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Doodle Jump Cheats


Best Top Free Cheats Apps for you!We provide with the greatest cheats in video from Youtube sources acting as curators to get to your Android top quality information and have endless fun with your gam...

app (Free) PiPi!Doodle Jump HD! logo

(Free) PiPi!Doodle Jump HD!


Jump Jump!!! This is a HD version for 480*800 and 480*854, It is an interesting and skilled game. In the game, you need to let PiPi jump up ceaselessly. When PiPi jump, you need to watch out of the cr...

app (Free)Doodle Jump Now!!! logo

(Free)Doodle Jump Now!!!


Jump Jump!!! another name is ...

app Super Jump (Doodle) logo

Super Jump (Doodle)


A super fun action game for the whole family, play on and on with a mobile phone's gravitational sensor. Tile your phone left or right to control snail run and jump, Your task is to help the snail to ...


Orange Pixel releases Free jumping game Sketchbook Squad

sketchbook squad Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and if you’re one of those folks Orange Pixel has just the thing for you. Yesterday they released their free summer game, and it goes by the name of Sketchbook Squad. Sketchbook Squad is an endless jumping game in the vein of Doodle Jump, but with Orange Pixel’s quirky retro style. The goal of th...

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app Super Firefly Jump logo

Super Firefly Jump


★From the makers of "Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!"★He is finally here! You take the control of a firefly and try to jump as high as you can in this FREE "doodle jump" style game...

app Mega Candy Jump logo

Mega Candy Jump


Our hero is Megaman called Gooly! he is very smart, he jumps and flies so fast! But be careful to keep his life, he must take candies and big eggs! this is your job to collect the candies and big eggs...


Death by Doodle in Doodle Army Boot Camp from Appsomniacs

Everyone loves a good Doodle Game and last week we got a great one with Doodle Army Boot Camp from Appsomniacs. If you like your fun served up with a nice side of carnage keep reading as Doodle Army Boot Camp is the bloodiest little doodler you’re likely to play. When you first fire up Doodle Army Boot Camp you’ll get a brief tutorial from Sar...

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Wallwizz releases Eggventure Jump for Android

Eggs are tasty, but generally not regarded as something you’re going to have a good time with. Wallwizz’s Eggventure Jump looks to change that though as you’ll get to play with six lil’ egglings that love to jump. Eggventure Jump is a jumping game in the vein of Doodle Jump where you’ll simply try to stay airborne as long as possible b...

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Sonic to Jump on to Android next month

Sega recently announced a new Sonic game for mobile devices. The game, Sonic Jump has already been released for iOS devices last week with no word on an Android release. Sega have now however confirmed that their latest mobile Sonic game will be available on Android in November. The game resembles over similar "jumping" games available on Androi...

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app Jumparoo! logo



Using various floating platforms, help Jumparoo the Kangaroo to jump, jump, jump higher and higher and rescue to the Joeys from the Eagles!If you enjoyed Doodle Jump and Abduction, you'll love Jumparo...

app Doodle Sprint 2 logo

Doodle Sprint 2


????? Doodle Sprint 2 is now available on Android ( Google play ).Finally it's time for Doodle Sprint 2. This time playing a completely different doodle sprint, In this game you can run, jump and fly...

app Slime Jump 2 logo

Slime Jump 2


Begin an exciting game in companion of the Cute Slime. In this jump and run action game, your task is to help it jump to avoid slumping to the bottom and the approaching spikes. There are various item...

app Jumparoo! Lite logo

Jumparoo! Lite


Using various floating platforms, help Jumparoo to jump, jump, jump higher and higher and rescue to the Joeys from the Eagles!Tilt your phone from left to right to direct Jumparoo up the levels, while...

app Peasman Run and Jump logo

Peasman Run and Jump


<div id="doc-original-text" >A jump and run game in the style of Super Mario Bros, Sonic and similar games.<p>Peasman Run and Jump is a classic platform game with a nice and fun ...

app Jumping Bird logo

Jumping Bird


Jumping Bird got a new update, with more levels and a new beautiful icon.Jumping Bird is a simple game that is used to jump platforms by tilt the phone(it's not Doodle Bird).Help the little baby bird ...

app app&sup2;santa jumper logo

app&sup2;santa jumper


SANTA JUMPER - The best christmas game ever!Keep on jumping with Santa Claus in a winter wonderland! Help him collect all the presents for the children!There are 2 options to play:*** Unlock 6 levels....

app Android jumper logo

Android jumper


**USE LATEST VERSION **Android jumper is a clone of famous jump games like Doodle ...Here you're controlling droid , your goal is to collect the maximum number of coins in different worlds.Beware of ...

app Hungry Monkey – Tilt & Jump logo

Hungry Monkey – Tilt ...


Hungry Monkey - Hunting the MEGA bananaSimple, yet addictive fast-paced tilt & jump game!This game works good on tablets also!Help starving Mr. Monkey to eat as many bananas you can. Be carefull, ...

app Astro Jump logo

Astro Jump


Astro Jump is an epic jumping game in which you will have to help Astro Jump travel from the center of the Earth all the way to far reaching galaxies by collecting bolts and stars.As you will travel t...

app Doodle Fishing Lite logo

Doodle Fishing Lite


Doodle Fishing Lite is a cartoon retro fishing game. Experience the thrills of realistic freshwater fishing as you use your device to cast and reel in a big lunker!Please ignore the older reviews, as...


Top 5 Jumping Games for Android

Jumping games have always been a popular genre, and there are plenty to choose from in the Android market. Whether you're jumping up through the clouds, over buildings, or through the air as a robotic unicorn; chances are there is an Android jumping game to suit your needs. Without further ado, here are our Top 5 Jumping games for Android... 1. Rob...

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app Jump Ball Xtreme logo

Jump Ball Xtreme


Disclaimer: SMS permissions are for confirming billing (in the in-app store) by text message only. You will NEVER be charged money without warning and the game is always free to play. The game will ...

app Worm Jump logo

Worm Jump


Jump, jump, jump to higher on the leafs of jungle! Little little wormy is lost in the jungle! Help him find a way out of the scrubs! Jump your way up up up, but beware, it's really dangerous to fall d...

app Snail Jump 2 logo

Snail Jump 2


A super fun game for the whole family! This is a doodle jump-and-run action game, play on and on with a mobile phone's gravitational sensor.Your task is to help the snail to dodge the approching barri...

app Jumping Slime (No Ad) logo

Jumping Slime (No Ad)


*** No Ad version of JumpingSlime. This version doesn't add any new feature to the game, it's exactly the same as the free version. Buy this version only if you want to support my work. Otherwise, jus...

app Jumping Slime logo

Jumping Slime


Powered By LibGdx !Tired of jumping on horizontal bars ? Try Jumping Slime !Jumping Slime, or JumpingSlime, is a simple addictive climbing game where you have to jump as high as you can.You just need ...

app Doodle Up logo

Doodle Up


A simple and fun jumper game.Get the doodler to the top. Guide him by tilting left and right. Collect coins, beware of flying dragon. Star can give you power.Find princess in the castle....

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