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LG G Pro Lite Dual Leaks Reveal Stylus and Low End Screen/Chipset

LG G Pro Lite Dual According to some rumors, the LG Optimus G Pro is expected to have a similar version launched, I’m talking about the LG G Pro Lite Dual, which sports dual-SIM support and features some downgraded specifications. The new version comes with almost the same measurements as its sibling, standing at 150.2 x 76.9 x 9.5 mm, being slightly thicker a...

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Monster Galaxy Note 2 has 288GB of storage, 9300mAh battery, dual SIM support

Custom Galaxy Note 2 288GBCustom Galaxy Note 2: 288GB storage, 9300mAh battery case | Image credit: xda-developers A custom dual SIM Galaxy Note 2 model packs a lot more memory and battery life than your average supersized smartphone, although such features come with a high-cost and can affect the looks of the device. While smartphone makers are constantly trying to make de...

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Sony Xperia M announced: a sleek mid-ranger with a dual-SIM version

Sony Xperia M The new Sony Xperia M may not be fabulous in terms of specifications, but it may prove a great option for those looking for an affordable device.Rumored to be working on the high-end Togari and making plans to sell the Xperia Z with a carrier in the U.S., Sony hasn’t forgot about the low and mid-end segments of the market.The Sony Xperia M fa...

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app Samsung Service Mode logo

Samsung Service Mode


The app should be used with Samsung stock ROM device only.Usually Samsung phone and tablet come with hidden menu or service mode. It is used to set and check RF status of mobile network. In mobile c...


AT&T Chimes In With Its Samsung Galaxy S III, 16GB Model Pre-Orders Begin June 6

While many of the other major American carriers have already announced their pre-order specials (or launch dates) for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, AT&T has been noticeably quiet.  However, all that changed recently as the second largest American carrier revealed that it will be hosting a pre-order sale for the Galaxy S III starting June ...

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NVIDIA Receives Validation For Its Icera Modem Chipset, Aims to Combine LTE with Tegra 3

Earlier today, NVIDIA revealed to the public that is has received official AT&T validation for its NVIDIA Icera 410 LTE multimode data modem chipset, which can operate inside tablets and clamshell devices.  American smartphone consumers are all too familiar with the fact that quad-core processors capable of handling LTE is not yet a reality. ...

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app 한게임 신맞고 – Dual Gostop, Hangame logo

한게임 신맞고 –...


기기 지원 가능 여부에 따라, 게임 플레이에 제한을 받을 수있습니다.### 1.9.4 ver 업데이트!! ###4월 29일 ~ 5월 13일 출석 王 이벤트 진행대기실 이벤트 영...

app Pansi SMS Individual Setting logo

Pansi SMS Individual Settin...


Individual Setting Plugin for Pansi SMS , you can set special ringtone, vibration/LED mode for special contact.Please make sure you've installed the Pansi SMS while you install this plugin. You can s...


Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored Specs Leak, Boasts 2GB of RAM, 1.8GHz Dual-Core Processor

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S II recently launched here in the United States, Samsung is already well into the design stages of the successor -- likely the Galaxy S III.  According to a leaked image of a slide from an internal Samsung presentation, the Galaxy S III is going to be more powerful and thinner than the current model. To begin, th...

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app Individual psychology logo

Individual psychology


Alfred Adler, Austrian psychiatrist and a psychologist, one of the founders of modern psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, creator of the popular trends - individual psychology. The practice and theory of i...

app DualDial logo



Utility to switch phone numbers, when using a dualsim adapter, that supports 007-mode, on a phone with or without STK (Sim Toolkit). There is no graphical interface.Prerequisites:* Dual-sim adapter. O...

app Dual Battery Widget logo

Dual Battery Widget


IMPORTANT! With this version we have switched the default order of the icons in the widget (you can change it back in the widget settings). The dock battery will now be the on the left, and the main b...

app Model Solar System logo

Model Solar System


Model Solar System is a simple app I use to teach the scale of the solar system to astronomy students. Simply enter the size (in inches) that you wish to use for your "Sun", and the scaled d...

app Residual power monitor logo

Residual power monitor


Rate and power supply that can be presented TEPCO app know the rest of the battery itself. Rate the last remaining power supply (spare capacity of power supply) and power consumption, the peak amount ...


MOMA – Museum of Modern Art Android App Review

MOMA – Museum of Modern Art Android App Review Today I decided to check out the Android app called MOMA. It’s the official app put out by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Trying to take on a task this big could not have been easy and while it isn’t bad, there are some areas that need improvement. The MOMA app lets you browse through collections, send snapshots, get information on curre...

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app Modern Sex Techniques logo

Modern Sex Techniques


Discover the Secrets of Modern Sex Techniques!If you think you are well-educated about sex, think again. This book is not about pornography but a genuine sexuality course that will bust all the myths ...


Sprint Officially Announces The Kyocera Echo, Dual 3.5 Inch Touch Screens, Android 2.2, Available for $199

As expected, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced the revolutionary Kyocera Echo Android smartphone tonight in NYC. The Echo sports two 3.5 inch touch screen displays and can combine to feature a 4.7 inch display (when measured diaganolly). Sprint is proud to coin the word Simultasking, which refers to using both screens running different apps such a...

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app Mailinglist Moderator logo

Mailinglist Moderator


Small app to assist when moderating mailinglists. It will enumerate all lists in parallel and let you accept or reject messages individually or in batch.Currently supports Mailman and Majordomo2 serve...


Asus Transformer Book Trio runs Windows 8 and Android at the same time

Transformer Book Trio Credit: Engadget Just when you were thinking that Android tablets couldn’t get more awesome, Asus comes to surprise once again with the new Transformer Book Trio, showcased moments ago at this year’s Computex show. The special thing about the Trio is that it can power two operating systems at the same time: Windows 8 and Android.This late...

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app Korekokko logo



Korekokko is a direction guide application using augmented reality(AR). It is useful for case as you can't found destination where you want to go.In camera mode, AR character shows direction and dista...

app Photo Puzzler logo

Photo Puzzler


The classic travel-favorite returns in Photo Puzzler! Create your own puzzles from any picture on your device, instantly! Photo Puzzler includes a nifty mini-editor to let you crop and tile your im...

app Phil’s Football + logo

Phil’s Football +


Command your football teams offense in this fast-paced arcade style football game. Use your fingers to direct the paths of your players. Pass the football using multi-touch. Score as many touchdowns a...

app XmasAvatar Makeup for girl logo

XmasAvatar Makeup for girl


Come to join our Christmas theme partyAPP can help you design your individual modelling,save wallpaper,even MicroBlog head!our chest have:15 kind of backgrounds15 kind of Exotic amorous feelings hat15...

app Smart Counter (AE) logo

Smart Counter (AE)


You can count smarter. Just tap 'plus' to add or 'minus' to subtract one by one. And, counting 2 items simultaneously is also available. Even, you can count your steps using sensor.In portrait, there ...

app Smart Counter logo

Smart Counter


You can count smarter. Just tap 'plus' to add or 'minus' to subtract one by one. And, counting 2 items simultaneously is also available. Even, you can count your steps using sensor.In portrait, there ...

app Bubble Crusher logo

Bubble Crusher


? Bubble Crusher is the most thrilling bubble popping game. Pop, pop, pop those bubbles!Bubble Crusher is an extremely fun bubble popping game that requires you to be quick. Pop the bubble, but don't ...

app 採点簿 for Android logo

採点簿 for Android


弓道の的中をメモするためのアプリケーションです。個人の記録、団体の記録が可能です。■主な機能 1.個人モード  個人の行射結果を記録出来...

app NoiseTube Mobile logo

NoiseTube Mobile


NoiseTube is a research project started in 2008 at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Since 2010 the project has been maintained by the Bru...

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