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Finding Ways to Save (Make) Money

how to make moneyWith all of the commotion occurring in the private sector regarding minimum wage laws, rising healthcare costs, and other mandatory benefits, the reality is workers are becoming more expensive. While you don’t necessarily want to reduce your workforce or downsize altogether, you do need to find ways to minimize costs to stay competitive in this n...

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Hope: Other Side of Adventure brings a different kind of Adventure Game to Android

hope.adventure-androidI'm always on the lookout for interesting Android Games, and this morning I stumbled across one called Hope: Other Side of Adventure. It’s a game set in medieval times, and there’s a princess involved, but it’s unlike any “Adventure” game you’ve ever played. Hope: Other Side of Adventure follows the tale of a princess whose been kidnap...

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app sell 3D models at Shapeways logo

sell 3D models at Shapeways


kelecrea_paid lets you add text as engraving or embossing to a pre-defined set of 3D models (pendants, nameplates, coins, rings, etc..).and it lets you add small patterns, touch-painted by you, as eng...

app Always Battery (Icon Changer) logo

Always Battery (Icon Change...


The Most Beautiful Battery Icon!!!=============================================******** Known Issue *********The icon disappear randomly.- This is because Android system kills battery services due to ...

app print 3D models at Shapeways logo

print 3D models at Shapeway...


kelecrea lets you add text as engraving or embossing to 3D models (rings, pendants, nameplates, coins, brooches, hairpins) and it lets you add small patterns, touch-painted by you, as engraving or emb...

app Ways You Drive Me Crazy logo

Ways You Drive Me Crazy


<div id="doc-original-text">Different ways your guy can drive you crazy... Includes things like by being the stud on my front porch who smiles at me when I open the door… and by hold...

app 125 Ways To Go Green logo

125 Ways To Go Green


The Dalai Lama put it best when he said, "We have a responsibility to look after our planet. It is our only home."Our planet is warming up and many scientists believe we humans are the cause...

app Ways of Knowing logo

Ways of Knowing


It is during adolescence that the phases of self-growth begins; developing characteristics that lead to maturity, yet different roles increase and intensify whereas many start developing mimicking beh...

app Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking logo

Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking


If you're one of the millions looking for effective methods to quit smoking, then you've certainly come to the right place. Nicotine addiction affects millions of people around the globe, and each yea...


Two Ways Google May Solve The Fragmentation Issue On Android –

TrustedReviewsTwo Ways Google May Solve The Fragmentation Issue On AndroidpaidContent.orgThere's at least four different versions of the Android operating system currently in the market, which has raised concerns that the platform will become ...Google Android Is Apple iPhone's Biggest Threat: ReportChannelWebRumor Mill: Google to thwart An...

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Android Swype Application Review – These are the Droids (blog)

Mobiletor.comAndroid Swype Application ReviewThese are the Droids (blog)Again and again we are reminded of the benefits of the Android OS by the many different ways that the user is able to customize their phone to their liking. ...Swype for Android rolls into semi-public BetaMobileCrunch (blog)Get Swype for Android right nowIntoMobile (blog)SWYPE ...

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app Photo Fun! logo

Photo Fun!


Photo Fun! is the trendiest new app to make all of your pictures stylish and cool! It's easy, quick, and most of all fun.With Photo Fun, you can add stickers, paints and filters to all of your photos....

app Detox For Women logo

Detox For Women


Women, Discover The Secrets to Detox Your Body The Quick & Easy Way at Home!There are many products on the market that promise to help you get yourself back together and on the right track to good...


Crayon Physics Deluxe finally arrives on Google Play

crayon.physics.deluxe-anroid The Humble Bundle has brought us a lot of great Android Games, and most of them have become available on Google Play after the sale is over. Crayon Physics Deluxe has been one of the only holdouts, and that ended a few days ago when Kloonigames finally gave the award-winning game a wide release.Crayon Physics Deluxe is the crème del a crème of ...

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iOS users spend 20% more of their time using apps compared to Android users

flurry-total time in apps on androidSince Android is winning the race for device market share, analysts and CEOs alike have turned their attention to other aspects of the battle between iOS and Android. There are of course a whole range of different ways to measure market share and user satisfaction including looking at market share in different countries, across different demograph...

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Top 5 Racing Games for Android

racing games teaserMany souls out there are thankful for smartphones and the hours of boredom that they can save while sitting in the bus, waiting in a Dr's office or ''patiently'' tagging along with a shopping girlfriend. One of many people's favorite kind of games to play are racing games. The concept, though it remains the same, is co...

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Caution: Viber App contains major security flaw

viber2 A popular internet call and messenger app named Viber has caught the attention of security firms for containing a very serious security flaw. Vietnamese security firm, named Bkav, discovered the flaw in Viber lets attackers bypass screen locks and take control of Android smart phones. The Viber app, much like Skype, allows you to use your data co...

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LG set to release a Flexible OLED display this year

LG.Logo-androidWe’ve heard a lot about flexible displays over the past year, and it looks like LG is going to beat everyone to the punch as they’re set to release the first Flexible OLED display later this year. Flexible displays are certainly an exciting prospect, and something phone fanatics have been drooling over since rumors started circulating and tech...

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app Chistes Rapidos logo

Chistes Rapidos


Los mejores chistes cortos machistas, feministas, de pepito y jaimito, verdes y colorados, humor negro..Chistes de Borrachos, Chistes Machistas, Chistes Feministas, Chistes de GallegosEl mejor humor d...

app وصفات الكباب والكفتة بالفيديو logo

وصفات الكباب و...


يحتوي هذا التطبيق على الكثير من الفيديوهات لألذ وصفات الكباب والكفتة بجميع النكهات والطرق المختلفة الشهيّةم...

app ABS – Easy Fitness Workouts logo

ABS – Easy Fitness Wo...


This app contains some 231 easy to follow video lessons all aimed at ABS fitness! There are so many different ways to achieve your ideal look and tgis app will make it as easy as possible! Videos are ...


Android Review – Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet

Android Review – Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet There are many types of Action & Arcade games, and while Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet falls into those categories, it’s also a bit of a side-scroller. This magical game has been a hit on the PC for years, and now it’s one of the best games out for Android tablets. Magicka Wizards of the Square Tablet is a game about casting spells...

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app The Gita logo

The Gita


The Gita network provides The Gita in 3 different ways, Text, Audio and Video.The Gita Network is working to share the teachings of The Gita with Krishna bhaktas around the globe.The Blessed Lord Kris...

app Dog’s Food Nutrition Manual logo

Dog’s Food Nutrition ...


The Best Food Nutrition For Your DogAre you a proud dog owner? Then you may be providing the best grooming for dog, taking your dog for regular walks to increase his agility, and you might even mainta...

app Hidden Memory – 3 Little Pigs logo

Hidden Memory – 3 Lit...


Three Little Pigs is a beautiful 30 level painted hidden memory game with an amazingly funny story!Can you help the wolf capture the pigs?! Difficult choices await the wolf as he tries to figure out t...

app Framing Free logo

Framing Free


Frame it YourselfCreate amazing shots whenever you wish.With the help of default frames you can add and combine different pictures as you want. Select the width and color of the borders as you desire....

app Mahjong Fortune Free logo

Mahjong Fortune Free


Play this new style of 2D and 3D Mahjong Dimensions.Beautiful animated backgrounds with effects that move to a world of peace and quiet.No time limit to play, you can take as long as you like.3D parts...

app Hexagon Face Pong Breaker logo

Hexagon Face Pong Breaker


Hexagon Face Pong BreakerAre you tired of arkanoid, pong, or PuyoPuyo clones? Then try this game. Drag your finger or tilt the device for rotating the polygon. Get the pow item and break the face of t...

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