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Apple stands to lose tablet market dominance

appleloss2 Apple, the pioneer of the modern day tablet movement stands to lose its majority market dominance in the tablet arena very soon. This is disastrous for apple after its recent loss of the smartphone market majority. As Android powered devices gain popularity and momentum, Apple is staring at a bleak future as iPad sales are expected to plummet. An...

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app Brain Dominance logo

Brain Dominance


Which side of your brain is dominant? Answer the questions according to your characteristics and discover whether you are left brain or right brain dominant....


Report: Android-based devices threaten iPhone's dominance – TG Daily

TG DailyReport: Android-based devices threaten iPhone's dominanceTG DailyAn AdMob study has concluded that Google's Android operating system (OS) poses a major threat to the iPhone's dominance. Indeed, although Apple's iPhone ...Google Android Is Apple iPhone's Biggest Threat: ReportChannelWebFast-Growing Android Devices Gaining...

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app New York Basketball *FREE* logo

New York Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the New York Knicks? The New York Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Knicks games easily!Features of this app include:* New Yo...


The wall between Google and Motorola could go down in the future – WSJ

new motorola logoYou know the firewall between Google and Motorola that Android VP Hiroshi Lockheimer talked about at MWC ? Well, the wall is there, for now, but it could easily go down in the future. That’s the gist of a report from the Wall Street Journal that quotes “people familiar to the matter” talking about the complicated relationship between Goo...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 finally arrives to C Spire and MetroPCS

samsung galaxy s4 after the hype aa in hand In the United States, cellular carriers seem to have a specific pecking order that dictates when cross-carrier flagship devices rollout to their network. AT&T often seems to get first dibs, followed closely by either Sprint or T-Mobile. Despite Verizon’s dominance, Big Red is often the last of the big carriers. Than comes U.S. Cellular, Cri...

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Ingress update brings gameplay enhancements and bug fixes

ingress-game Ingress, Google’s cult hit augmented reality game for Android, received a significant July 2 update that should universally please. Those lucky enough to have made the closed beta can expect a number of improvements, starting with interface enhancements. Included are new Portal Hack animations and results view, a new Fire mode, better inventory ...

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A Match Made in Heaven: Europe and the USA Love Samsung and Android!

AppleVsAndroidIt's official (again): Samsung and Android dominate smartphone sales. In a report released today, the research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has confirmed the dominance of Samsung and Android in both the USA and the five major European markets. Android takes Apple down in recent sales figures / ...

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“Below cost” Android licensing seen as anti-competitive by competitors, EU probe underway

AndroidEuropean regulators are again looking at Google’s business in the region, this time investigating alleged anti-competitive practices related to its mobile business, namely Android.Yes, the EU wants to know more about Google’s Android licensing deals, and whether the company used its position to impose certain condition to business partners.Whil...

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Is Samsung’s success a problem for Android? Not according to Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai and Walt MossbergWe opine about Samsung’s grip on Android quite a bit. Is it healthy for Android? What about TIzen? There are so many issues we concern ourselves with.It comes from a good place, though. We love Android, and would really like to see a little levelling in the market. HTC makes fantastic devices, and the LG Nexus 4 is brilliant. Those two are, u...

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Why Would Samsung Hold A Launch Event For Android And Windows?

Considering the massive install base of Android phone - and Samsung's dominance in the hardware market - why would they hold a simultaneous Android and Windows launch event? Windows Phone is a also-ran in the "smartphone wars." (This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) more Via: Android Pit...

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Samsung tightens its grip on China, sells 12.5 million handsets in Q1

china androidThe Chinese smartphone market is a tough one to crack, especially for premium handset manufactures. The market is dominated by more budget orientated handsets, and companies like Apple have been struggling to match their Western markets performances due to the higher price point of their handsets.However, it appears that Samsung is going strong in...

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Just 10% of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Ship With Exynos 5 Octa Chip Inside

Exynos 5 Octa Chip According to a report from market analysts cited by Reuters, only one in ten Galaxy S4 units will sport an Exynos 5 Octa chip inside. The rest of 90% will be shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon  600 graphic chips. The Exynos 5 Octa Chip is the coolest eight core GPU made by Samsung's R&D department, this means is made  in house, like 80% of ...

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app Battle Ship Live Wallpaper logo

Battle Ship Live Wallpaper


Get the best Battle Ship wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!A battleship is a large armored warship ...


Google Play closes the gap with Apple App store

googleplayvsapple During November last year the Google Play store was literally 4 times behind in the struggle for mobile app distribution dominance. Since then Google Play has closed the gap in download and revenue generation to almost nothing. The Apple app store continues to grow. The game changer, however,  is that Google Play grew incredibly fast and has now...

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app Fifty Shades of Grey logo

Fifty Shades of Grey


!!!Check the compatibility with your phone. Because if you've downloaded the app and will not open it does not mean that it is bad and it's a reason to leave negative feedback!!!!Fifty Shades of Grey ...


Android is expected to pull ahead in the Tablet Wars

ipad-vs-android-tablet2  ABI Research has predicted that Android will take the lead in tablet sales of the 2013 tablet wars. In the past Apple has lead the way with a comfortable sales margin that that will see a predicted decline of 38%. The PC has seen a remarkable decline in sales as tablets become more and more popular as well as convenient. With Tablet sal...

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app USA Kobe Bryant Live Wallpaper logo

USA Kobe Bryant Live Wallpa...


Show your support for the National Basketball Team aka present day Dream Team with this hot USA Kobe Bryant Live Wallpaper. At 34 years and 104 days of age, Bryant became the youngest player in league...

app パズドラ コンボでダンジョン攻略 logo

パズドラ コンボで...


「パズドラ コンボでダンジョン攻略」はコンボ方法やダンジョン攻略に役立つ情報アプリです!★パズドラはコンボが重要★ダンジョンをクリアす...

app Outten County logo

Outten County


Outten County Chrysler Hamburg, PA 19526 Schedule Service, Schedule A Test Drive, Search Inventory,Become an OuttenVIP, Mobile Coupons, Updates and so much more...Want to contact us? No Problem! - Cl...

app 3D Bowling (Full Scale) logo

3D Bowling (Full Scale)


This is the first realistic 3D Bowling (Full Scale) game in the Android market in which you can view from different angle and play with at that angle.It is the bowling game that fully embraces the inc...

app Roshambomb (Free) logo

Roshambomb (Free)


Roshambomb follows the story of @Je55ica and @Barbacoa as they attempt to overthrow the Sentients, a cabal of rogue robots who have reprogrammed themselves for world dominance. Hack your way through ...

app Node Battle Wallpaper Freeware logo

Node Battle Wallpaper Freew...


Those nodes (circles) follow few certain rules in order to gain dominance of your wallpaper. It can be really busy, or very quiet, depending on what’s happening.This live wallpaper is designed for p...

app Comic Wallpaper logo

Comic Wallpaper


<div id="doc-original-text">Get these Comic Wallpaper , it's spectacular .<p>We will continue to collect and add images from time to time.<p><p><br>Functio...

app Star Armada RTS logo

Star Armada RTS


Star Armada is a full real-time strategy game (featuring units, structures, resources and adaptive AI).Explore deep space, establish bases on planets, then build and command a fleet of spaceships as t...

app Node Battle Wallpaper logo

Node Battle Wallpaper


Those nodes (circles) follow few certain rules in order to gain dominance of your wallpaper. It can be really busy, or very quiet, depending on what...

app 행동유형 테스트(DISC검사) logo

행동유형 테스트(DISC...


간단한 체크로 행동유형을 테스트해보는 어플입니다.각 행동유형의 장단점, 유형들간의 효율적인 대화방법 등을 제공합니다.약식 검사이므로 정확한 ...

app MineHX logo



The world is in peril! Can you save the day?Find and identify hidden landmines so we can destroy them (or tip-toe around them on the lazy days). How quickly can you solve the puzzle? MineHX is a fun a...

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