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Behind the Cube: 22cans Curiosity Cube has been Cracked

curiosityThat was quick. Yesterday we told you that the Curiosity Cube only had 5 layers left, and early this morning the last layer fell away, and a winner was finally crowned as conqueror of the cube. 22cans Curiosity is over, and the big prize is…You get to be the “God” in Godus, 22cans upcoming God game. That’s right, you will decide the rules o...

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The End is Nigh for 22cans Curiosity Cube the words of Michael Corleone… Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. A lot of folks are going to be saying that now that 22cans Curiosity appears to be winding down. That’s right, Peter Molyneux and the crew at 22cans is stepping in and cutting the cube down to 50 layers, which means the “ultimate prize” will be awarded la...

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Behind the Cube: Day 149 with 22cans Curiosity

curiosity-android The curious little game known as 22cans Curiosity is now on day 149, and we're back with another edition of Behind the Cube. It’s been around a month since we covered the Cube, and not much has changed although the backer images are still rolling out as each layer is removed. The cube has had 246 layers removed thus far and we don’t seem to ...

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Behind the Cube: Day 105 with 22cans Curiosity

It’s been close to a month since we checked in on 22cans Curiosity and it seems little has changed. More layers have been removed, more graffiti has been written, and more golden badgers have been released. The Cube has finally surpassed the 100 day mark as we’re on day 105 and still no end is in sight. Around 202 layers have been removed so...

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The Best Android Puzzle Games of 2012

best android puzzle games 2012 Whether you’re twisting or tapping, puzzle games are always a joy to play. The puzzle category was one of the more difficult ones to nail down , but after going through hundreds of games we managed to narrow it down to 15. Without further ado, we proudly present our picks for the Best Android Puzzle Games of 2012… Zen Bound 2 If you’...

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Behind the Cube: Day 51 with 22cans Curiosity

curiosity cube december 25th It’s been a while since I checked in on 22cans Curiosity, and now that Christmas has passed we thought it would be a good time to look back in on the Cube. According to the stats its day 51 on the Cube, and 127 layers have been removed thus far which means we’re chipping away a little over 2 layers per day. I’ve periodically been checking ...

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22cans Curiosity Update: In-App purchases are now Live

curiosity cube 22cansWe’re back with another update on 22cans mysterious Android game Curiosity. Unlike our previous Curiosity updates this one is full of new features and the in-app purchases have officially gone live. It’s been a few weeks since we checked in on the Cube and quite a bit has happened in that time. Much to my surprise 22cans has finally unlocked t...

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Behind the Cube: Day 15 with 22cans Curiosity

Another week goes by, and more layers are peeled away from the mysterious cube known as 22cans Curiosity. As promised we’re back with another update on the Cube and even though it’s only been a week days since our last update quite a bit has changed in the strange little game called Curiosity. Last week we were at 13 layers removed and now we...

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Behind the Cube: Day 10 with 22cans Curiosity

Peter Molyneux’s brainchild Curiosity turned 10 days old day today, and with that in mind we thought it was time to go back and revisit the mysterious cube. Gamers are peeling back layers like the skin of an onion, but the real question is do the servers still stink? As most of you know Curiosity has been plagued by launch issues and most of tho...

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Behind the Cube: Day 2 with 22cans Curiosity

By now the whole world knows that 22cans Curiosity has arrived, and we thought it would be fun to take a look and see what kind of progress is being made on the cube. After yesterday’s less than stellar Android debut we are happy to say that most of the kinks seem to work out and Curiosity truly under way. Sometime last night or early today th...

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Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity has arrived on Google Play

It’s election day today, but it’s also a great day to be a gamer with the release of The Humble Bundle for Android 4 and now Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity. Yup, that strange game we’ve all heard about has finally been released and the title is very fitting to say the least. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Curiosity is the brainch...

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app Curiosity on Mars logo

Curiosity on Mars


Curiosity, the latest Mars Rover, is nearing the Red Planet of Mars and will touch down upon its surface on August 6, 2012. Loaded with the latest instruments and built for longevity, Curiosity will r...

app My baby game (Bubbles pop!) logo

My baby game (Bubbles pop!)


Pop Bubbles with your baby!When first played, your baby may not be able to accurately touch the moving bubbles with his/her hand.Play the game with your baby consistently for a few days or weeks, and ...

app My baby game (Balloon pop!) logo

My baby game (Balloon pop!)


Pop Balloon with your baby!When first played, your baby may not be able to accurately touch the moving balloon with his/her hand.Play the game with your baby consistently for a few days or weeks, and ...

app My baby game (Mole Catch) logo

My baby game (Mole Catch)


Capture moles with your baby with "Mole Catch!"The various animated animals and sounds stimulate children's curiosity.Enjoy together with your child.This game has a low difficulty level and ...

app Beyondar Game Beta logo

Beyondar Game Beta


Save the world from strange creatures from another dimension! Use the map and GPS (camera use is planned) to find your objective and send the creatures back to their own dimension. Use objects and wea...

app Kid Color Fill Painting logo

Kid Color Fill Painting


Fill in color with given pictures for kids! This free app Kid Color Fill Painting allows painting by filling colors as you wish. Make a full use of your kids¡¯ curiosity and creation! {{MAIN FEATURE...


22cans reimagining Populous through Kickstarter with Project GODUS

Peter Molyneux and 22cans have made quite the stir lately with Curiosity, and now the group has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new game Project GODUS. Way back in 1989 a game by the name of Populous dropped and it is widely considered the first “god game” for the PC.  Molyneux and 22cans are reinventing Populous and bringing it...

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app Trail – Alpine Flowers logo

Trail – Alpine Flower...


Define the plant with blossom month and color. Play the educational game to learn name, botanical name, family and botanical family of the plants.Insert blossom month and color you get name, familiy a...

app Baby Brain Development Lite logo

Baby Brain Development Lite


Did you know that the amount of stimulation your baby receives on a daily basis has a direct influence on his baby brain development? These findings are supported by state-of-the-art brain-imaging tec...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – October 7, 2012

It's Sunday which means it's time for another edition of our picks for The Top 10 Android Apps of the Week. This weeks offerings let you manage your finances, hit the gridiron, change your eye color, and view images from another planet. There's a little something for everyone so without further ado we proudly present our Top 10 Android Apps of...

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app Smart Optimizer – Speed Patch logo

Smart Optimizer – Spe...


- Today's Free! Supports full charge! Improves speed up boost! Solves various problems!- Use BCPARK SpeedPatch for high speed internet! Now use BCPARK SpeedPatch on your smartphone!- BCPARK SpeedPatch...


Red Planet update available to download for Angry Birds Space

Rovio recently announced that they would be updating two of the games in their Angry Bird series which have proved to be popular iOS and Android games. We were teased with a new character for Angry Birds Seasons. We also learned that Rovio would also be releasing an update to their most recent Angry Birds game release, Angry Birds Space to inc...

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Rovio to Send those Angry Birds to Mars

As NASA take a step into the unknown by landing on Mars with it's Curiosity rover space vehicle, Rovio have also jumped onto the space wagon by announcing that their ever popular Angry Birds are also on the way to Mars in the near future. Presumably, NASA will actually find life on Mars with Curiosity although there are many doubters out ther...

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Atari unveils Centipede Origins for Android

Overview I loved Atari in the 80s, and even loved the Atari Force comic back in the day that I’m sure few, if any of you remember. Atari took a shot at Android last year with Atari’s Greatest Hits, and it’s received less than stellar reviews. Well, they’re back with something new called Centipede Origins and it definitely isn’t the C...

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app BabySound (Animal) logo

BabySound (Animal)


From now on, Don't bother yourself about "Child's Play"! Quicken your kids' imagination with little amusements.Now, Let your children listen to each of objects' names and sounds.There are lo...

app Mini Bouncy logo

Mini Bouncy


From Airy Labs, acclaimed developer of the best and most fun social learning games in the world...Do you like bursting bubbles? Do you like jumping in a bouncy house? How about funny animals and bal...

app Kids Preschool Essentials Tab logo

Kids Preschool Essentials T...


** Fun4Kids Preschool Essentials Tablet Edition**(US English)Please reach us @ for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.Optimized for Table...

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