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app TelOne Directory logo

TelOne Directory


Search the TelOne directory from your phone and make calls at the touch of a button. No pen and paper necessary!...

app Malaysia Phone Directory logo

Malaysia Phone Directory


Malaysia Central Phone Directory consists of handy, useful, emergency, and important phone numbers.The features directory include the following phone numbers: EmergencyHelplineAirlinesBanksBus Termin...

app ISAE Directory logo

ISAE Directory


The ISAE Leg Directory app allows users to easily communication with Illinois State political personal, find out more about Illinois State Senators and Representatives, as well is browsing through Ill...

app Arvig Directory logo

Arvig Directory


Your local telephone and yellow pages provider, Arvig is proud to release our new Arvig Directory app. We are the hometown telephone company for many Minnesota communities.Arvig Directory allows you t...

app Denizli Business Directory logo

Denizli Business Directory


This practice firms in Denizli, Address, Phone, Mail, etc., will provide easy access to information. You can also save your company; visit and fully take advantage of ...

app The State Directory logo

The State Directory


Search and find all Government contacts in the United States all on your phone! The State Directory lets you search for Government Employees and gives you the ability to call, email, add to contacts, ...

app The Catholic Pope Directory logo

The Catholic Pope Directory


??????????????????????Currently on Sale! 50% Off, Don't miss it! ??????????????????????The Complete Catholic Pope Directory App is the directory containing detailed information of all the 266 Catholic...

app Therapy Directory logo

Therapy Directory


SUPER SALE - HEALTH at a great price!Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. The catalog of useful, pleasant and safe natural means of support, treatment, and health promotion. This is the best and most inf...

app White Magic Spell Directory logo

White Magic Spell Directory


???????????????????????Currently on Sale! 50% Off, Don't miss it!???????????????????????White Magic is defined as magic that is used for good. White magic is most commonly thought of as healing magic,...

app Shire Wedding Directory logo

Shire Wedding Directory


The Shire Wedding Group is a free UK online wedding resource. It is free for both couples and the businesses that are listed. This free approach has enabled us to bring you an extensive list of weddin...

app Stadia Directory logo

Stadia Directory


The latest stadium industry news, brought to you by StadiaDirectory - the online database of the world's stadia...

app Cheer Directory logo

Cheer Directory


The Cheer Directory is a MUST HAVE app for any cheerleader, coach, gym owner and anyone in the business! The Cheer Directory app gives you access to many different vendors and businesses around the wo...

app BF Directory logo

BF Directory


Directory for Ben Franklin Elementary School, District 41....

app CA State Directory logo

CA State Directory


Search and find all Government contacts in the State of California all on your phone! The State Directory lets you search for Government Employees and gives you the ability to call, email, add to cont...

app PGA Show Mobile Directory logo

PGA Show Mobile Directory


<div id="doc-original-text" >Planning for 2012 PGA Show is now faster and easier with new mobile directory, sponsored by FlightScope, the official mobile application for the 2012 PGA M...

app nicezine news portal directory logo

nicezine news portal direct...


Nicezine is a mobile site news portal and directory listing the best source of information around the web, just take a look adn discover amazing webapps around the web....

app Classic Cars Directory logo

Classic Cars Directory


Classic Cars Directory App from classic car dealers, restoration specialists, parts and services....

app EGM Directory logo

EGM Directory


Enterprise Greater Moncton Strategic Partnership Directory....

app Big Telephone Directory logo

Big Telephone Directory


Basic FunctionFurigana search functionGroup search functionFirst letter search functionGroup creation functionContact delete function The change function of character size Hard key correspondence of b...

app Newnorth Directory App logo

Newnorth Directory App


If you are involved in the marketing of your company and interested in a “single source solution” Newnorth now has an exciting new addition to our services in the form of an App allowing you the u...

app IHO Doctor Directory logo

IHO Doctor Directory


Indian Health Organisation (IHO) provides access to its high quality healthcare network in 23 Cities of India at subsidised cost for millions of potential customers in India. Each medical service prov...

app Verizon Legislative Directory logo

Verizon Legislative Directo...


The Verizon Legislative Directory ...

app Argentina Phone Directory logo

Argentina Phone Directory


Argentina Phone Directory with Maps...

app Dropshipping Directory logo

Dropshipping Directory


Free Dropshipping Directory. Find your ideal dropshipper and make money. Drop shipping enables you to sell items from your website or on auction sites without the hassle and expense of keeping stock a...

app Florida Lobbyist Directory logo

Florida Lobbyist Directory


The Florida Lobbyist Directory is the single best source of easy-to-access information regarding Florida lobbyists and their clients. Keep tabs on changes in lobbyists...

app Mall Directory logo

Mall Directory


An ideal app for all shoppers. This app will help shoppers locate any stores inside of any mall in America with visual indications on the directory maps. It also shows nearby stores to help and guid...

app Cali College Directory logo

Cali College Directory


This is the unofficial directory of all California colleges. Use this app to find school locations, and other useful information for applying to or visiting any California colleges....

app Poker Room Directory logo

Poker Room Directory


A directory of brick and mortar poker rooms. Can be used to find rooms based off your current location or rooms in a different city. This information is also available via sessionlogger.appspot.comFea...

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