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Dead on Arrival – Android Game Review

Dead on Arrival – Android Game Review Overview Zombies crave brains like gamers crave a good game, and there’s a new Zombie shooter that can make the living and dead both happy in the form of Dead on Arrival by N3V Games. This slick top down shooter has killer graphics, fast paced gameplay, and a whole lotta’ zombies to take out. All zombie shooters are not created equal, so h...

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Zombie Shooter Dead on Arrival arrives in the Android Market

An already awesome day for gamers just got a little better with the long awaited release of Dead on Arrival from N3V Games. Anytime a new Zombie game drops I have to check it out, so I was thrilled to see Dead on Arrival pop up in the market this afternoon. We had heard that Dead on Arrival was coming as an Xperia Play exclusive on Nov 17th, b...

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