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Developer Console


Fast way to developer console on android market...

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Developer Console Mobile


This FAST and EASY application allows you to watch both your Developers Console AND your Admob console all from one small app. Place the icon on your homescreen and you don't need to start browser and...

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Play Market Developer Conso...


This application is *ONLY* for *DEVELOPERS* with apps live in the *ANDROID*MARKET*! You need your google login.This app is not associated with Google (Play) in any way, it only shows the Developer Con...


Does an Android Tablet Stack Up Better than a Handheld Console for Casual Gaming?

gaming-console-254691_1280If you are someone who likes to game on the go, then you may have considered the possibilities of owning a touch screen Android tablet versus a specifically designed handheld gaming machine like the Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita. Both are a lot of fun and can make things like your daily commute or any other boring downtime fly by in a blitz of addict...

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Amazon Preparing His Own Android Gaming Console?

amazon According to anonymous sources (I just love this kind) cited by the Game Informer magazine, the retail giant Amazon is preparing for entering combat in the increasingly competitive market of Android gaming consoles with its own brand. So, those mysterious sources told Game Informer that Amazon Inc is working hard in developing its own Androi...

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Is Google building an Official Android Game Console? It’s been an interesting week for Android. Rumors are flying, and one of the latest involves Google getting into the console business. An Android Game Console could be on the horizon, and if it is it’s going to be a hell of a year gamers. We’ve heard grumblings of Apple trying to work games into their Apple TV, and if rumors are to be beli...

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Mad Catz Reveals the M.O.J.O. Android Micro Console at E3

M.O.J.O. Mad Catz just announced at the E3 gaming event in Los Angeles their new Android micro-console named M.O.J.O. This new contender on the market will make Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 to tremble with excitement. Not. Or at least, I'm not sure. Yet. Actually, the M.O.J.O.will be competing with other Android consoles, like the Ouya a...

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Mad Catz gaming console will support Google Play out of the box

mad catzWhen the Ouya was first announced, the idea was met with quite a few mixed opinions. Some felt the idea of an Android gaming micro-console was an odd proposition, others felt it was genius. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few companies rise up with their own Android gaming system offerings, such as the Gamestick or Bluestacks Gamepop. Now well...

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Mad Catz CEO announces new Android gaming console dubbed “Project M.O.J.O.” coming at E3

OuyaOuya gaming consoleE3 is nearly upon us, and of course, a lot of gaming news is expected. We’ll be hearing more about PlayJam’s Android-powered plug-and-play GameStick, but they aren’t going to be the only guys at the expo showing off the Android gaming experience, as Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson announced Project M.O.J.O., anot...

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GamePop Android gaming console by BlueStacks to cost $129 after free promo offer

BlueStacks GamePop Remember the newest Android-based gaming console that we told you about earlier this month called Gamepop from BlueStacks? It’s still being sold in a pre-order basis, and as mentioned in our earlier report, it is still free as long as you purchase a year-long monthly subscription. Now, BlueStacks has revealed how much it plans to charge for ...

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This application will allow you to program in Pascal on devices with Android. In this application you will be able to learn the basics, as well as creating simple and complex programs and run them dir...


PlayJam and Android Try to Take the Console Out of Gaming

playjam-androidPlayJam has introduced its new Android based game system that boasts a great deal of what we take for granted in console gaming without the bulk of an actual console. This lightweight gaming system runs an Android OS, is the size of a large cell phone, and can plug into any TV with a HDMI port. The package includes a wireless game controller and th...

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Archos GamePad – the Android powered handheld console

Back in August we came across an announcement from Archos. The company was showing off a concept of a gaming tablet, which quite frankly looked just like a concept. Although the device was looking great and was unique enough to catch our attention, we shrugged it off as a “possibility”. So imagine our surprise when after only three months the...

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Ouya Shipping to Developers on Time

The gaming world most of the time suffers from delays, a lot. And when it comes to small companies thinking big the delays occur more often. So when we got the news of Ouya’s development being right on schedule, we were as much surprised as joyed. The production team happily announced yesterday that their beloved device will be shipping well on t...

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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie comes available to more Android devices

Initially released as an exclusive to Sony Xperia devices, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is now made available for almost all Android devices. This game which was adapted from the best-selling console hit was optimized for Android tablets and smartphones and features 50 levels of zombie gauntlets and the game's trademark zombie warfare. The gam...

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app ZShaolin ZSH console terminal logo

ZShaolin ZSH console termin...


ZShaolin installs an interactive and scriptable console terminal on your Android device. It comes with a fully featured and well usable shell (colors, completion etc.) and several command line applica...

app Skyrim console commands logo

Skyrim console commands


Skyrim console commands, is a compact, light and handy overview of all commands that Skyrim provides, icluding descriptions and examples.Long press on a command to highlight it to your favorites, in o...

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Dev Stats


Google Play Android Developer Console + AdMob + AdSense in a single app using swipeable webviews. A quick and convenient way to check your income and app stats.Unfortenatly some Android versions have ...


Sleepy Jack now available for All Android Devices

I’ll blame missing this news on the Turkey, but a great little game called Sleepy Jack is finally available for everyone to enjoy and not just folks with an Xperia Play. Sleepy Jack is the 2nd awesome game from Silver Tree Media, makers of the popular game Cordy and Sleepy Jack is just as good if not better than their previous effort. So ...

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app i-Jetty Console Installer logo

i-Jetty Console Installer


This is an Android application that installs the Console web application into the i-jetty web server for Android. You must already have i-jetty installed before running this application. The Console w...

app nJoy – Joystick up your device logo

nJoy – Joystick up yo...


nJoy is a complete PC remote controlling solution!nJoy includes a gaming joystick layout and a comprehensive desktop controllayout consisted of media controls, web surfing and text input options,an ef...

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NetSupport DNA Mobile Conso...


Improve productivity, reduce visit times and minimise disruption to your customers with the NetSupport DNA Mobile Console - delivering real-time asset information direct to your mobile device, ensurin...

app Domino Console for Android logo

Domino Console for Android


Domino Console for Android native mobile application, which allows you to remotely control your IBM Lotus Domino server. The app requires the Domino Server Controller on server side to be running, and...

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With ConsoleTribe Mobile, you can access forums directly from your Android device.- Send and receive PM's- Access and post to the most recent discussions- View CT profiles- Cus...

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Console Network Mobile


With Console Network Mobile, you can access forums directly from your Android device.- Send and receive PM's- Access and post to the most recent discussions- Read and post to Conso...


Game Dev Story Android Game Review

Game Dev Story Android Game Review Overview Game Dev Story is a great game put out by Kairosoft Co Ltd. that puts you in charge of running your own Video Game company. You get to do a little bit of everything in this simulation game from hiring employees, producing the actual games and essentially running the business.  The game has a great, retro 8-bit feel and is very easy to pl...

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app JS Console for Android logo

JS Console for Android


JS Console for Android is a fully featured Javascript console for any Android device running 2.0 (Donut) or higher.It's a modified port of @rem's JS Console, and works both offline and online. You can...

app Game Dev Story Lite logo

Game Dev Story Lite


Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation.Features the ability to develop your company's own game console, plus a system for changing your staff m...

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