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Root / Custom Roms: Odexed and Deodexed, what's the difference?

galaxy nexus modding schraubenFor those interested in Custom ROMs and the modding scene, you've probably already heard of the terms ''odexed'', a characteristic of Android ROMs and ‘'deodexed'', an element known from custom ROMs. But what exactly hides behind these two terms and which advantages or even disadvantages does each one presen...

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Custom ROMs: A guide for beginners and experienced users

custom rom nexus teaserIn the past, we've done some looking into custom ROMS and their benefits. However, it's easy to get lost in the amount of information out there. With this article, we hope to answer the following questions: Why would I ever want to install a custom ROM and which ROM is suitable for whom? Stock Android or a custom ROM? / ...

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Galaxy S4 Sprint & Verizon Models Get Google Play Edition Custom ROMs

gs4 gpe vzwIt was just last week when we saw the arrival of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition smartphones, and it did not take too long at all before the community decided to flex their programming muscles and put the proverbial thinking caps on to figure out a way to port the Google Play Edition software over to existing handsets, and these effor...

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Three Galaxy S IIIs Are Now Rooted, Custom ROMs Forthcoming

For experienced and novice Android users, it is sometimes important to know how well a smartphone can be hacked/modded, since doing so can extend the life of a smartphone.  Samsung has launched the Galaxy S III with varying degrees of success across Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.  The good news here is that developers have already managed to roo...

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app Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) logo

Ultimate custom widget (UCC...


Make your own widgets easily in a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. Use custom layout, fonts, images, shapes, interesting objects like series clocks, weather information with icons, unrea...


HTC to Custom ROM Makers…STOP!!!

[caption id="attachment_19737" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="ZOMG...Can you believe someone would steal this hard work? LOL"][/caption] If you didn't know about the custom ROM making community for Android phones then you've either been living under a huge rock or you are just  not concerned with rooting your phone. Essentially custom R...

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Android 2.2 is bringing new features – Mobility Site (blog)

UberGizmo (blog)Android 2.2 is bringing new featuresMobility Site (blog)Android hackers like ChainsDD have already unlocked this feature for users of custom ROMs. Google advertised the multicolor trackball during its launch of ...New Android Cell Phones – HTC Incredible vs Google Nexus OneCNM News NetworkReview: Droid Incredible(Verizon) aka HTC ...

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app TeamHaters Theme ProjectX logo

TeamHaters Theme ProjectX




MIUI v5 now available for the HTC One

adyscorp1Last week, we did a little write-up on the various custom ROMs available and which one you should be choosing based on what you wanted to get out of them. One of the ROMs that we highlighted was MIUI, a ROM that completely changes the look of Android. Well, HTC One users, you can rejoice today, as MIUI v5 is now available for your device. ...

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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean root already available

Android The recently leaked Android 4.3 firmware version has already been rooted, before actually being officially rolled out by Google. The news comes from xda-developers – where else? – which reports that xda Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire has managed to adapt his SuperSU root app for Android 4.3. The root works on the Galaxy S4 Google Editio...

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Verizon, Sprint and U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4 CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies now available

Samsung Galaxy S4CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies are now available for Verizon, Sprint and U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4 owners.In case you own one of these three devices, you can now install your CM 10.1 custom ROM and replace TouchWiz altogether. We’re actually not surprised to hear that CM10.1 is coming to more Galaxy S4 versions considering that the ROM has already been...

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app Rootland : root android logo

Rootland : root android


??Internet Connection Must be Required For Few Important Online Updates After Install.??WE ARE HERE 24 HOUR AVAILABLE FOR YOUR SERVICE. USE OUR "MAIL US" SERVICE AND SEND US MAIL OR MAIL US...

app Auto Call Recorder Free logo

Auto Call Recorder Free


*** GREAT NEW FEATURES ADDED ***>>> If all the tries does not work for your device then its more likely that live recording is not supported for your device. We are trying our best to extend ...

app GATE Exam Trainer logo

GATE Exam Trainer


GATE Trainer is Android Application for preparing GATE Exams with most efficient way. Practise test from the most easiest question to the most difficult questions. Learn from mistakes. Compare your kn...


Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 going to die?

Samsung has elevated to the top of the cellphone ladder this year, with a hit after a hit. Although its success is a result of all the products selling well, the Samsung Galaxy S3 took the grand cake. Having sold more than 30 million units the smartphone of the year is no doubt a great phone. I even bought mine this very week and I love every sec...

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app AdeaPink NG for CM9/CM10 logo

AdeaPink NG for CM9/CM10


AdeaPink Next Gen By TeamCarbonONLY For CM9/CM10/CM10.1/AOKP*** This theme will work on all devices CM9/CM10/CM10.1/AOKP/Paranoid Android Roms with ThemeChooser App ****** IMPORTANT *** NOW FOR ALL D...

app CPU CruiseControl Pro logo

CPU CruiseControl Pro


CPU CruiseControl Pro is a utility that provides a way to change the CPU speed and scaling characteristics on ROOTED Android phones. Upon first running the application, you MUST give the application ...

app CPU CruiseControl logo

CPU CruiseControl


CPU CruiseControl is a utility that provides a way to change the CPU speed and scaling characteristics on ROOTED Android phones. Upon first running the application, you MUST give the application root...

app Omega StatusBar logo

Omega StatusBar


Omega StatusBar allows you to control the look and feel of your status bar for free - AND without needing a rooted device! Omega StatusBar is much more than just another status bar replacement by taki...


Google Android 4.1 Can Be Flashed Onto The Galaxy Nexus Now

At Google I/O 2012, Android 4.1 was announced, but it would only be available for the Galaxy Nexus and other devices in mid-July.  However, builds of Jelly Bean were leaked since the update was being pushed to the Galaxy Nexus devices handed out at the conference.  Fortunately, a few developers were able to mod the build and make sure it works on...

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Google Music Allows Only Ten Devices Per Account and Four Deauthorizations Per Year

Google Music has certainly made waves this morning when it became known that users could only deauthorize four phones/devices per year.  Previously, users could only hook up ten devices to a single Google Music account containing your music library, but you could freely disconnect a device from the account and sync another at will. Very recently,...

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app Galaxy Device Encryption (PRO) logo

Galaxy Device Encryption (P...


Enable full device encryption *without* the need to add an Exchange 2010 ActiveSync account!--- * PLEASE TRY THE FREE VERSION FIRST, TO MAKE SURE THIS WORKS FOR YOU! * ---Works for the following devic...

app Chroma (basic) logo

Chroma (basic)


NOTE: Click on "View More Applications" to find Chroma 2.0 (donate) edition, There has been substantial updates to that version and this is only a small early preview of that theme, so if yo...

app Hide My Root Adfree logo

Hide My Root Adfree


This is the adfree version of Hide My Root.Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?Then Hide my Root is the app for you!Hide my R...

app Hide my Root logo

Hide my Root


Want to limit who has root access on your phone/tablet?Want to make it look as though your phone is not rooted?Then Hide my Root is the app for you!Hide my Root lets you temporarily hide the superuser...

app After Rooting Pro logo

After Rooting Pro


***** It will be added more optimizing items and rooting apps, custom roms list soon :) *****(Don't cry without rooting and installing Busybox)If you don't know what can you do after rooting?Then use ...

app theMikMik Forums (Free) logo

theMikMik Forums (Free)


***Official theMikMik Forum App***This is the official MikMik app by ForumRunner. theMikMik forums is the home of MikRoms where you will find highly optimized custom roms for your Android device. For ...

app Pilotx S2 Controller logo

Pilotx S2 Controller


This application customize and control custom roms and more.To use this application you must open folder on your sdcard and call it pilotxcontrol.With Pilotx Controller you can now:Change themesChange...

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