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Skyfire Horizon toolbar for AT&T and Sprint serves ads, collects browsing data

Banner-Ads-Skyfire-Horizon-650x408If you’ve purchased a phone from a wireless carrier in the past year, chances are it came preloaded with an untold amount of intrusive, bothersome bloatware. Undoubtedly, carriers’ affinity for bundling an excessive number of apps with limited, expensive functionality (AT&T’s HTC One, for example, comes with eight different apps that esse...

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Sony announces global rollout of my Xperia remote security service

my Xperia Some time earlier this year, Sony started testing its very own remote security service for smartphones, called Sony my Xperia. Fast forward a full five months, and now the company is gearing up to finally launch this service for Xperia smartphone users across the planet. In case you missed it, my Xperia is Sony’s attempt at making sure that ...

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EE doubles the speed of its 4G service in 12 UK cities

ee It’s time to break out the speed tests, as EE has doubled up the speed of its 4G network in 12 cities across the UK today. The plan was initially outlined earlier in the year, with just ten cities in the UK in line for an upgrade, but it seems that EE customers in two extra cities will receive boosted speeds as well. This boost in data speeds ha...

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Google Play Music updated to reduce mobile data usage

Google Play MusicThe problem with cloud based computing is you need a good data connection to the Internet. Broadband services at home (including those lucky enough to have Google Fiber) are great and in the most part offer unlimited bandwidth. But on mobile it is different. Data plans are often capped or the carrier’s unlimited options are beyond the means o...

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Google seeing the benefits of having their services on iOS devices.

google maps ios iphoneWe heard it time and again at Google I/O: The search giant is about services above all else. Their dictum seems to have the undertone that things like Android and Chrome are simply conduits for their services. This is the real reason Nexus devices are so cost effective for consumers, so that attitude is clearly working. Things like Google Maps are ...

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How to get T-Mobile’s $30/month unlimited data smartphone plan

t-mobile-logo-hugeIf you don’t talk on your mobile phone much, but like to use apps, navigation, or any other kind of data-absorbing functions, you know how important a good data plan is. What if we told you that you could pay about $30/month for unlimited data, with the first 5MB at top speeds? Now we’re talking!The Consumerist recently highlighted the low-cost...

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FreedomPop will soon offer free wireless phone service, starting later this summer

freedompop-mobileSick of paying big bucks each month to your current U.S. mobile provider? What if there was a way to get cellular access, without paying a single cent each month? That’s exactly what FreedomPop is looking to offer later this summer, taking its free wireless broadband service and expanding it into the realm of mobile phones.With FreedomPopR...

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Canada adopts $50/month data overage cap, is immediately dubbed ‘genius’.

Canada adopts $50/month data overage capIf you’ve ever looked at your monthly cellphone bill and wondered where those extra charges came from, you’re not alone. Maybe it was going over your SMS limit, or call minutes. Increasingly, the culprit is data. As our mobile devices get more data hungry, and mobile providers offer less of that precious cell sustenance, we’ve got to throttle...

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app It consult+service ltd. logo

It consult+service ltd.


Alles rund um die Kommunikation im Intra-, Inter- und Daten-Net erhalten Sie hier.Finden Sie HArdware Software und Dienstleistungen aus einer Hand.Everything about the communication in the intra-, int...

app Fleetcar+Service Community (c) logo

Fleetcar+Service Community ...


Fleetcar+Service Community (c)Ihr persönliches Fuhrparkmanagement.Als Dienstwagennutzer eines Großkunden von Volkswagen oder Audi sind Sie mit Ihrem Fahrzeug deutschlandweit unterwegs. Sie ...

app Data Switch Save Battery Pro logo

Data Switch Save Battery Pr...


App to switch automatically on/off internet (3g APN) periodically.You can select to turn on internet each 5/15/30/60 minutes for the duration of 2/5/10 minutes.You can also take off the time connectio...

app Auto Service logo

Auto Service


Az Auto Service alkalmazás segítséget nyújt minden bajba jutott autós számára utazása során.Bármilyen m?szaki hiba, vagy baleset k...

app UPC TV Channel Service logo

UPC TV Channel Service


Use this tool to find out immediately what your UPC-TV will play rightnow. This guide is faster then the settop-box itself and far more comfortable than the internet pages of UPC to find out what's cu...

app Data Switch Save Battery logo

Data Switch Save Battery


App to switch automatically on/off internet (3g APN) periodically.You can select to turn on internet each 5/15/30/60 minutes for the duration of 2 minutes.Useful for save battery!There is a widget for...

app Wataniya Services logo

Wataniya Services


An application to help you easily navigate some of the services provided by Wataniya Telecom Maldives. More services will be added as and when testing is complete, this will be updated to the device...

app Kid Icarus AR Database logo

Kid Icarus AR Database


This application make it easy to have all your Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards at your hands. Makes it super-easy to scan them with your 3DS and accumulate a lot of hearts in the game.The application us...

app DataSaver-Uncapped Mobile Data logo

DataSaver-Uncapped Mobile D...


DataSaver works with every wireless service provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone, Orange, etc...) and with every data plan.Getting free, unlimited mobile data at over 11M Wi-Fi hots...


Update: Data Outage Hits T-Mobile Across America

Speaking from my own personal experience, talking with friends, and scouring Twitter, it appears data services for T-Mobile are seemingly non-existent. Basic services for voice and text are still in effect, so you can place calls and send and receive text messages.  However, accessing the web or performing any tasks that involves 2G, 3G, or 4G da...

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app AachenMünchener Service logo

AachenMünchener Service


Unterstützte Geräte:  • Samsung Galaxy S  • Samsung Galaxy S2  • Samsung Galaxy Note  • Samsung Google Nexus S  • HTC Desire  • HTC Desire HD  • HTC Desire S  • HTC E...

app Data Recording logo

Data Recording


In future versions i will improve the handling of sensor data and the gui.Timestamp comes from sensor, if timestamp is not in correct order, it is a problem of the device and not a bug of this

app Orange Service logo

Orange Service


Mit Orange Service haben Sie Ihre Kosten fest im Griff. Sie haben außerdem Informationen zu Ihrem Vertrag griffbereit und können Service Einstellungen vornehmen. Mit Ihrem Kundenkennwort k&...

app SMS Services logo

SMS Services


SMS Services is an application that allows you to take full advantage of the vast SMS-based services that your mobile operator provides in an easy, simple, and straight forward way Using SMS Services ...

app Fingal Access Database logo

Fingal Access Database


A directory of services available throughout the Dublin Fingal area. You can call up the phone numbers, emails, and websites directly. Future versions will contain updated data periodically....

app San Diego Health Services logo

San Diego Health Services


San Diego Health Finder is an android app that uses data provided by the City of San Diego. It allows the San Diego Community to easily find helpful city services related to their health.The app is se...

app Italike DataCom Widget logo

Italike DataCom Widget


Italike DataCom Widget is one of the many useful packages promoted by Italike supporting different Languages. It helps monitoring Mobile, Sms and Voice with multiple notifications.FEATURES:- Mobile, S...

app Stop 3 Data Roaming logo

Stop 3 Data Roaming


App for Android users on 3 Mobile in Australia to stop the phone from using expensive data while Roaming in Australia.Since Android 4.0/ICS does not allow changes to APN Settings by 3rd Party apps, th...

app Weather Services PRO logo

Weather Services PRO



app AcerNidus – Bug Report Service logo

AcerNidus – Bug Repor...


== What is AcerNidus? ==AcerNIdus is an app to collect and report error message with user's permission.Only errors from pre-loaded apps will trigger AcerNidus, and the actions will be: 1. Get relat...

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