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app Dead Pixel Detect and Fix logo

Dead Pixel Detect and Fix


For the people who could't see the traditional Android Menu, Please "Long Press" the bottom of the front page logo to bring up the context menu selection.Detect any stuck or dead pixel on yo...

app Skeleton Guitarist Raises Dead logo

Skeleton Guitarist Raises D...


All our Live Wallpapers have the following characteristics:*Speed of execution: from 1 to 25 frames per second;*Size of resolution: from 240x320 to 600x1024 pixels;*Memory used: smartphone and SD.For ...

app Dead Pixel Remover logo

Dead Pixel Remover


Just bought a new phone and immediately found several dead pixels on your display?The dealer refused to exchange the device because it didn't affects the usability or wants to send it in for repair?Tr...

app Dead Pixel Prank logo

Dead Pixel Prank


Add dead pixels to any screen! One by one, pixels on the target phone will go dark. Over the course of several hours, a secret image will be revealed!Hours of fun for all ages.P.S. Anyone searching fo...

app Dead Pixel Check Free logo

Dead Pixel Check Free


Sometimes it can be tough to check a device for dead pixels. You need to find a way to get the screen clear, and you need to do it in different colors to make sure each pixel has its full range of col...

app Check My Pixels logo

Check My Pixels


With Check My Pixels, you can manually show diffrent colors to check if you have dead or defect pixels on your screen.Simply swipe between the colors and then closely inspect your screen in each of th...

app Bad pixels test logo

Bad pixels test


Test your screen for dead pixels.The programm allows to find dead (defect) pixels on the screen.The screen is painted with one of six solid colors. Tap on the screen to change color.Dead pixels will d...

app Dead Pixel Detect logo

Dead Pixel Detect


It's a simple application to help you find the dead pixels. When you get a new phone, you may need this tool to test the screen, so do I. Cycle several colors and try to recognize the dead pixels....


HTC Promises to Double the HTC One Shipments This Month

htc one shipments It was not an easy start for the Taiwanese super star, from the beginning HTC One shipments were delayed due to technical issues but now they are expected to double until the end of the month. HTC One was seen by market analysts like a make or brake deal for the company, just like the Lumia 920 was for Nokia. The current flagship of the Taiwanes...

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app Colorchange logo



You can catch those dead pixels on your phone screen.Its my first app.its a app which changes color once you touch it.its a full screen app and color changes in a cyclic method Red-Blue-GreenIt can be...

app Pixel Doctor Lite logo

Pixel Doctor Lite


★ The Pixel Doctor ★ Check if your device has any dead pixels or screen burn!Great if you have just purchased a new phone or tablet and want to check the screen for dead pixels!With the pro versio...

app Pixel Curer logo

Pixel Curer


Pixel Curer is a simple app that tries to revive stuck or dead pixels on your screen by cycling colors behind them. Move the cycling square pixel to stuck or dead pixels and try to run it for 10~15 mi...

app Lcd Tester logo

Lcd Tester


Android LCD Tester is a free multi-functional test that lets you test the contrast and colors of your android device's lcd panel. Using Android LCD Tester you can:1. Determine if your android device's...

app Backlight Bleed Test logo

Backlight Bleed Test


A simple app that allows you to examine the LCD display of your Android device in order to clearly see any annoying backlight bleed that may be present. Adjustable backlight brightness. Other features...

app My Display Check logo

My Display Check


You could use Check Red/Green/Blue/Black/White Color buttons to check your AMOLED or LCD display module if there is any aberration on red/green/blue/black/white colors or any dead pixels. Unlike other...

app ScreenTest HD logo

ScreenTest HD


HD generation of useful screen test for finding broken and dead pixels on your Android phones, Tablets and Google TV.Supports installation on SD card.NB: There is no legal way to completely hide Syste...

app testScreen logo



The software can be used to detect mobile screen, dead pixel detection and repair, currently supports only bright spots, dead pixels, and color purity, color detection....

app Screen Helper Lite logo

Screen Helper Lite


Just got your new phone or tablet? make sure there is no dead/stuck pixels. Let Screen Helper check for you! easy test your screen with 6 basic colors, if you see any stuck pixels, just click on "...

app Screen Helper logo

Screen Helper


Just got your new phone or tablet? make sure there is no dead/stuck pixels. Let Screen Helper check for you! easy test your screen with 6 basic colors, if you see any stuck pixels, just click on "...

app Insultes De Geek logo

Insultes De Geek


Retrouvez des centaines d'insultes que seuls les geek ou les informaticiens peuvent comprendre ! Quelques exemples :"Ton CV tiens dans un tweet !""Tes parents t'ont laissé en beta !&qu...

app Gesture Torch logo

Gesture Torch


Simple and useful flashlight app. Use your gestures to control screen brightness, color and SOS mode (flashing speed adjustable). Long press toggles white, red green and blue, also useful for quick te...


HTC Butterfly and One mini will have Ultrapixel cameras!

HTC One and One miniDo you love Ultrapixels? HTC thinks you do, and they’re giving you more of it.The upcoming Butterfly and One mini are both set to have Ultrapixel cameras. That’s about where the similarities, end, so we’ll start with the One mini.The mini, which is clearly a Galaxy S4 competitor, has a 4.3” screen displaying in 720p, but keep many of the sa...

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app RGB Changer logo

RGB Changer


Simple Program that changes colors between: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue. it is mainly used to test screens and to make sure no pixels are dead or stuck....

app Delver logo



Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels.Take the role of an adventurer that tries their fate in the dark dungeons (and probably dies horribly). Fight monsters, grab...

app CasaDelGato Life Wallpaper logo

CasaDelGato Life Wallpaper


This is an Android "Live Wallpaper" that runs a Cellular Automata simulation - often called "Life".The rules it uses are taken from: Conways Game of LifeThe animation runs in the b...

app Pixel Rain logo

Pixel Rain


Amazing physics game. Protect your diamonds and coins from a rain of deadly pixels and blocks!"Pixel Rain has very pleasant graphics and fun challenges. Overall, a great puzzle game." -- And...

app Pixel Repair logo

Pixel Repair


This is the safest and cheapest way to get rid of stuck pixels! Pixel Repair helps repair/rebuild faulty pixels! Pixel Repair works by making your faulty pixels blink. The software works with pixels ...

app Quicktech Droid Beta logo

Quicktech Droid Beta


Quicktech Droid Mobile Diagnostics Suite Beta is designed for Android Devices to check its main functions such as Accelerometer, Battery, Camera, Compass, CPU, Display, GPS, Memory, Microphone, Networ...