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A Review of Dragon’s Lair for Android

A Review of Dragon’s Lair for Android Overview Fans of classic gaming got something to grin about this week as Digital Leisure released the old school game Dragon’s Lair into the Android market. That’s right folks, if you’re old enough to remember the original waaaaaay back in 83’ you’ll be psyched when you first fire up the game and start the quest to help Dirk get Princess...

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Digital Leisure releases the Arcade Classic Space Ace for Android

space ace for android I grew up on all things Don Bluth so it was a Merry Christmas for me when I noticed that Digital Leisure had released Space Ace for Android. If you were born after Arcades went the way of the Dinosaur you probably haven’t heard of this little gem which means you are in for quite the treat… Space Ace originally came out way back in 1984 on a ...

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Kicking Lettuce Personality Profiling: A look at the personality profiles of television characters, in pop culture, and other sources. In the style of David Keirsey's Temperament Sorter and loosely ba...