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Clash Royale Strategy – Cheats & Tips To Improve Your Game

war-game-778893_640 The Clash Royale is a brilliant game of strategies that deploys the same troops that are used in the clash of Clans. In addition, Musketeers and Pecca are also included in the eclectic mix. The players can also develop the Clans after winning the battle and obtaining decorations of different varieties. The game involves the implementation of th...

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Ariton Games brings Westward Ho! to Android

Spaceward.Ho!-Android We’ve seen some great Sci-Fi Android games over the past few months, and you can now add one more to that list with Spaceward Ho! from Ariton Games. If the name sounds familiar it should, as the original Computer game was quite popular and still has a rabid fan base today. Spaceward Ho! is a turn-based strategy game that puts you in control of...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – March 11, 2013

So many games, so little time. This week’s edition of the Top New Android Games of the Week is full of great games and it was quite the task to trim it down to only 10. There’s definitely a little something for everyone this week with games including dog loving sharks, pixely warriors, and two buff brothers with a love of guns. Without furthe...

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app Bugs Army! [Free Shooter Game] logo

Bugs Army! [Free Shooter Ga...


"Bugs Army!" is a free defensive shooter game from Kuma the Bear, the publisher of popular games including "PopCork!"and "What's Up? Zombie!".Repel the various bugs invad...


Top 10 New Android Games of the Day – April 19th, 2012

Good Android Games have been coming out with alarming speed lately, and today there were well over 10 "good" new ones that dropped into Google play. We’ve covered a few games today already and whether you want to fling sharks, kill pigs, build an Island village or refine a little oil there’s a little something for everyone today. If the ne...

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Mobage releases Card Battling game Rage of Bahamut for Android

Overview Card battling games are a natural fit for touchscreen devices, and there are quite a few out there for the Android platform. Well, you can now add another title to that list as Mobage has just released a new Card Battling game called Rage of Bahamut. If you’ve never played a card battling game before you basically collect cards and...

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The Best Android Strategy Games of 2011

As 2011 came to a close and 2012 is underway, we thought it was the perfect time to break out our Best Games of the 2011 lists. After several debates, arguments, and a few hurt feelings the staff at & has managed to put together several Top 5 lists of the best games to drop in 2011. We’ve done it by gen...

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app Great Little War Game logo

Great Little War Game


★ Officially one of the BEST strategy games ever made! is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. With a unique comical s...


NFL Rivals – Android Game Review

NFL Rivals – Android Game Review Overview As this weekend kicked off the NFL season, I thought it was just the perfect time to do a football review. NFL Rivals is the newest Football game from Natural Motion games, and it’s also their best to date. Their Backbreaker series of Football games have always been popular, but NFL Rivals takes it up a notch as it allows you to use...

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Silo MAD – Android Game Review

Silo MAD – Android Game Review Overview Silo MAD is a killer little RTS game from Plasmaworks that puts you right in the middle of a Nuclear War. You’ll have to acquire land, defend it and launch your own attacks on the enemy… and you won’t necessarily be doing things in that order. Some levels will start hammering you right of the bat, while others permit you to buil...

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Top 5 Tower Defense Games for Android

Tower Defense games have always been popular, and the Android Market has plenty of them to choose from. We scoured the Market to bring you 5 of the best. 1. Armored Defense Lite This is a full featured Tower Defense game put out by Armoredsoft. There’s a lot of depth in this game with two different difficulty levels, three military careers, and...

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app GameChanger logo



The GameChanger mobile app and website provides free scorekeeping and stat software for thousands of baseball and softball teams. Parents and fans can follow live with play-by-play updates, alerts, an...


Haypi Kingdom Android Game Review

Haypi Kingdom Android Game Review MMORPG - if you know what those letters stand for, this new Android game is definitely for you. Alright MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That's what this Android game, Haypi Kingdom is categorized as. As such, playing this Android game will entail countless hours of directing your kingdom in battling other players ...

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Dungeon Castle??? ???? ?? ??!??? ???? ???.?? ???? ??????.????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???,??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????.??? ??? ??? ?? ????? ???????.various skill, various monster!This game is very fun def...

app Dungeon Castle logo

Dungeon Castle


Dungeon Castle??? ???? ?? ??!??? ???? ???.?? ???? ??????.????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???,??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????.??? ??? ??? ?? ????? ???????.various skill, various monster!This game is very fun def...

app Dungeon&Castle logo



Dungeon&Castle. ??&????? ???? ?? ??!??? ???? ???.?? ???? ??????.????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ???,??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????.??? ??? ??? ?? ????? ???????.Good defence game.Category : actoin&d...


Bloons TD Battles Review: Battling Balloons with Abandon

Bloons TD Battles Review: Battling Balloons with Abandon When you hear the name Ninja Kiwi balloons probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. That’s all you’ll think about after playing one of their popular Bloons games, and their latest release is going to whittle away at your free time. Bloons TD Battles is the name of the game, and it’s  one of the best mobile multiplayer games you'...

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app Kingdom Rush logo

Kingdom Rush


The acclaimed action fantasy defense game is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets! Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and othe...

app Planets Defense logo

Planets Defense


Planets Defense is a 3d space strategy game where you create, develop and command your space fleet, research new technology and acquire new resources. Invest into planet mining or debris scavenging an...

app App Review Latest Apps Free logo

App Review Latest Apps Free


This app contains video reviews for latest and top mobile apps. The videos have been hand-picked by us. The videos include:iOS 7 App Switcher Concept: Multitasking RedesignReview of Rotago for iPhone,...

app Rommel And Afrika Korps logo

Rommel And Afrika Korps


Conflicts: Rommel and Afrika Korps is a turn based strategy game which takes place in the North African theater during the Second World War.After the Italian forces collapse in the North Africa, Germa...

app Q英雄 logo




app War of Glory logo

War of Glory


Nine hundred sixty-two thousand years ago, the first human civilization on the Earth's history(Gandalia Civilization) by the ravages of the invaders. Intruders do whatever they want in order to plunde...


Raft Pirates Review: A Swashbuckling Good Time

Raft Pirates Review: A Swashbuckling Good Time Pirate games come in many shapes and forms. Some games let you play as a pirate while others let you control the pirates’ ship. 6waves Raft Pirates does the latter, and it’s a soul sucking game that will whittle away at your free time and pull you in with its fun turn-based battles. Raft Pirates is a turn-based strategy game set on the open se...

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app Martian Chess logo

Martian Chess


Martian Chess is a digital recreation of Andrew Looney's classic treehouse / icehouse game now on your Android Phones and Tablets!A fun and challenging board game,similar to traditional chess, with a ...


Battle Cats Review: More Fun than you can Shake a Cat at

Battle Cats Review: More Fun than you can Shake a Cat at Battle Cats is one of those capture the castle style games where you and your opponent send troops towards each others castles. Instead of troops you’ll be sending out cats and the enemy will send all sorts of animals like dogs, snakes, alligators, hippos, and red seals…beware the red seals. The gameplay is about as simple as it gets; you win...

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CES 2013: NVIDIA unveils Project Shield to the masses

One of the more interesting things to come out of CES this morning is NVIDIA’s Project Shield. While it sounds like some sort of defensive project from Darpa, it’s actually NVIDIA’s attempt to put its stamp on mobile gaming and yes that's Skyrim running on the screen in the picture. Project Shield a hybrid of sorts between, like a big ol...

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Tower Defense with a Celebrity Twist in AMA’s Stars vs. Paparazzi

stars vs paparazzi ama You never quite know what to expect with the folks at AMA, and their newest Android game Stars vs. Paparazzi is a prime example of that. It’s a tower defense game of sorts that takes on the age old question of who will win the war between the Stars and Paparazzi… Stars vs. Paparazzi lets you take those evil photogs to task as you play Lady L...

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