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Quick Review: DayZ Central from Skunkfu

Quick Review: DayZ Central from Skunkfu If you’re a gamer, and you love zombies you’ve no doubt heard of DayZ. If not, you’re seriously missing out. The DayZ Central app gives you all the information you’ll ever need on the zombie filled land of Chernarus, and in a game like DayZ information is key to staying alive. DayZ is an awesome mod for ARMA 2, and it really gives you a re...

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Dayz Map Simple


A simple map based on launch the app and find your path ;)....

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This site provides the latest news and updates from the site is the latest site for latest news from techdayz....

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Find fun day trips on the go with the new Dayzipping for Android. We've taken our most popular features from the website and rebuilt them specifically for the mobile users on the go. A few things you'...

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Holidayz is a simple application that lists all the National Holidays (for this version only public Brazilian holidays). But we have lots of ideas on improving this application. Visit our website or s...

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Dayz is an easy-to-use tool to keep track of important dates and see how many days passed since some specific date or how many days are still left till some other date....

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Video Game Forums


The Video Game Forum app is a premiere mobile online discussion forum community for video game lovers and enthusiasts. Come talk about the latest games and upcoming releases. Post pictures of your l...

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Weight Watch Pro


Manage your Weight.......and save the date, your weight and your BMI with this beautiful App! If you are not sure....try the Trial Version and then please come back :DThis is the PRO Version which all...

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Weight Watch (ad free)


Manage your Weight......with this beautiful BMI and Weight App. NO Ads, NO Permissions!!! Track your BMI and manage your weight!Get your ideal body weight! You can choose your gender and switch betwee...