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Search for demise

app Deep Space Demise logo

Deep Space Demise


Deep Space Demise2d space shooter (0.2 beta)The best 2d shooter game you'll ever play for android. Tilt the phone to move the ship and tap the screen to shoot.leave comments for suggestions...

app Attack of the Spooklings FREE logo

Attack of the Spooklings FR...


Arcade Slashing Action!Cut down hordes of Spooklings in a desperate attempt to save your village!Combining a classic arcade experience with satisfying swiping action, Attack of the Spooklings is the u...


Frighten Folks into a Frenzy in The Spookening for Android

The Spookening for AndroidThere are several spooky Android Games floating about on Google Play, but a new one by the name of The Spookening has quickly become a personal favorite. It gives you a taste of what life might be like as a ghost, and it’s pretty Spooktacular…The Spookening is a 3D puzzler that lets you play a ghost with a penchant for scaring people. The ghoul...

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app Pearl Jam Wallpapers logo

Pearl Jam Wallpapers


Pearl Jam Wallpapers and Theme Application Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (vocals), S...


Tickle the Ivories in Frederic Resurrection of Music for Android

Sometimes you hear about a game that’s too odd to exist. Such is the case of Frederic Resurrection of Music from Forever Entertainment. What makes this little gem so bizarre? How bout’ Fredrick Chopin having a rap battle with a DJ and getting smoked out in Jamaica. Curious? Frederic Resurrection of Music follows the tale of Chopin, as he rises...

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Free Falling Fun with Captain Clumsy for Android

Google Play is flooded with endless runners, jumping games, and even a few falling games. Pirates: Captain Clumsy falls into the latter category as you’ll take control of a clumsy captain with an extreme dislike of seagulls. Captain Clumsy is the tale of a pirate that was set for retirement until he loses his booty. Needless to say the captain...

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app Hell Hall Lite logo

Hell Hall Lite


The undead are going to catch you, it's only a matter of time before they do. Try to avoid your inevitable demise, but beware that you won't make it very far down this horror corridor! With its spooky...

app AREL WARS 2 logo



AREL WARS 24/5 Stars -AndroidZoomThe Ultimate Defense Game Returns The three tribes of Union, Buster and Deven lived peacefully amongst one another until one day, from the Deven clan, rose Destroin- t...

app Sand Storm Issue 2 logo

Sand Storm Issue 2


Seperated from her soldiers, the Queen of egypt fights for her life in a battle between her and thousands of enemy soldiers bent on her demise!!!!...

app HOLE logo



Year 21xx, numerous HOLEs suddenly appear in the universe .According to the latest research, HOLEs will inhale all the substance so that cause the demise of a planetYour mission is to shoot the holes...

app Decoy logo



Keep your ship clear of the aliens and lure them with decoys to their demise! Stay alive to break the high score or beat the challenges to unlock a secret.- Tilt controls your ship- Tap the screen to ...

app Healing Tree Comm. Foundation logo

Healing Tree Comm. Foundati...


The Healing Tree Foundation is a collective vehicle of young teachers, activists, marketers and entrepreneurs for social action. We are fully committed to the demise of AIDS and ignorance within our c...

app Evacuate Free logo

Evacuate Free


Someone, or something, has broken in and set off the self destruct sequence in the laboratory you work in. Amidst the chaos you must try and evacuate or die a fiery, painful death. Run, dodge, jump a...

app Me and My Zombies Lite logo

Me and My Zombies Lite


Me and My Zombies is a turn-based game with zombies. Take control of a powerful necromancer to defeat the zombie hordes and challenge your friends to an epic duel of sorcery and zombie mayhem!In sing...

app Viking Rescue FREE logo

Viking Rescue FREE


☆☆☆☆NEW, check out our Dollarpic App too, sell photos from your phone!☆☆☆☆This is the FREE version which is ad supported. For the ad free version (99¢) please go here:https://market.a...

app Viking Rescue logo

Viking Rescue


A ship of Vikings has been taken from the sea and carried into the sky! The evil trickster god Loki is behind it. He takes joy in dropping the men through his wicked traps and laughing at their demise...

app GIRType logo



<div id="doc-original-text">In side scrolling mode, G.I.R-Type is a scrolling space shooter set in a mathematically generated world. With randomized terrain to maneuver around, danger...

app Uncle Sam logo

Uncle Sam


When a lethal group of radicals plot against the United States, there's only one man who can save the day: UNCLE SAM.Play as UNCLE SAM as he jumps his way through hordes of enemies who will stop at no...

app Belleville Historical Sites logo

Belleville Historical Sites


Belleville, Illinois, is a modern city that was built around the people who labored in various industries. Mines, farms, breweries -to name a few- once dotted the landscape which has engulfed the ope...

app Uncle Sam Free logo

Uncle Sam Free


Play as UNCLE SAM as he jumps his way through hordes of enemies who will stop at nothing to rain on his patriotic parade. Leap, bound, and punch your way to the top of randomly generated levels with a...


Top 10 Retro Android Games

As you get a bit older it's always fun to look back on some things from your youth, and Retro Games are a great way to do that. There are lots of Retro Android apps in the market, and we picked out 10 great games with a Retro vibe. It doesn't matter if you were into Rpg's or LCD's, there's a little something for everyone in the list. Without furthe...

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app Pinball Yeah! logo

Pinball Yeah!


PinballYeah! Is intended for Mid-High Range Devices. Pirates, Leprechauns, Krakens, Artificial Intelligence, a metal ball and your thumbs. The secret formula that takes you deep into a new and innovat...

app Sympathy Cards logo

Sympathy Cards


Ever wondered how can sympathy messages be credibly incredible and yet creative and customizable? Of course, no one can fill the void created by the demised soul but here we...

app Gravity Gambit logo

Gravity Gambit


Slingshot your escape from the Black Hole's deadly grasp. Use gravity to help Floorp, while avoiding the dangers of space.Don't let down your Guard! The space around you is constantly being dragged to...


Motorola Honeycomb Tablet to be Launched in CES 2011

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab already established as a close competitor of the Apple iPad, it's now Motorola's turn to stage a challenge by releasing their own Android tablet. Still with no official name, Motorola went ahead and gave us a teaser video of their teaser video which is scheduled to be launched during the CES 2011 happening on January 6 2...

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