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The Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 2, 2012

Top 10 New Android Games We’re doing things a bit different with this week’s list of the Top 10 Android Games of the Week. Instead of running it on our sister-site Android-Games like we usually do, we’re bringing it back to home and will be running the Top 10 Android Apps list this Tuesday. Now that we got that out of the way we hope you enjoy our picks for the Top...

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Sega of America releases Jet Set Radio for Android

Sega of America has brought some great games to Android, and their latest game is one fans have been longing for. Jet Set Radio for Android has finally arrived on Google Play and after only spending a short time with the game I can tell you that it was well worth the wait. Jet Set Radio is a game all about graffiti, well graffiti and flying arou...

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Crazy Taxi crashing onto Android soon

Sega have announced that they will be releasing their classic Crazy Taxi game on to the Android platform soon. The game will be a port of the popular Dreamcast version from Sega and has already landed on iOS devices but, unfortunately Android users have a slight wait until we can get our hands on the game. As it is a port from the Dreamcast versio...

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app Video Game Systems! logo

Video Game Systems!


Here's Just a "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover With The "Video Game Systems Uncovered" E-Book: * Discover how to properly choose the right video game system for your preschool...

app Console Boot Soundboard logo

Console Boot Soundboard


This soundboard contains most console startup sounds from throughout the years, including:-Xbox 360-Xbox-PlayStation-PlayStation 2-PlayStation 3-Gamecube-Dreamcast-Nintendo 64You can play these sounds...

app Manual Leecher logo

Manual Leecher


Manual Leecher is a gigantic archive of Game Manuals. Have you rented a game with no instructions? Bought a used game later to find out your missing a manual. Have a ROM backup with no manual? This ap...

app Status Via + logo

Status Via +


** 29/3/13 - MOVING SERVERS. Please be patient. it should take no longer than 7/4/13 **Status Via allows you to post status updates on Facebook under the guise of another device.With the + version you...

app Status Via Free logo

Status Via Free


** 29/3/13 - MOVING SERVERS. Please be patient. it should take no longer than 7/4/13 **Status Via allows you to post status updates on Facebook under the guise of another device.You've probably seen t...

app DreamNews logo



L'application Android qui permet de suivre toute l'actualité Dreamcast via Dreamcast News....

app Fix it repair tutorials manual logo

Fix it repair tutorials man...


Something broke? Need to fix it? This app has thousands of repair guides for everything from your iPhone to car to camera.Contains thousands of guides:Games Consoles: xbox 360, playstation 3, nintendo...

app ShokoRocket logo



A tribute to Chu Chu Rocket, the addictive puzzle game for the Dreamcast. Contains over 250 brand new levels to tax your brain, and you'll unlock custom skins as you progress through the levels.Create...