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Can Knockdown 3 Crashes onto Google Play

can knockdown 3First-person shooters are a blast, and everyone loves to fling animals around the screen these days. Sometimes it’s nice to go casual though, and Can Knockdown 3 from Infinite Dreams is a great way to do just that. Can Knockdown 3 is the third game in the Can Knockdown trilogy, and it’s easily the best looking game of the bunch. If you’re un...

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app Plane Crashes Video Collection logo

Plane Crashes Video Collect...


20 Videos of Plane crashes and accidents.IncludesPlane crash at an air-showYou Dont See This EverydayWorld Trade Center Tower Plane CrashesFlight of the PhoenixShocking Plane Crashes9/11 First Plane C...


[vid] Oh look, Flash crashes on Android too. – Macgasm (blog)

Reuters[vid] Oh look, Flash crashes on Android too.Macgasm (blog)They're so happy that they've been able to bring flash to upcoming Android tablets that they've decided it was a good idea to show them off at the Web 2.0 ...Sneak peek of Android-based tablet running Adobe AirZDNet (blog)Adobe Flash Shows Up on Mysterious Android TabletPC...

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The Android and iOS Rivalry – Cosmetic and Functional

Android and iOS Rivalry Bias throws any hint of fair assessment out the window. Even with independent reviews in consideration, there’s the suspicion that not all ground has been covered, not enough to justify the verdict at the end of a review. This has been the challenge in comparisons, especially in consumer electronics. For the longest time, Sony and Nintendo were...

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Here’s what you should know before downloading Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail”

Jay-Z Magna Carta for Samsung Galaxy Before downloading your limited free copy of Jay-Z’s latest album (if your device is eligible), you may want to know a few important details. As announced earlier, fans of the American rapper can now get a free copy of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, if they own a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or Note 2. The album will be made available ...

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app Redline Rush logo

Redline Rush


"Imagine Burnout and Temple Run had a baby, and you’ll have a good idea of what this game is all about." -Supergamedroid "It's a big heap of brainless, petrol-laced fun" - Pocket...


Kablam releases Fast & Furious 6 Game for Android

fast&furious.6-androidThe newest Fast & Furious movie hits theaters in the US this week, and as you’d expect a Fast & Furious 6 game has arrived. Fast & Furious 6: The Game was just released by the folks at Kabam, and if you live your life a quarter mile at a time you’ll probably want to check it out. The Fast & Furious 6 game lets you step into the...

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app Signal Man-The Addictive Rails logo

Signal Man-The Addictive Ra...


WARNING ! EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE !! This game seems simple at first... But it takes a lot if concentration and planning for you to succeed! Its so addictive it will have you hooked from the first time! T...

app RedReader Beta logo

RedReader Beta


An unofficial, open source client for reddit.Features:- Free and Open Source - no ads/tracking.- Swipe posts left and right to perform customizable actions, such as upvote/downvote, or save/hide.- Adv...


Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit

Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit Art Mogul is a game that’s all about Art, and you get to play a globetrotting Art dealer that’s out to take over the Art world one painting at a time. We briefly talked about his one last week, and as promised we're back with our Art Mogul Review. When you first fire up Art Mogul you’ll be taken through a nice tutorial that takes you through...

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app Dale Earnhardt Jr. LWP logo

Dale Earnhardt Jr. LWP


The legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr is racing around in this free LWP of the NASCAR great. Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. better known simply as Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is an American stock car racing driver and...

app Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper logo

Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpape...


Pleasing and caressing eyes background with intersecting lines of colored, the plot is a free application Galaxy Note 2 Live Wallpaper reminiscent of the living nature with its beauty.Man lives in the...

app SoundGrid logo



SoundGrid is a grid of buttons that allows you to assign an audio file from the file system to each one.Perfect for a custom soundboard or sampler and you can also record from the microphone.Features:...

app OrientationLocker logo



It’s happened to all of us. You’re lying in bed and have screen auto-rotation on, and as soon as you open an up on your home screen, the screen turns sideways. Yes, we know we can turn off the aut...

app Funny Pictures – The Best logo

Funny Pictures – The ...


Funny Pictures - The Best brings you the best funny photos from all around the internet, all the pics carefully handpicked. Bored at work? Download the funny photo collection of new funny pictures, j...


Super Hexagon for Android hits Google Play

This is the first time I’ve posted an article after midnight on site, but there’s a good reason for this one. Super Hexagon for Android was released this evening, and after spending only a few minutes with the game I can only say...Wow. Super Hexagon doesn’t have a plot, jaw dropping graphics or any unlockable characters. It’s a game abo...

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EA releases Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Google Play store

As promised, Electronic Arts has released one of the most successful game in their Need for Speed series - Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The game is available now from Google Play for $6.99. It might seem quite a bit pricey for an Android game, but hey we're talking here of a premium racing game with a twist, so the price tag might be all worth it ...

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app Action TV: Criminals vs Cops logo

Action TV: Criminals vs Cop...


Watch the worlds dumbest criminals, drunk drivers, cops, robbers, wildest police chases and accidents caught on tape. This app gives users access to real, full length videos of some of the worlds most...

app Crash Log (Logcat) logo

Crash Log (Logcat)


Easy way to send crash log.After the program start. When any APP crashes, it will start to send the log. Let programmers to find out the problem.If run this app and not get any crash log, try "ad...

app Dog Lover logo

Dog Lover


"Dog Lover" is the application that enjoys photos and videos of dogs.You can download your favorite photos, or can display slide-show on widgets.Furthermore, you can use this application as ...

app Hands-Free Camera logo

Hands-Free Camera


Hands Free Camera Is...Perfect for:Self-portraits or group pictures, when you've got your hands full!Speech Mode:Say "Cheese" or any custom phrase to take a picture.Noise Mode:Clap your hand...

app Cite This logo

Cite This


CiteThis a Android application that assists in the often arduous task of academic referencing. By the use of cameras fitted on compatible Android phones, CiteThis scans the barcodes of books. Once a b...

app Speedometer battery 2 PRO logo

Speedometer battery 2 PRO


Caynax Dashboard (Speedometer) Battery Widget - speedometer battery widget.What's in PRO version:- Status bar icon with battery level.- Widgets are resizeable (>= Android 3.1).- Widgets can be plac...

app Speedometer battery widget PRO logo

Speedometer battery widget ...


Caynax Speedometer Battery Widget - speedometer battery widget that looks best on Holo-like themes.What's in PRO version:- Status bar icon with battery level.- More speedometer backgrounds.- More spee...

app Eco battery widget PRO logo

Eco battery widget PRO


Caynax Eco Battery Widget - battery widgetWhat's in PRO version:- Status bar icon with battery level.- Option to set any text color.- Widgets are resizeable (>= Android 3.1).- Widgets can be placed...

app Kontact logo



?????????????KONTACT IS NOW FREE!!?????????????Have you ever damaged your phone and lost all your contacts, gotten a new phone but had certain phone numbers not transfer? Maybe you've gone through the...

app Digital Dudz logo

Digital Dudz


This app is pretty much your key to Halloween party domination. To make your awesome costume, all you’ll need is your mobile device, this free app and one of our shirts… and a little duct tape. Th...

app System panel PRO logo

System panel PRO


Caynax System Panel - simple and beautiful system panel battery widget.What's in PRO version:- Status bar icon with battery level.- Display memory stats in MB (busy or free)- 2x2 and 4x2 widget size- ...

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