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Nokia Still Working on the Mountain View Android Prototype

mountain view After the last week article from the New York Times, in which Nokia was revealed to be working on an Android device(the Mountain View project), as an alternative to their Microsoft running line of Lumia smartphones, now we just found out that Nokia didn't completely dropped the Android project, even if Microsoft's acquisition of their mobile busi...

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app MyColorScreen for Android PRO logo

MyColorScreen for Android P...


Note : This is a GALLERY app for MyColorScreen. Please do not comment about applying screens to your phone or login or anything.This is an unofficial app for MyColorScreen. I take no credits for any s...


The Twist for Android proves Facial Hair can be Fun

Mustaches aren’t often regarded as fun. The Twist from Anthony Massingham is set to change the way you look at facial hair and it’s the first Android game out there that lets you collect coins with a mustache. The Twist is a coin collecting game that full of coins, coppers, and damsels in distress. Your goal is to take the mustachioed man's ...

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app CinchDroid Pro logo

CinchDroid Pro


CinchDroid...a game where turning tricks is encouraged, not illegal.Cinch is an American card game derived from Pitch via Pedro where you take tricks from your opponent using a standard deck of 52 pla...

app T-Android PRO logo

T-Android PRO


T-Android je android aplikacija namjenjena svim T-mobile pretplatnicima, u svrhu olakšavanja lakšeg korištenja svakodnevnih radnji poput:- provjere potrošnje računa- aktivacija i deaktivacija opc...

app FantAndroid Pro logo

FantAndroid Pro


ATTENZIONE: Se si aggiorna da una versione precedente alla 1.6 ci possono essere problemi, conviene Cancellare i Dati dell'applicazione e riavviarla.Gestisci la tua squadra del fantacalcio con FantAnd...

app TradeDroid Pro logo

TradeDroid Pro


NZ's #1 app for accessing Trade Me on Android. TradeDroid Pro includes all the features of the free app as well as all the logged in features of TradeMe. Everything integrated into the app for a seaml...

app Android Programming Java Setup logo

Android Programming Java Se...


Get setup quickly and easily for Android Programming in Java. See how right over your Android phone or tablet with this great app. Popular videos by Programmers Institute guide you through the process...

app Android Pro Widgets s23 CLOUDS logo

Android Pro Widgets s23 CLO...


CLOUDSThis application will theme ALL Android Pro Widgets to look like the images below. To see all of my themes, visit I am in the process of porting my LauncherPro t...

app Winbox for Android Pro logo

Winbox for Android Pro


This is a simple Router OS management application that strives to replicate the features of the Winbox application that comes with Router OS devices.Please note that it connects to the API port. API u...

app Blinking Android Pro logo

Blinking Android Pro


Show some Android love with Blinking Android!*** This is paid version without ads and some extra features!It's glowing in color, it's strobing, it's reacting to your moves!Exclusive in this version: 8...

app Android Pro Widgets s23 XTG/CL logo

Android Pro Widgets s23 XTG...


APW Theme - XTG/CLEARThis application will theme ALL Android Pro Widgets to look like the images below. To see all of my themes, visit I am in the process of porting m...

app RemoteDroid Pro logo

RemoteDroid Pro


RemoteDroid Pro turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse, using your own wireless network. Pro version includes features exclusive to this version.Get, or re-download the server applicatio...

app Gold Droid PRO GO Launcher EX logo

Gold Droid PRO GO Launcher ...


CYBER MONDAY Special! 40% OFF for today only!GoldDroid. The Most Exclusive Digital Luxury theme for GO Launcher EX. Update: We have now restored the better icons and the update should roll-out in a fe...

app Synodroid Pro logo

Synodroid Pro


*** You need to OWN a SYNOLOGY Network Attached Storage (NAS) to use this app. ***This is the Pro version of the good old Synodroid app. It includes new features only available in the Pro version!Mana...

app aMPdroid Pro logo

aMPdroid Pro


aMPdroid is MediaPortal for your Android phone or tablet. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal HTPC, browse, download or stream your media collection and access all of MediaPortals TV...

app FileDroid Pro BETA logo

FileDroid Pro BETA


FileDroid Pro BETA –Your File Explorer for Android on SteroidsFeatures:- Features of FileDroid Lite- FTP and FTPS(implicit and explicit)- Upload files from FileDroid's device file browser- Move/Rena...

app Memedroid Pro logo

Memedroid Pro


Memedroid is a meme reader that lets you watch, create, comment and rate in a social and amusing way memes (rage comics, advice animals and much more) Pro features included in this version: - Offli...

app Droid PRoCon logo

Droid PRoCon


This application works as a standalone remote administration tool to manage your game servers for Battlefield 3.Yes, you can change pretty much all of your settings, as well as maps, lists, chats. It ...

app Filtr Android Pro logo

Filtr Android Pro


Custom Android news monitoring app.Using keywords that you set, Filtr Android Pro will "filter" the Android news sites for your keywords, making it easier to find articles you are interested...

app Missing Droid Pro logo

Missing Droid Pro


With Missing Droid you can easily locate your phone if you left it in the office, lost it, if it was stolen, or otherwise misplaced, and you can protect your information as well and stay connected.If ...

app Android Programming App Inv 01 logo

Android Programming App Inv...


The Android market is BOOMING! I would compare it to the dot com boom. New phones and tablets are out and more on the way which run the Android operating system. Get in on the ground floor of Android ...

app Android Pro Widgets logo

Android Pro Widgets


A set of powerful and extremely useful home screen widgets!? Designed for both smart phones and tablets? Widgets for Agenda & Calendar, Contacts, Bookmarks, Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Google Re...

app Wake My Android Pro Edition logo

Wake My Android Pro Edition


Entering "DEEP SLEEP" mode will cut-off the internet connection, and this application is for keep the internet connection always on by keeping the system always in "SLEEP" mode.You...

app GanttDroid Pro logo

GanttDroid Pro


If you use Ganttproject, then you need GanttDroid. Using DropBox, you can view and edit your projects on your PC or your android either.GanttDroid is a Project management application made for the Andr...

app Peladroid Pro logo

Peladroid Pro


Peladroid is your personal soccer droid.He'll help you to manage your matches with your friends.With it you'll be able to:- Match control- Next players- Personalization...

app Ses Droid Pro logo

Ses Droid Pro


Lector de ( segundamano España ) para acceder a tu web de anuncios favorita en un formato claro.Versión pro sin publicidad y funcionalidad adicional....


Android 2.3 Delayed for Motorola Droid 2, Droid Pro, and Droid X2 Because of Bugs

The original Motorola Droid X received the Android 2.3 update several weeks ago, which suggested that its fellow Droids such as the Droid Pro, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, and the Droid X2 would each receive the important Android 2.3 update. However, that doesn't look to be the case as Droid-Life is hearing that Verizon Wireless has rejected the Gin...

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