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New Motorola DROIDs bound for Verizon leak in all their glory

droid-ultra-and-miniHow is it, like clockwork, photos of unreleased Motorola phones leak weeks before their official unveiling? Whatever the means, we’re grateful the folks at @evleaks were able to get their hands on press images of Moto’s refreshed Verizon DROID trifecta. The left-most phone is the Droid Mini, the center the Droid Ultra, and the right-most phone ...

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Sony Launches New Droids, the Sony Xperia M and Xperia M Dual

Sony Xperia M Today, Sony Mobile announced the introduction of two brand new Android running smart phones in its portfolio, the Sony Xperia M and Xperia M Dual. So, the Xperia M became official, sort of speak. It comes in two flavors, one of them, as its name suggests, supports Dual-Sim. Guess which one ? Moving along, the Sony Xperia M features a 4 inches w...

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Transform Multiple Androids into a Race Track with "Racer" by Google

google racer okayChrome's "Racer" transforms multiple smartphones into a race track. / ...

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app DroidSail Screen Filter logo

DroidSail Screen Filter


Droidsail Screen Filter is a custom screen dim control app. The default brightness control (in system setting) is using backlight only. But in this app, it can filter your whole screen with a custom r...

app DroidSail Privacy Safebox logo

DroidSail Privacy Safebox


(More functions will be added in future version. Please rate it kindly on market. Thanks!:)This is an app which can help you to keep privacy information. It has:Keep privacyNo AD, no third-party plugi...

app DroidSecurity logo



Join the mailinglist for receiving updates on DroidSecurity betas beofre they hit Google Play!Join at is...

app Androids! Live Wallpaper logo

Androids! Live Wallpaper


Androids! Live Wallpaper is an ad-supported premium live wallpaper featuring futuristic HD graphics and silky smooth physics. This app is fully phone and tablet compatible and can be customized with m...

app DroidSpray (Trial version) logo

DroidSpray (Trial version)


DroidSpray lets you interact with 3D models in augmented reality: create semi-transparent walls and spray paint on them. Trial version limit: 2 colors, 2 walls, restricted settings.Please try before y...

app AIR4AndroidSample logo



This Application is build up of Adobe Flex and AIR for Android Technology.You can experience actual paformance Adobe Flex components for mobile on your devices,and view some sample source codes. check...

app DroidSheep Guard logo

DroidSheep Guard


DroidSheep Guard protects your phone from Tools like DroidSheep, Faceniff and other Session hijackers!It monitors your ARP-Table and alerts on any unusual change to this table.So use it to secure your...

app DroidStats for Android 1.5 logo

DroidStats for Android 1.5


see descpription of DroidStatsThis version is just for the 1.5 users. there is no more development to this version. Sorry...

app Nandroids Live Wallpaper logo

Nandroids Live Wallpaper


Animated wallpaper featuring an 8-bit retro representation of a battle in the inner workings of a computer.Watch the worker nandroids keep the computer operationalshuttling around inside the circuitry...

app Asterdroids Lite logo

Asterdroids Lite


Free version of Asterdroids. In this addictive, fast-paced, shooter, you must collect the highest game score by strategically firing your lasers to destroy the most asteroids as possible and preservin...

app I Love Droids NY logo

I Love Droids NY


3D I Love Droids NY Live Wallpaper is simple and 3D live wallpaper.FREE LIVE WALLPAPERThis application is supported by ads and need permissions!TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Liv...

app Nine Old Androids Sample logo

Nine Old Androids Sample


WARNING: This is a demo app for a library project!Android library for using the Honeycomb animation API on all versions of the platform back to 1.0!This sample showcases the functionality of the libra...

app DroidSplatter logo



Touch the screen to splatter paint! Create modern art! Try and fill the screen!Please note that this doesn't do very much. It's kind of a test application, and I'll likely take it down soon.Seriously....

app DroidSMS Theme Orange logo

DroidSMS Theme Orange


This is DroidSMS Theme Orange.***!!! NOTE ***: This is not a standalone app, you need to download latest DroidSMS v6.0 (or above) in order to apply this theme;You can check DroidSMS out by searching &...

app DroidSMS logo



DroidSMS is a fast,free and featured SMS/MMS app.It can replace stock messaging app,with backup and restore utility and customizable UI layouts.But what makes DroidSMS different from other messaging a...

app Droidsound logo



Droidsound is a music player that plays many retro formats, including SID (C64), MOD (Amiga), XM/S3M (PC) NSF/NSFE (Nintendo), SPC/RSN (SNES), PSF (Playstation) and GSF (Gameboy Advance).It also plays...

app DroidSeer TRIAL Version logo

DroidSeer TRIAL Version


DroidSeer is a Home Automation App for Android.*THIS TRIAL VERSION IS LIMITED TO CONTROLLING 3 DEVICES*It is a remote control for the popular HomeSeer application for the PC and requires HomeSeer V2.x...

app DroidSCP Unlock Key logo

DroidSCP Unlock Key


The unlock version of DroidSCP removes the 2 file batch transfer limitation. It will also remove the ads from the top of the screen....

app DroidSMS Theme ICS logo

DroidSMS Theme ICS


This is DroidSMS Theme ICS.***!!! NOTE ***: This is not a standalone app, you need to download latest DroidSMS v6.0 (or above) in order to apply this theme;You can check DroidSMS out by searching &quo...

app Attack Of The Droids logo

Attack Of The Droids


Update: I'm unable to work further on the app, because my phone broke :(. Sorry for the lack of updates/bugfixes.Explanation of permissions:android.permission.INTERNET: To send debug information autom...

app DroidSail Display Expert(Lite) logo

DroidSail Display Expert(Li...


This is a professional display/screen test tool for Android devices. It has:1. Multi touch: Test max touch points supported by device;2. Solid color: red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, white, black, and...

app AndroidSMS logo



Send and receive your text messages from the comfort of your computer via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB!APPLICATION DOES NOT REDUCE THE BATTERY LIFE.Through careful management of the connection, it was possi...

app Jack’s Androids PRO Wallpaper logo

Jack’s Androids PRO W...


This is a PRO version of "Jack's Androids Live Wallpaper". Androids are flying across the screen on skateboards, jetpacks and wings like crazy!!! :)Uses gravity sensor to direct movement up ...

app DroidSail Super App2SD Lite logo

DroidSail Super App2SD Lite


(A paid version "Droidsail Super App2SD Pro"is released, which removed ads and add one key "Move System Update App" to SD card (save even more space), and more batch operations. :)...

app Jack’s Androids Live Wallpaper logo

Jack’s Androids Live ...


Androids are flying across the screen on skateboards, jetpacks and wings like crazy!!! :)Uses gravity sensor to direct movement up regardless of device orientation.Stylish art, configurable appearance...

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