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How the Motorola X Phone could change things

Motorola X Phone The X Phone is coming, and we know what it will be: mid-range, with some interesting nuances. The hardware won’t blow us away, but some of the new features might. We’re all reading about an “always on” feature for voice search, and of course the customization is a hot topic. Assembled in the US is nice for jobs, but does it matter to consu...

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app KG Dogfighting logo

KG Dogfighting


Raise your dog to beat the best!AN APP THAT WILL NEVER APPEAR IN THE iPHONE APP STORE!The Controversial Dogfighting Android "DogWars - Beta" app by Kage Games LLC has been renamed to KG Dogf...


Male Android Cheapskates To Dominate Mobile Market –

UberGizmo (blog)Male Android Cheapskates To Dominate Mobile MarketPhandroid.comAnd this is exactly what Android's detractors would say – Android is for geeky guys and penny pinchers. ...Android This Week: Devour Launches, Slacker Caches, Alex Gets DelayedGigaOm (blog)The Android revolutionAndroidSPIN (blog)Motorola Devour Is Hard to StomachWi...

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