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app Dog Whistle. Train your dog logo

Dog Whistle. Train your dog


Want to train dogs? Want the dog stop barking? Use our Dog Whistle application to train your dogs. It use different sonic sounds of high frequency (10 KHz - 20 KHz)Dogs can hear sound at higher freque...

app Dog Whistle Professional logo

Dog Whistle Professional


Dog Whistle Professional is the most comprehensive Dog trainer tool on the market.This app can be used to stop unwanted behavior, teach your dog new tricks or repel other dogs.With Dog Whistle Profess...

app Dog Whistle * PRO Seen On TV! logo

Dog Whistle * PRO Seen On T...


Call your dog with this easy to use collection of ringtones designed Sonically whistle to call your pet. * Comfortably installed in a folder on the SD called "dog whistle" * * plays on any m...

app Dog whistle – trainer for dog logo

Dog whistle – trainer...


Whistle for dog is the best item to train your dog. This whistle app produces same sounds as original whistle for dog.Probably each of us had in past problems with his dog's bad habits.From now you ca...

app Dog Whistle logo

Dog Whistle


Train your dog to do tricks!Train your dog to stop barking!or if there is a dog next door, use this app to make it silent.Features-Variable frequency tone generator-Bark detector-Sound level meterHow ...

app Dog Whistler Pro logo

Dog Whistler Pro


Quickly initiate a variety of frequency sounds.Main Features:*Frequencies generated from 80Hz-20,000Hz*Multiple modes (continuous, manual, and Timer/Alarm, Motion Detection)*Presets (use the default o...

app Dog Whistle Free logo

Dog Whistle Free


Do you have a dog? Dog Whistle can train your dog! Whistle when the dog does something bad. Teach your dog new tricks, no barking and better behavior!You can also use it as anti dog repellent whistle....

app Dog Whistle Pro Trainer logo

Dog Whistle Pro Trainer


Dog Whistle Pro Trainer - the ultimate dog training aid.Now with dog training tutorial instructions !Train your dog and make the time you spend together more fun and safer than ever. Take control over...

app Dog Whistle Pro logo

Dog Whistle Pro


Dog Whistle Pro, this is an upgrade from lite version app and still gives you power to command all the dogs and cats!Every time you turn on the dog whistle pro, dogs and cats will immediately give att...

app DogBuzz – Dog Whistler logo

DogBuzz – Dog Whistle...


Dog whistler application which is totally based on theory. Dog trainer whistler to train or annoy dogs. Includes high pitch frequency which is audible and frequency for teenagers hearing....

app Dog Whistle Training logo

Dog Whistle Training


Train your dog with multiple tones. Use each tone for a specific command. Sit, Lay, Stay, High Five, Speak, Shake, Bad Dog. Pick the command and press play, its that easy.Keep in mind that some dogs d...

app Dog Whistle App logo

Dog Whistle App


Dog whistler is a simple app that makes a high frequency sound to get dogs' attention.Whistle, dog trainer, whistle app....

app Tom’s Dog Whistle logo

Tom’s Dog Whistle


Whistle for your dog's control...

app Dog Whistler logo

Dog Whistler


The iPhone app that has over 20 million unique users is now available on Android Marketplace. Take control and teach your dog new tricks via this simple to use dog whistle. Quickly initiate a variet...

app Whistle for dog logo

Whistle for dog


This is ultrasound dog whistle - teach your dog better behavior and some cool tricks. Show your dog that barking is bad! This application contains 8 frequencies: 5 kHz, 6 kHz, 7 kHz, 8 kHz to get your...

app DogWhistle logo



This app generates 7 different sounds, 5 seconds long, in the range that dogs can hear but humans normally can't. Use this virtual dog whistle for training or fun.v2.2: Made orientation fixed in portr...

app Dangerous Dogs Pro Version logo

Dangerous Dogs Pro Version


PRO VERSION: UNLOCKS EVERYTHINGDisclaimer: This App is for entertainment purposes only. The app is not intended to guarantee protection against a dangerous dog attack. It's intention is to provide the...

app Dangerous Dogs Lite Version logo

Dangerous Dogs Lite Version


THIS IS THE LITE VERSION. UPGRADE TO THE PRO VERSION TO UNLOCK EVERYTHINGDisclaimer: This App is for entertainment purposes only. The app is not intended to guarantee protection against a dangerous do...

app Anti Dog Repellent + logo

Anti Dog Repellent +


This application contains 3 most effective frequencies: 11 kHz, 15 kHz and 20 kHz. Each sound frighten dogs. Anti Dog Repellent + looks good and is easy to use.This application does not work on all br...

app Mad Dog Protector logo

Mad Dog Protector


Using High Pitch Dog Wistle sound generated by Mad Dog Protector it's a true Dog Whistle sound which is unpleasant for the dogs.You can use to scare the dogs, get your dog attention, punish your dog, ...

app iWhistle logo



Lost your dog?Spotted the girl/guy of your dreams?Unable to draw attention to yourself?Want to be irritating?Iconic Apps have whistled up a real life saver just for you!!Introducing iWhistle, a breakt...

app Annoying Whistle (Sqeak) logo

Annoying Whistle (Sqeak)


Free fun app with different high frequency annoying sounds!This whistle app functions as a:- dog whistle - cat whistle- anti mosquito soundThere are several different sounds and squeaks.Helps with dog...

app DogAway logo



Dog Away Repeller Ultrasonic Whistle Pro+...

app Dog Teaser Free logo

Dog Teaser Free


This application contains 14 sounds specially selected for dogs. Your dog will love it or go crazy.A must have for dog lovers.Download, enjoy and tease your dog!This application contains sounds of:- p...

app Dog Sounds soundboard logo

Dog Sounds soundboard


Twelve dog sounds for kids and adults. A must have for dog lovers. Just touch the screen and enjoy dog sounds!This applications contains such sounds as:- barking dog- barking small dog- angry dogs- ho...

app Dog Teaser logo

Dog Teaser


A fun Dog Teaser application for all dog lovers. Choose from a great selection of sounds to tease and amuse your dog. From the makers of Dog Sounds and Cat Sounds that's loved by all mom's and Dad's o...

app Whistle Droid Finder logo

Whistle Droid Finder


Whistle Droid Finder helps you locate your android phone or device with just a whistle.This is a pretty self-explanatory utility, that makes it easy to locate your misplaced phone because all you need...

app Bark Dog Bark! Lite logo

Bark Dog Bark! Lite


Are you looking for dog barking, yelping, and growling sounds. This is the free version of our app that offers 4 sounds including a dog whistle! The paid version offers all 13 effects that will intimi...

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