget


Penguins (order Sphenisciformes, family Spheniscidae) are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Highly adapted for life i...

app Twin Blades logo

Twin Blades


Your 5 stars ratings keep the updates coming!******************TwinBlades is a frantic shooter game set in a medieval era with unique manga-like graphics.Help the nun defeat evil with some heavy zombi...


Samsung SM-C101 (Galaxy S4 Zoom?) arrives at the FCC

galaxy-camera-Samsung Galaxy CameraWe first heard of the Samsung SM-C101 back in May, when rumors classified this smartphone as a proud member of the Galaxy S4 family with impressive camera capabilities. Also known as Zoom, the handset should be an interesting sequel of the Galaxy Camera, but one with conversations skills. The same model number has been spotted ...

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app PartShark Car Spares logo

PartShark Car Spares


Welcome to PartSharkPartShark brings together many of the leading parts and breakers suppliers in the UK to have one large list of vehicle parts and breakers, all searchable by your registration numbe...

app Nhật Quang Ái Nhân(18+Cực Hot) logo

Nhật Quang Ái Nhân(18+C...


Dương Quang nhân vật chính trong truyện đứng thứ hai trong bảng xếp hạng bài danh sát thủ thế giới với sát hiệu: "Tận Thế Thẩm Phán" nổi tiếng vớ...

app Shri Sai Sadhna Maha Mantra logo

Shri Sai Sadhna Maha Mantra


Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !Please Note: -The Audio in this Application is in Hindi Language. --------------------------------------------------------------------------iPooja pl...

app Shri Sai Stuti logo

Shri Sai Stuti


Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !IMPORTANT - We are providing First 6 audios with app. For rest of the audios you can download at anytime and there will be no extra price for that. T...

app Sai Gayatri Mantra and Naman logo

Sai Gayatri Mantra and Nama...


Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !iPooja pleased to presents Shri Sai Gayatri Mantra and Sai Naman mobile app designed and recorded specially for the Android OS. Sai Gayatri mantra , ...

app iChant- Planet Mantras logo

iChant- Planet Mantras


Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants!iPooja pleased to presents Planet Mantras mobile app designed and recorded specially for the Android OS. Immerse yourself in the soothing chants to me...

app iChant-Naam Ghosh logo

iChant-Naam Ghosh


Please Note: -The Audio in this Application is in Hindi Language.Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing chants !iPooja pleased to presents Naam Ghosh mobile app designed and recorded specially for...

app Treasure Hunter logo

Treasure Hunter


The object of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible before the game ends. Each round you will either have an encounter with a monster, find an item or piece of garbage, encounter a trap...

app Thai Boxing Videos logo

Thai Boxing Videos


Thai Boxing is also known as Muay Thai or "??????". It is a popular combat sport from Thailand that uses various techniques of stand-up striking and clinching. Most tourists love watching Mu...

app HKQffer 購物著數 logo

HKQffer 購物著數


HKQffer 是一個集優惠放送 , 領取貨品折扣 , 限時著數於一身的購物消費指南 , 不論是潮流商舖搜尋或熱賣產品都一一為您源源不絕送上 , 當中更設動態追...

app Pro Knitting Patterns Database logo

Pro Knitting Patterns Datab...


This is the Ad Free Pro Knitting Patterns DatabasePro KPD database is a unique and comprehensive suite of tools designed for knitters & crocheters that catalogues PDF patterns enabling you to find...

app Umpire Indicator LITE logo

Umpire Indicator LITE


This is a LITE version of an umpire indicator. The app allows the user to keep track of balls, strikes, outs and the inning number. The app is to replace the manual umpire counters. From personal e...

app EPOCH logo



EPOCH - Post-apocalyptic Robot Combat* IGN.COM - "cover shooting done right".* GIZMODO.CO.UK - "EPOCH is the new cover-shooter king by several circuit-boards."* POCKETGAMER.CO.UK -...

app 뽐뿌 모바일웹 첨부화일 업로드 지원 브라우져 즐겨찾기 logo

뽐뿌 모바일웹 첨부...


본 앱은 그림 파일 업로드가 가능합니다.휴대폰 싸게 사는 곳 뽐뿌뽐뿌 모바일웹에 즐겨찾기로 빠르게 접속 합니다.★단축메뉴를 통해 주소...


Woody, Buzz and the whole gang smash their way to Android in Toy Story: Smash It!

toy story smash it android game Who doesn't love the Toy Story franchise? Common, whoever has not watched, seen at least a few scenes or heard about the Toy Story movie is probably asleep for decades. Toy Story is possibly the best computer animated movie franchise ever made. Great story, great production value, and great, well-loved characters. It's a pity that despite the de...

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app Christmasville: missing Santa logo

Christmasville: missing San...


Christmas is in danger! Santa Claus has been abducted from his home at the North Pole. You play from the perspective of Arthur Knight, a private detective who reluctantly starts his own investigation...

app Sex Journal logo

Sex Journal


Sex Journal allows you to record your intimate encounters in full sensual detail quickly and easily. A preset list of more than 200 sexual acts (expandable), positions, toys, etc, makes recording even...

app Golf Stroke Counter logo

Golf Stroke Counter


Golf Stroke Counter is an 18 hole golf stroke counter. No need to speed money on getting electronic stroke counters or beeds for tracking your score. This can be used to keep track of your strokes for...

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