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app SoR Datasheets logo

SoR Datasheets


Ever been to a robot competition, demonstration, or conference and you didn't have internet access? What do you do when your robot has a problem and you need to look up the datasheets?This is an offli...

app MSDS Pocket Binder logo

MSDS Pocket Binder


Lowest price ever, for limited time. We are working on an updated version with a seamless data install. The price will change once the new version is out so get it now.235,00+ of the most popular Mate...

app Schlage Electronics How-To logo

Schlage Electronics How-To


Note: this app requires a network connection for all functionality.Note: a PDF reader is required to view much of the content in this app. You can get the Adobe Reader app for free from the Market.-T...

app ST op-amps logo

ST op-amps


STMicroelectronics’ "ST op-amps" application allows you to select the appropriate operational amplifiers, comparators, high speed amplifiers and current sensing for your application using ...

app AVR128 Assembly summary logo

AVR128 Assembly summary


Assembly instruction as needed when using ATMega128 are sometimes. Datasheet view, but always there is always the time and hassle. Little bit is designed to solve these difficulties. Commands feature ...

app Avago PartFinder logo

Avago PartFinder


Avago's PartFinder app provides easy access from your Android mobile device to detailed information on Avago's products. PartFinder makes it easy to find the specifications and data sheet of a product...

app Schlage HandPunch Info logo

Schlage HandPunch Info


This application makes it easy to access information for Schlage HandPunch biometric readers. While installing a reader or enrolling new users, you can retrieve our user guides with ease. Use your mob...

app Sabern appetizer logo

Sabern appetizer


Free to download. The Sabern app is an appetizer to publish interactive content that is created with DesignDB or BookDB publishing software. The layout and branding of the content is controlled by Ad...

app HUGOmobile logo



HUGOtablette est un logiciel de CRM qui vous permettra de suivre vos clients et prospects, de saisir vos devis et commandes, de gérer l'historique de vos visites et surtout de présenter ...

app Digi-Key logo



Digi-Key's app for Android is the design engineer's passkey to one of the world's largest inventories of in-stock electronic components. With instant access to, our application is designed...