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Glu Mobile releases Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon Rising

Glu Mobile has put out some great games over the past few years, and they've covered a lot of different genres as well. Their newest game titled Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon is their take on Fruit Ninja, but with a smelly twist in the form of cheese… and farts. As mentioned, this game is just like Fruit Ninja so if you’ve played that ga...

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app Cut The Cheese (Fart Game) logo

Cut The Cheese (Fart Game)


Cut The Cheese is a fun action packed game. Slash the flying cheese and listen to the funny fart sounds as you try and get high score. KEYWORDS:fart, farts, cheese, cut, fruit ninja, fruit, ninja, sla...

app Angry Ninja Cut The Fly Cheese logo

Angry Ninja Cut The Fly Che...


????? Angry Ninja Cut The Fly Cheese .Cheese Slasher .Slice, Slash and Chop as many flying Cheese To get the highest score but don't touch bombs !!!Try this game and you won...


Frontline Commando – Android Game Review

Frontline Commando – Android Game Review Overview Last week Glu Mobile released a new Android game called Cut the Cheese: Rise of the Fudge Dragon, and what do they choose for their follow-up? A great looking 3rd person shooter called Frontline Commando. This proves that you never know what Glu has up their sleeves, as they go from putting out a game with a farting theme one week jus...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – December 11th, 2011

1. Dragon's Lair Retro gaming fans got something to smile about this week as Digital Leisure released the classic Dragon’s Lair into the Android market. Now you can help Dirk get Princess Daphne back from the evil wizard Mordroc, and you can do it all from your Android phone or Tablet. Everything you loved about the original is present in the And...

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app Паста Итальянская Кухня Рецепт logo

Паста Итальянс...


Кулинарная книга "Паста Итальянская Кухня Рецепты".Вкусные и аппетитные рецепты к празднику и на каждый...

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Japanese Recipes


A collection of 383 Video cookery recipe lessons on how to cook Japanese style. Includes: Chawanmushi Gyudon Beef Bowl - Japanese Cooking 101 Easy Japanese Recipes Potato Korokke croquette Recipe - Ja...

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Kids Cuddly Color Book (Ful...


Kids' Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book is a coloring book application that is designed to be simple and easy to use.Sit down with your young one and select which picture you'd like to color, or if you'd ...

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HyperVocal – Internet...


WHAT WE ARELaunched in October 2010, HyperVocal provides engaged Millennials of the so-called Facebook Generation with a comprehensive look at the complete, hyper-frenetic news cycle. We’re purveyor...

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Doodle Sprint 2


????? Doodle Sprint 2 is now available on Android ( Google play ).Finally it's time for Doodle Sprint 2. This time playing a completely different doodle sprint, In this game you can run, jump and fly...

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Hamster Life


This is a fun pet training game! A free breeding game application with a lovely hamster! Feed and train your cute Hamster at your leisure period. Raise the Ham by boiled rice or stroke, or the belly i...

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90’s TV Trivia


It seems like only yesterday that the Olsen Twins were cute babies singing with Uncle Jesse, and Screech was hanging with Mr. Belding. The 90's brought a new wave of now classic television. Can you re...

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The meal in daily life that made the homemade dish a center was made a photograph collection. Content?Tomato and tuna's pasta?Grill of tomato, tuna, new onion, and consomme asparagus?Mayonnaise source...

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BabeRater Trial Version


BabeRater-*-*-*-*-*-BabeRater is based on the Marquardt Beauty Mask which has received criticalacclaim. The proprietary computer vision algorithm in BabeRater knows some facial featuresof the Beauty M...


Get the Gold with Crazy Miner Bob for Android

Thar’ be Gold in them Hills! That may not be what Crazy Miner Bob is saying, but it’s surely what he’s thinking in the aptly titled Android game Crazy Miner Bob from Two Guys and a Game. This Android game has you digging through dirt, snow, and even the graveyard looking for nuggets of gold nuggets and the occasional diamond. Good old...

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app BabeRater Free Ad Edition logo

BabeRater Free Ad Edition


This is the Free Ad Edition of the iPhone(tm) Award-winning Classic "BabeRater" *Differences with Full Edition;- Ads- Not guaranteed to receive updates- Might have been cursed by a dying Gip...

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** WARNING - CONTAINS BRITISH HUMOUR! **RudeDroid was originally commissioned by an ambitious alternative comedian, keen to find the next "tit witch", "smell my cheese" or "be...

app Social Pioneer logo

Social Pioneer


In olden times explorers would set out on the frontier to find new lands and territories and claim them in the name of their kingdom. The map is pretty much filled in now, but it's all up for grabs ag...

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Download full version at,+LLCYou have cheese, but rodents want your cheese. You must kill the rodents!!! So lay traps to protect your prec...

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Breakfast Recipes Cookbook


Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day, With Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Get 270+ Mouth Watering, Lip Smacking RecipesWhether you what a Sunday brunch or just a quick and easy breakfast...&...

app RudeDroidFree logo



** WARNING - CONTAINS BRITISH HUMOUR! ** RudeDroid was originally commissioned by an ambitious alternative comedian, keen to find the next "tit witch", "smell my cheese" or "b...

app Mom’s Best Recipes – Volume 1 logo

Mom’s Best Recipes &#...


Moms Best Recipes - Volume IAuthor: Shirley McNevich250 Recipes from momsbest.blogspot.comSampling of some of the recipes...Cakes: Chocolate Cake Shoo Fly Cake Ugly Duckling Cake Banana Cake Watergate...

app TundraTV How To Videos logo

TundraTV How To Videos


TundraTV: How To is a collection of 71 how to videos found on YouTube. What happens when you get a flat tire and don't know how to change it? You could spend time searching on your phone, or just op...

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2011/5/14 "ShakeGirl!" upgrade??Changes Ver1.2??Added screen cast or talent recruitment.?Added "Maya Saito"'s dress patterns.Name ?Maya SaitoBirthday ?July 27Blood type...

app Vibe Vault logo

Vibe Vault


Well, here it is. Vibe Vault 4.Designed from the ground up for Android 4.0+ devices, and making full use of the Holo paradigm. New graphics, enhanced sharing, extremely fast performance, bug fixes, ...