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Samsung Unveils New Gen Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos (Dual SIM)

galaxy a5 The new series Samsung Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos are part of the Korean giant's strategy of acquiring even "moar" market share, especially since the latest "happenings" with its archenemy (read Apple). I am referring of course at Q4 2014 when Apple's sales surged dramatically while Samsung's, well...long story short, Samsung needs an ace in its sle...

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Monster Galaxy Note 2 has 288GB of storage, 9300mAh battery, dual SIM support

Custom Galaxy Note 2 288GBCustom Galaxy Note 2: 288GB storage, 9300mAh battery case | Image credit: xda-developers A custom dual SIM Galaxy Note 2 model packs a lot more memory and battery life than your average supersized smartphone, although such features come with a high-cost and can affect the looks of the device. While smartphone makers are constantly trying to make de...

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Sony Xperia M announced: a sleek mid-ranger with a dual-SIM version

Sony Xperia M The new Sony Xperia M may not be fabulous in terms of specifications, but it may prove a great option for those looking for an affordable device.Rumored to be working on the high-end Togari and making plans to sell the Xperia Z with a carrier in the U.S., Sony hasn’t forgot about the low and mid-end segments of the market.The Sony Xperia M fa...

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LG G Pro Lite Dual Leaks Reveal Stylus and Low End Screen/Chipset

LG G Pro Lite Dual According to some rumors, the LG Optimus G Pro is expected to have a similar version launched, I’m talking about the LG G Pro Lite Dual, which sports dual-SIM support and features some downgraded specifications. The new version comes with almost the same measurements as its sibling, standing at 150.2 x 76.9 x 9.5 mm, being slightly thicker a...

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Samsung Unveils the Samsung Hennessy, a Dual Screen Android Flip Phone

samsung-hennessyRemember those old clamshell phones everyone used to run around with? You really don’t see many of them around these days, but that doesn’t mean they are gone. The Samsung Hennessy is proof of that, and it was just officially announced by Samsung China. The Samsung Hennessy isn’t your ordinary clamshell phone. Yes, it flips shut just like ...

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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean spotted on LG Optimus L7 II Dual page, real or just a mistake?

Android 4.3 Jelly BeanThe official product page of the LG Optimus L7 II Dual reveals that the handset may be running an unannounced version of Android, assuming it’s not a typing mistake from the company.Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is clearly listed as the OS for this particular Optimus L7 II Dual handset, which is the dual-SIM version of the mid-range Optimus L7 II handse...

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Sony Launches New Droids, the Sony Xperia M and Xperia M Dual

Sony Xperia M Today, Sony Mobile announced the introduction of two brand new Android running smart phones in its portfolio, the Sony Xperia M and Xperia M Dual. So, the Xperia M became official, sort of speak. It comes in two flavors, one of them, as its name suggests, supports Dual-Sim. Guess which one ? Moving along, the Sony Xperia M features a 4 inches w...

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LG Optimus L4 II and L4 II Dual apparently on the way to Russia this summer

LG OptimusWe already knew about the LG Optimus L3 II, L5 II and L7 II, which were all unveiled back in February. But if a new rumor proves true, apparently the LG Optimus L4 II is also in the pipeline.The news (and photos) of the L4 II comes from Russian website Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru, and according to the sites’ sources, the phone will be released in single ...

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app Fantasy Battle Simulator 3 logo

Fantasy Battle Simulator 3


With the arrival of the Fantasy Battle Simulator 3, you can now have battles of up to 400 units on a scrollable map. There are 7 different races with over 50 different unit types, including commanders...

app Simple Charts logo

Simple Charts


Simple Charts delivers a simple easy to use chart plotting solution for your Android phone and Android tablet. No other app on the market delivers a plotting solution this easy to use. Simple Charts i...

app CPU Sleeper Dual Core logo

CPU Sleeper Dual Core


### Attention, Root Required Application!! ###### App Split was Due to over taxing a Dual Device by running Quadcore commands. It did not Play Nice & Needed to be split into it's own app! Regardin...

app Simply Mac Racing logo

Simply Mac Racing


Stay up to date with all of the latest team information with the SMR mobile app. The mission of the team is to help individuals with a desire to live an active life to meet their goals. Learn more ab...

app Simple Dice Roller logo

Simple Dice Roller


A very simple dice rolling app that supports up to 6 dice of a single type. Displays individual rolls and the sum of all the rolls.Supports d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d100 dice....

app LiveWallpaper Simple Free logo

LiveWallpaper Simple Free


Cool! ! Cool! ! Live Wallpaper on the theme (LiveWallpaper) is.Design, fonts, change colors so you can find your favorite design kit.So we are designed to reduce battery consumption, and power saving ...

app Komica Simple Browser logo

Komica Simple Browser


使用方法: 更新列表 : (因為列表已經不是最新了) 請在[搜尋]的項目上,填上"update". (裡版請用心眼w 長按連結 : 可以第3方Browser開啟 , 對...

app SimAssist logo



The application enables you to copy your phone contact(s) to a GSM SIM card. Good for contacts backup.Keywords:sim contact phone number telephone backup import export Contact2SimRecent changes:v1.4Add...

app Dual Timer logo

Dual Timer


Two indipendent timers that can be used simutanously. Each can have their unique notification tone, update interval, and execution duration set.This app is inspired by Dignan17

app CupTV Dual logo

CupTV Dual


This application is CupTV Android Player and a user needs CupTV device to use this application. [What is CupTV?] Whenever you want it or wherever you are, you can watch and operate your TV over the in...

app Simple Spreadsheet logo

Simple Spreadsheet


This is the full no-ads version of Simple Spreadsheet, now packaged as a separate application.Going forward, new features will be added to this version of the application only (eg, sort).A simple spre...

app SimpleIFTA Trucking IFTA Log logo

SimpleIFTA Trucking IFTA Lo...


Finally... Simple IFTA tracking that works!A must have for any owner operator or small trucking company. So easy even a trucker can use it! ;)It's called simple due to being so easy to use. Enter yo...

app Fantasy Battle Simulator 2 logo

Fantasy Battle Simulator 2


The Fantasy Battle Simulator 2 allows for customizable soldiers and comes with new sprites. As requested, you can now edit individual soldiers, RPG style. There are 4 factions, each with 6 classes and...

app Fantasy Battle Simulator logo

Fantasy Battle Simulator


Fantasy Battle Simulator 2 is now free!Fantasy Battle Simulator lets you battle with up to 160 soldiers on the screen.Each soldier has their own stats and individual behaviors reminiscent of an RPG/RT...

app Gestione SIM Wind logo

Gestione SIM Wind


NUOVA VERSIONE SENZA REGISTRAZIONE AL SITO WINDCon molte funzioni non presenti nell'applicazione Ufficiale Wind, come il controllo completo della segreteria del trasferimento di chiamata ed altro anco...

app Simple Baseball Scoring HD logo

Simple Baseball Scoring HD


Simple Baseball Scoring HD is the simplest way to track a baseball (or softball) game. All game inputs are downloaded to, where you can find your individual and team statistics. From...

app IQ Boost – dual n-back task logo

IQ Boost – dual n-bac...


IQ Boost Having a better memory can help you remember names, dates, locations, and recall important information more quickly and accurately.According to a study published by the University of Michigan...

app Dual Sport Maps logo

Dual Sport Maps


Dual Sport Maps is a navigation app for dual sport motorcycling enthusiasts. It is designed to be used when you are out in the wild parts of the world, out of the reach of a cell phone network. The ap...

app DualDial logo



Utility to switch phone numbers, when using a dualsim adapter, that supports 007-mode, on a phone with or without STK (Sim Toolkit). There is no graphical interface.Prerequisites:* Dual-sim adapter. O...

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