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Live Betting simply adds to the fun factor!

Betting on sporting events is a popular pastime that adds to the excitement when watching sporting events live. For most, sports betting is a hobby but there are bettors that regularly turn a tidy profit. The rapid development of the internet has made betting quick and easy. Whatever sport you wish to bet on, no matter how obscure it may be will b...

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2 Player Reactor Deluxe Game Review

2 Player Reactor Deluxe Game Review 2 Player Reactor Deluxe Game Review If you're looking for massive fun and you're running on Android, the world's preferred platform, well, 2 Player Reactor Deluxe  is the  name of the game. I am serious, stick around for a little while and I will tell you all about it. 2 Player Reactor Deluxe  is developed by Toy-Apps and its main goal is...

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The Nexus 5 Spotted in a Bar, Launching Date Rumored to be October 14

nexus A few days ago, in a bar, an employee from Google left unattended a device which hasn’t been announced yet and appears to be the heir to the Nexus throne, the 5th one from the series, to be more precise. A barkeeper took advantage of those moments and, besides taking a peek, he took some pictures and recorded a few clips of it, revealing that...

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LG G Pad 8.3 Now Official, On Sale From October

lg g pad Today, LG announced the arrival of their latest gadget that joins the G series, the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet, a device that challenges the Apple’s iPad to an epic battle and threatens to snatch some precious marketshare from it. The LG representatives stated that the G Pad brings the first Full HD display on an 8-inch tablet and also revealed the...

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app Anytime Fitness Victorville CA logo

Anytime Fitness Victorville...


Welcome to the Anytime Fitness, Victorville, CA club app! This app will provide you the full membership experience you can always have with you wherever you go. You can also SAVE YOUR WAY TO A FREE M...

app October Project logo

October Project


*** This app have not any specific funcionality. Its only purpose is to inform our users about the development of our new game ***We need your help!!!Please support us by visiting our sponsors! Advert...

app WebSMS: Connector logo

WebSMS: Connector


Are you Orange (Switzerland) customer? Use your monthly 20 free SMS! Simply send SMS via (use WLAN or data plan)Configuration in only 2 steps:1.) First get free "WebSMS" from the G...

app Vector 360 Breakout HD logo

Vector 360 Breakout HD


If you were a fan of the great game Arkanoid, now enjoy with Vector 360 Breakout.Destroy all the balls trying to defend your base in under 30 seconds by bouncing your weapon and even reversing gravity...

app Escape From The Abductor logo

Escape From The Abductor


Much interested in escape game Here a exclusive game for youOne day, the little girl Tanya,met an unknown person. He offered her some sweets to eat. without knowing the danger she consumed the sweets....


Korean report: “Nexus 5” to be based on LG G2, to come in early October with Android 5

Google LG Nexus 4 Logo aa 1 1600It’s looking more and more likely that the next Nexus smartphone will be manufactured by LG. The latest report that supports this prediction emerged today on the Korean tech site Daum.If the report is accurate, the successor to the Nexus 4 is currently being developed based on the hardware platform of the LG G2, the follow up to the Optimus G.The...

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MediaTek looks to be working on an octo-core processor

mediatek logo aa - 600px MediaTek seems to be really cranking up its pressure on the high-end processor manufactures, and the news that the company is working on its own eight core processor confirms that MediaTek is just interested in peak performance as much as it is budget technologies. First news of the octo-core chip came from UDN yesterday, which stated that MediaTe...

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Android 5.0 and Motorola X Phone both dropping in October?

x Phone Farben LogoNew rumors are circulating around and this time the subjects of choice are Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and the fabled X phone from Motorola. If they both hold some truth behind them, we could most likely see the new OS and long awaited phone both dropping in October. ...

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Play Store will overtake App Store in number of app installs by October

Google-IO-2013 Google Play logo 91600 aaAccording to a recent report regarding app market purchases, our beloved Android is set to become the most popular app platform in the world within the next few months.The data shows that Apple is just ahead in terms of the total number of apps ever downloaded, having just surpassed the impressive 50 billion mark. But Android is not far behind, cur...

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Why isn’t Samsung talking about their victory over Apple?

Samsung Logo aa 5 1600Yesterday, we told you about the breaking news of Samsung’s court win against Apple. That case, in which the US International Trade Commission ruled Apple violated a Samsung patent, resulted in a sales and import ban of some Apple devices. None of those devices are current, but another interesting thing has come of the case: Samsung hasn’t said...

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Huawei Ascend P6 black stars in own amateur pictorial

Huawei Ascend P6 new The Internet’s unofficial source of Huawei Ascend P6 live photos has struck again. This time, instead of using the white- and pink-colored versions — both of which have already been covered on previous occasions — attention is given to the ever so ominous black version instead.Even if you’re already seen the previously leak...

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Bloomberg: HTC plans a 7-inch Android tablet, due in September-October

HTC 7 inch android tabletAn HTC 7-inch Android tablet is in the works, says Bloomberg, quoting people familiar with the matter.According to the same  report, HTC decided to scrap the plans for a 12-inch tablet running Windows RT, due to concerns related to demand for the device.HTC, which hasn’t been doing great lately (although there are signs of a comeback for the...

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It’s Official: Moto X Phone Made In The Good Ol’ USA, Out This October

motorola x phone texasX marks the spot for the Moto X phone. With over 130 million smartphones being in existence in the USA even as you read this, has it ever occured to you that not a single one of those smartphones were assembled here? Of course, being “designed in California” does have a nice ring to it, but it is still no the same as having the good ...

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Factory Balls Review

Factory Balls Review A few weeks ago we told you about an awesome game called Sugar, Sugar by Bart Bonte. Now we are back to tell you about another great game from Mr. Bonte called Factory Balls. Factory Balls is a puzzle game about balls and boxes. Each level presents you with an open box, a white ball, and some tools. You’ll have to make the white ball look like t...

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app factory balls logo

factory balls


Factory balls, a Bart Bonte game.The objective of the game is to change the shape and color of a white ball and match a picture pasted on the side of the open box, by using the ball with a set of diff...

app TelOne Directory logo

TelOne Directory


Search the TelOne directory from your phone and make calls at the touch of a button. No pen and paper necessary!...

app Cricket Selector logo

Cricket Selector


Cricket Selector is a very exciting game for all cricket lovers. You can form your own team for each tournament with real players and real scores. The real scores scored by the players in your team wi...

app Ghost Communicator 13 Detector logo

Ghost Communicator 13 Detec...


Simply the most advanced ghost detector available -- EVER!With this ghost detector we've applied our complex algorithms along with input from your device to talk to AND SEE 'the other side'. This app ...

app Race Sex Detector logo

Race Sex Detector


Point your camera at a person and it will tell you the race and sex of that person. It is about 80% accurate. Currently works on races 'black', 'oriental' and 'white'. If the app is popular I will ad...

app DoctorO logo



Dr. O (S. Andrei Ostric, MD) is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with a passion for creating beauty through the pursuit of total health & wellness. He received his medical degree and subsequent r...

app Doctor Appointment Lite logo

Doctor Appointment Lite


Doctor Appointment Management : - Forgetting is a common complaint that everyone shares. “Doctor’s Appointment Reminder” Lite (Limited trials) application helps you to remember your important me...

app Doctor’s Appointment Reminder logo

Doctor’s Appointment ...


Forgetting is a common complaint/fctor that everyone shares. “Doctor’s Appointment Reminder” application helps you to remember your important meeting(s) dates with Doctor or to visit hospital. ...

app Chictopia logo



Chictopia is the source of ideas and products that help you refine your personal style. Raved as ...

app Fake Radiation Detector logo

Fake Radiation Detector


Fake detect radiation around you! This free app Fake Radiation Detector can fake scan radiation around you and show you fake measurements with the help of magnetic sensors here. Just change the direct...

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